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Free VPN for Hungary to Get Hungarian IP 2024

What’s the best free VPN for Hungary? Learn the free VPN for Hungary and get Hungarian IP address to unblock Netflix, HBO, Disney+ and so on.

VPN is such an effective tool that helps you break geo-restriction and get access to your favorite sites for streaming, gaming, communicating, and browsing. Get a VPN for Hungary is necessary when you want to get access to you favorite Hungarian websites after traveling or working aboard. Of course, even if you’re in Hungary now, a Hungary VPN can help you unblock websites in other counties. Besides, it can hide your IP address and prevent your online activities from monitoring. Well, what’s the best VPN for Hungary considering speed, safety, and price? Here is one free VPN for Hungary that meets demands and you’ll get surprised after using it.

Hungary VPN

The best free VPN for Hungary, iTop VPN, introduced in the article, have many advantages over other competitors with regards to “free”. What can you do with the free Hungary VPN version? 

  • First, the VPN is really free to use. In other words, you can use the free VPN after downloading and installing without sign up or registration. No email, no credit card is required.

  • The free VPN for Hungary helps you to enjoy main streaming services free without blocking, including Sling TV, Pluto TV, Crunchroll, beIN Sports that are mainly available in the United States.

  • The free Hungary VPN helps you connect to free servers in Japan, Australia, Germany, UK, US, and France without cost.

  • Of course, basic security features are accessible with the free version, such as kill switch, DNS protection, and IPv6 support...

The best free VPN for Hungary is iTop VPN, a good choice for various online activities, streaming, gaming, and torrenting especially. Except for the advantages mentioned above for the free version, you can enjoy more comprehensive benefits if you upgrade to the VIP version at the cost of $1.66/mo for a 3-year plan. It is definitely the best VPN deal that you aren’t willing to miss.

Let’s see some important advanced features of the paid Hungary VPN.

1800+ VPN servers including Hungary IP. The VPN for Windows, Mac, and iOS offers 1800+ servers that distribute in the Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Americas. Hungary IP server is in the list as well. You can connect to Hungary with one click.

Unlimited data and bandwidth. Unlimited data and bandwidth make sure that you can play games, stream, and download with fast speed, no buffering.

P2P servers. iTop VPN has dedicated servers for peer-to-peer network and allows you to fast download files from torrent sites without risk and restriction.

Dedicated servers for popular streaming services. Want to watch shows and movies on Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount+, Netflix? Purchase one subscription of iTop VPN and watch them at any time freely.

Specialized gaming servers. It’s known that gaming requires high-quality servers to make sure a smooth, low-ping, low-latency game experience. iTop VPN is such a gaming VPN that offers good servers to COD, Roblox, PUBG, Minecraft, CSGO, Elyon, Lost Ark, and more.

Unblock social media apps. In some countries, popular social media apps are blocked, which block your communication with friends, families, partners, or even strangers. iTop VPN helps you unblock Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, TikTok, to name a few.

Split tunneling. What if you don’t want to keep some traffic going through the VPN tunnel? Split tunneling is what you want. You just need to add apps or websites that you allow or don’t allow to use the VPN.

Block ads. Have you ever been frustrated because of annoying ads? It can be solved perfectly with iTop VPN’s built-in ad-blocking function. You’ll find it easy to block Twitch ads, YouTube ads, and more.  

Double protection is on. Under the Privacy Protection tab within the VPN app, extra browser protection reinforces your online privacy and makes sure that you’re completely anonymous on the internet.

The main features and advantages of the safe VPN have been illustrated in detail. It’s worth trying now. The following is a step-by-step guide about how to get Hungary IP with iTop VPN.

Step 1. Download iTop VPN, install and launch it on your device. Then upgrade to the premium version. (Or click the buy button below to subscribe iTop VPN and then download the app.) One subscription supports 5 device connections simultaneously.

Step 2: Click the All Servers tab, scroll down to find Hungary (or input Hungary in the search box on the right top to find Hungary instantly) and click the connect button. That’s done.

Connect Hungary Server with Hungary VPN

1. Download iTop VPN on your device.

2. Click the For Streaming tab, choose the streaming service that you want and click the connect button. Here we take Netflix as an example.

Unblock Streaming with Hungary VPN

1. Download iTop VPN on your device.

2. Click the For Gaming tab, choose the game you want to play and connect to its server instantly.

Unblock Games with Hungary VPN


The free VPN for Hungary iTop VPN is really helpful whether you’re living in Hungary or outside Hungary. It has an unlimited free VPN trial for Windows, Mac, and iOS. No registration and no credit card. Once you’re satisfied, subscribe to it instantly to unlock its advanced features.

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