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Best Free Steam VPN - Get Access to Cheapest Steam Region

Feel like Steam games are too expensive? You got to try this free Steam VPN. You can easily connect to the cheapest Steam regions and unlock restricted games.

Steam is currently the biggest gaming platform in the world. No matter what kind of games you prefer, you can't miss Steam as long as you are a game addict. The pricing policy of Steam is according to your region, which means the different regions will get a different price for the same game. Moreover, some games will be banned in certain countries in light of the region's policy. Steam will automatically detect your region through your IP address to make a price. It can be so frustrating if the price in your region is way higher than others or you are not allowed to play your own games because of policy. Don't worry. Steam VPN can help you easily get around these problems.

Best VPN for Steam to Get Cheapest Price

To find the cheapest price, you can use SteamDB(A database of everything on Steam). Just search 'SteamDB' on Google and search the game name on SteamDB. Then, you will see the different prices of different countries and connect to the server in cheapest Steam region.

Steam VPN - Game Prcie

Take Left 4 Dead 2 as an example. This game is 1.99$ in America, but the price of it in Argentina is amazingly 0.25$! With a Steam VPN, you can also buy it for 0.25$ even if you live in America. Generally speaking, Argentina has the most low-cost games, but some 3A Games are not cheap in Argentina. At this time, Russia will have more advantages. According to the experiences of those heavy users, it is cheaper to buy the old game in Argentina and the new 3A game in Russia. But it can't be generalized. You can see what games you need to buy and compare prices on SteamDB.

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You might wonder does steam work with VPN? Can you use VPN on steam? The answer is definitely 'Yes'! With a Steam VPN, steam users can easily change their region to buy their favorite games at a cheaper price. iTop VPN is highly recommended to you, for it is a totally free Steam VPN that can further save money.

Completely Free & No Login

What sets iTop VPN apart from the rest of the best Steam VPN? The answer is that it is completely free and does not require a login. You can get 700MB of free data each day without having to sign up or connect with any social media accounts. These two benefits make iTop free unlimited VPN the easiest to use and can save users a lot of time and money.

Low Latency & High Speed

Have you ever encountered lags while playing online games? Online gamers have always been concerned about high latency since it causes a delay between the player's activity and the server's response. Don't worry, iTop Steam VPN has over 1800+ high-speed servers located all over the world, making it a low-latency VPN that will improve your online gaming experience.

Safe & Private

You might be wondering if the free iTop VPN is secure. Will the data of the user be stolen? Fear not, being the best free VPN for Windows, iTop VPN is a reliable free VPN service that prioritizes customer privacy over all else. Neither your personal information nor your internet activities will be recorded. In addition, the iTop free Steam VPN uses strong double encryption to keep your online activities hidden from Steam’s censorship.

With iTop VPN, you can change your region on Steam fast. As a VPN for PC, iTop VPN is also available on other devices(iOS/Android/Mac). Here is a quick guide on how to change the region with iTop Steam VPN, just take a look.

Step 1. Free download iTop Steam VPN on your device.

Step 2. Click the 'Connect' button to get connected. You can also head over to the All Server list to change into any region you like.

Move to Cheapest Steam Region with iTop VPN

Step 3. Open your Steam, choose your favorite game and add it to your shopping cart. (Before login to Steam, make sure your Steam VPN is connected.

How to Buy Cheaper Games with iTop Steam VPN - Step 3

Step 4. Select 'Country' from the dropdown menu. You'll now see your current shop region as well as the country to which you'd like to move your Steam region.

How to Buy Cheaper Games with iTop Steam VPN - Step 4

Step 5. Select your new Steam region and wait for it to update immediately. The store pricing will adjust to reflect the local currency.

How to Buy Cheaper Games with iTop Steam VPN - Step 5

Step 6. Start shopping in your new region's Steam store! 

How to Buy Cheaper Games with iTop Steam VPN - Step 6


 Only if you have a payment method and a billing address can you buy games in your new location.


It is not fair to set different prices in a different region. Actually, it is price discrimination. It can be really disturbing and frustrating. No worries, iTop Steam VPN is here to help. In order to cut down players' expenditures, iTop free VPN for Steam helps to change region easily and provides permanently free service! Do not hesitate, simply download iTop VPN for free and buy Steam games at a cheaper price!

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