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Best Twitch Ads Blockers [Apps and Chrome Extension Included]

A powerful Twitch ads blocker can help block annoying Twitch ads and obtain the most enjoyable streaming. Come to find the top Twitch ads blockers 2023.

Operated by Twitch Interactive, Twitch is one of the most popular live streaming services in the United States, covering various categories for content spanning gaming, sports, music, cooking, art, travel, and more. Even though Twitch has many channels available for global viewers, it is most known as an influential video gaming platform with a primary focus on real-time broadcasting gameplay. Twitch attracts millions of game lovers every day to watch live esports tournaments, interact with other audiences in chat rooms, or live stream matches to the world in a fun and social way. However, inevitable pop-up ads will undoubtedly interrupt your streaming experience and destroy your mood. How to get rid of annoying ads on Twitch? The article introduces the top Twitch ads blockers in 2023, helping you block Twitch ads with ease!

Twitch Ad Blocker

The second approach to block Twitch ads is to install an ad-blocking chrome extension. Twitch Adblock Plus, also known as Adblocker Plus for Twitch™, is a free yet professional ad blocker for Chrome, which you can use to block Twitch ads of all types. The lightweight utility has more than 40,000 users worldwide while maintaining a 4+ high rating.

Twitch Adblock Plus for Chrome

What we like about Twitch Adblock Plus:

  • 100% completely free to use

  • Enable or disable ad blocking in just one click.

  • Block all Twitch ads without influencing streaming quality

  • Display the message after getting rid of Twitch ads

What we dislike about Twitch Adblock Plus:

  • It only works on the Chrome browser

How to block Twitch ads with Twitch Adblock Plus?

Step 1: Go to the official website of Twitch Adblock and click the Add to Chrome button to add the extension.

Step 2: Confirm to pin Twitch Adblock Plus in the toolbar. Next, open it, and toggle on Adblocker. You can also enable the Hide Blocking Message option if you want.

 Block Twitch Ads with Twitch Adblock Plus Step 2

Step 3: Head to Twitch and watch videos without disrupting ads, pop-ups, and more!  

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Those not using the Chrome platform to watch Twitch streaming videos can consider AdBlock software to stop annoying ads on Twitch. The comprehensive Twitch ads blocker is compatible with major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, iOS, and Android. Additionally, AdBlock has a 14-year history and accumulated tens of millions of global users until now. Its ad-blocking service is available in 40 languages, allowing everyone to enjoy a distraction-free internet experience.

Comprehensive Twitch Ads Blocker AdBlock

What we like about the reliable Twitch ads blocker:

  • Increase your speed by improving page load times.

  • An-tracking technology to block third-party trackers and protect your privacy.

  • Eliminate intrusive video ads, banners, and pop-ups on Twitch.

  • Customized ad-blocking settings

  • Backup and sync your whitelists

How to block Twitch ads with AdBlock?

Step 1: Visit the official website of AdBlock and download the installation package as per your device. AdBlock for Chrome works automatically. Just hit the Add to Chrome button and confirm to add the extension.

Step 2: Open AdBlock in your browser toolbar and click the Options to access ad-blocking settings. Here, you can check ad-blocking stats, modify configurations on ad blocking-filters, change themes, backup data, and more!

How to Block Twitch Ads with AdBlock

Step 3: After all configurations, you can watch Twitch ad-free effortlessly.

Let’s start the discussion with our most recommended Twitch ads blocker: iTop VPN, which has a built-in ad blocker to help you remove on-page, pre-roll, and mid-roll ads on Twitch, YouTube and other platforms. What’s more, it is also a reliable VPN that can protect your digital activity, allowing you to obtain a more secure streaming experience on Twitch. The followings are the main features of iTop VPN. Check them out and get to know the best overall Twitch ads blocker from all aspects!

100% Free VPN at No Cost

It is 100% free VPN, no credit card, no registration. You can enjoy the free VPN service at no extra cost to test if it is what you want!

High Compatibility

iTop VPN has native apps for Windows, macOS, and iPhone/iPad. Whether you use a computer or mobile device, you can always find a compatible installation package.

Block Ads on Twitch, YouTube, and Other Platforms

The versatile VPN ads blocker can not only block ads on Twitch but also ads on other platforms like YouTube. It is your right-hand man to manage all types of ads.

Customize Ads Block Settings

iTop VPN offers users great flexibility and supports ad-blocking customization. In other words, you can add exceptions in the Settings and allow ads to display on particular websites.

Block Malicious Sites

The safe VPN can also detect malicious or suspicious URLs and stop you from visiting these insecure sites.

Dedicated Server for Twitch

iTop VPN has more than 1800 optimized servers in 100+ locations worldwide, making it possible for people residing in restricted countries to access Twitch content smoothly. More importantly, it provides dedicated servers for Twitch to ensure a more stable and faster internet connection.

iTop VPN with Dedicated Twitch Server

Fast Speed, No Buffering

Another advantage of employing iTop VPN to block Twitch ads is low-latency streaming. Since you have a virtual IP address, you can avoid internet service provider throttling and enjoy unlimited bandwidth and traffic at a superb speed.

iTop VPN is really a good Twitch ads blocker. So how to block Twitch ads with iTop VPN? Is it convenient to block Twitch ads? Find all your answers in the step tutorial below.

Step 1: Download the VPN for your devices, install and launch it.

Step 2: Click Activate Now button to upgrade to the premium version. After that, Sign up and log in to your account. Then click the Privacy Protection tab, and toggle on Ads Block option to enable the ad-blocking function. That’s done.

iTop VPN to Block Twitch Ads

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There are many reasons that need to block Twitch ads.

Uninterrupted viewing experience. After blocking ads, you can enjoy Twitch streams without the interruptions caused by pre-roll, popups, and banner advertisements.

Time efficiency. Ads can lengthen the time it takes to watch Twitch content. You can save time and have a more efficient streaming experience by blocking ads with Chrome extension or iTop VPN ad blocker.

Clean interface. Some users prefer a clean and ad-free interface while watching game videos on Twitch. Blocking ads on Twitch can help create a clutter-free viewing experience.

Privacy and security. Ads are often accompanied by tracking cookies that gather user data for targeted advertising. Keep your privacy and reduce the risk of being tracked by advertisers with Twitch ads blockers.

Of course, if you want to support your favorite streamers who want to get paid from ads, add a whitelist so iTop VPN ad blocker doesn't work for a specific site or app.


In conclusion, the article introduces Twitch ad blockers. Twitch Adblock Plus and AdBlock are convenient and friendly to beginners, but both have limited features and only available for Chrome. iTop VPN can not only help you block Twitch ads effectively but also provides privacy protection, a dedicated server for Twitch, and more for Windows, Mac, and iOS. Therefore, we strongly recommend everyone the iTop VPN as the best option to block ads on Twitch and other platforms.

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