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How to Set Up Dedicated Servers in Games - Full Guide

How to set up a dedicated server for games? Enjoy a smooth and no lag gaming experience with the fastest VPN dedicated server setup.

Most online video games like ARK, V Rising, and Minecraft have high CPU and GPU workloads since they have integrated with multiple game modes, cross-platform play, third-party systems, etc. These factors can trigger a series of performance problems, including game latency and accidental crashes.

Dedicated Server Game

A dedicated server is an ideal choice to solve these issues. A dedicated server hosting has powerful processing and storage capabilities to establish a fast and stable connection. The article gives a comprehensive guide to setting up a server dedicated to gaming. Read on to learn how to create a dedicated server for ARK, V Rising, and other popular games.

Different from shared server hosting, dedicated server hosting is another internet hosting option known for exclusive server resources, increased security protection, and customizable server environments. A dedicated server can provide individuals and organizations complete sever usage and give clients greater flexibility and control.

Pros of a Dedicated Server

● Bandwidth. Bandwidth is a way to measure Internet speed. Generally speaking, the higher the bandwidth is, the faster the internet connects. Dedicated servers have a larger bandwidth than shared servers do. Therefore, they can transmit and handle data faster.

● Security. A dedicated server also means more advanced security. People have the ability to customize security settings, firewall configurations, authorize access, and more, preventing data breaches.

● Reliability. Apart from increasing security, dedicated servers also improve reliability. As dedicated servers don’t have to share resources like processing power, disk space, network capacity, and memory with others, dedicated server users are less likely to be negatively impacted by other people. In other words, they will not face a shared hosting IP blacklisting, inability to deliver emails, or other reliability problems.

● Storage Space. Dedicated servers offer abundant storage space to store and back up your data. It is the best fit for enterprises with large amounts of data and video streaming platforms with a lot of traffic.

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Online multiplayer games require a host (server) to synchronize player actions with each other and make it in unity. In most cases, the host is either the player who starts the game or the least-latency participant. However, if the host machine has low specifications or a bad internet connection, game freezes or crashes will happen.

After deploying the dedicated server, the host is no longer a player in a game. Dedicated servers for gaming can handle high traffic. Hence, gamers can have a more stable and smooth gaming environment. In addition, a dedicated server supports gameplay customization, allowing people to control their gaming experience.

Now that we have learned the importance of a dedicated server for gaming, how do we set up it to improve game performance? The followings are three approaches you can try.

1. Rent a GPortal server (costs money)

Obviously, the easiest way is to rent a game server from a server host (provider). GPortal provides premium game servers for more than 90 games at a fair price. Take V rising dedicated server hosting, for instance, the plan rates of a server in the USA Washington, D.C. start from $3.33 for three days to $33 for thirty days.

Rent a V Rising Dedicated Server Hosting from GPortal

2. Set up a server with SteamCMD (free)

People unwilling to spend money can set up dedicated server games with SteamCMD. The method is more complicating and requires technical knowledge background. Here is a how-to tutorial.

Step 1. Download SteamCMD and extract the SteamCMD zip file on your desktop.

Step 2. Open the SteamCMD folder. Type "login anonymous" and press “Enter”.

Step 3 . Use the app_update command to download a dedicated server for Steam games. The command line will involve a Steam Application ID, which you can look for on the website at

app_update <app_id> [validate]

Note: Being anonymous can help you download most game servers, while some games require a login for downloading their dedicated game servers.

Step 4. After downloading the server files, type "Exit" to exit the window. Go to steamcmd folder> steamapps>common, and now you can launch your dedicated game server.

3. Set up a server from Steam (free)

Setting up a dedicated server from Steam is similar to the second method, but no additional SteamCMD download is needed.

Step 1. Run the Steam Library and search for the game you want to set up a dedicated server (e.g. V Rising dedicated server). Next, install the server tool.

Step 2. Head to the library list, right-click V Rising Dedicated Server tool, and choose "Manage"> "Browse local files". Now your dedicated server is ready to start.

Set Up a Dedicated Server from Steam

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In addition, configuring static IP addresses has similar effects to configuring a dedicated server hosting. Both can boost overall gaming performance and experience.

1. Why is a Static IP Good for Gaming?

A static internet protocol provides internet devices with fixed addresses. Converse to dynamic IP addresses that change periodically, static IP remains the same all the time. For this reason, it is a good alternative to dedicated servers and brings a load of benefits for game-lovers, including:

  • static IP addresses allow people to host their own servers easily.

  • static IP addresses provide a higher priority of internet connection than a dynamic address.

  • Static IP is better than DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) for gaming.

2. The Best Dedicated IP VPN Server for Gaming IP - iTop VPN

iTop VPN is a free yet powerful tool that provides 1800+ optimized servers in over 100 locations worldwide. People can easily break the geographic restriction and access global content at a blazing-fast speed by disguising their IP addresses. Additionally, iTop VPN is also ideal for gaming because of:

  • Dedicated servers for gaming . The iTop VPN has dedicated servers for gaming like Minecraft, CSGO, New World, Elyon, Lost Ark, Second Life, World of Tanks, COD Warzone, and more.

  • Security reinforce. Security reinforce feature can automatically fix malicious bugs and prevent data leakage.

  • Public Wi-Fi protection. iTop VPN has the best-in-class encryption technology to encrypt internet traffic. Nobody can intercept information via public Wi-Fi while you play games.

Dedicated Server VPN Provider iTop VPN

3. How to Configure a Static IP for Gaming Host

Here is a step tutorial to configure a dedicated IP for gaming with iTop VPN.

Step 1. iTop VPN free Download and follow the instructions to install it on your device.

Step 2. Double click to run the iTop VPN and select For Gaming option to expand the dedicated server list for various games.

How to Configure a Dedicated Server for Gaming with iTop VPN

Step 3. Choose a server, and hit the Connect button for connection.

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To sum up, the article explains what a dedicated server is, the importance of dedicated servers for gaming, and methods to configure a dedicated server. While shared server hosting is a more economical option, a dedicated server is surely a better choice because it offers a more stable and smooth gaming experience regardless of what games you play. Hurry up, and download the iTop VPN free to get a dedicated server and a static IP address!

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