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Can I Watch Netflix Abroad When on the Road or at Home?

Want to know Can you watch Netflix abroad while traveling? Check out this article to find out the best streaming VPN to help you access Netflix from anywhere.

Imagine when Carmen Sandiego is just about to finish but you can't access Netflix because of traveling abroad, or the much-anticipated movies like The Name above The Title (キネマの神様) and Black Widow are simply not released in your country on Netflix. That is very frustrating.

It left you no choice but to watch Netflix in other countries where the shows and movies are available. So can you watch Netflix abroad? Well, you can always use a VPN to help you change your IP so you can visit Netflix in other countries.

How to Watch Netflix Abroad

With one of the largest libraries on earth, Netflix is the No.1 choice for streaming. Whether you are looking for a powerful drama or a hilarious comedy, Netflix has you covered. However, the shows and movies vary depending on the region you are in, and in some countries, the content is rather limited.

In this article, you will learn the best VPN to watch Netflix abroad and how to watch Netflix abroad with it step by step. Just keep reading!

Now you see the possible stumbles and benefits when you break the geo-restriction for watching Netflix. It seems the advantages are much more obvious to many subscribers. So how to watch Netflix abroad? A good VPN - iTop VPN is precisely what you need. Given Netflix airs content based on the user’s IP address, then by masking your real IP and replacing it with a chosen country, you can successfully get around the geo-restriction even the notorious VPN Netflix blocked issue, and access any content you want.

Here’s what you get when using iTop for watching Netflix.

1. Hide your IP

With iTop, you can successfully hide your IP VPN address and trick Netflix that you are visiting from other countries. You can truly watch anything from anywhere with iTop VPN while your online traffic is fully encrypted.

2. Customized streaming server

Designed to be the best streaming VPN, iTop is equipped with customized streaming servers for various streaming services: Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many more. It’s the most powerful Hulu VPN based on reviews!

3. Global network coverage

With iTop, you can have a great variety of locations to choose from when watching Netflix. With 1,800+ servers in more than 100 locations (US, Singapore, India, Canada, Japan, Russia, Korea...) around the world, iTop allows you to spoof your IP globally.

4. Free VPN trial

iTop offers a real free trial when compared to other VPNs. You can have 700Mb data/day with the exact speed of a paid plan; Maybe that’s not enough for streaming, but it’s a chance to try out before you make decisions.

5. Unlimited bandwidth

Today, most VPNs will set the limit to your bandwidth, which is not going to happen to iTop. You can enjoy your favorite Netflix shows without worrying about large data transferring that might break bandwidth.

6. Kill Switch

Kill Switch is advanced security protection that will block internet traffic and keep your personal information safe when the connection stops working. So, your IP and data are always safe when enjoying Netflix. Kill Switch is also a must-have feature for telegram VPN.

Want to know more about iTop’s Kill Switch? Check out this: What is a VPN Kill Switch?

7. Banking level encryption

Given Netflix has held your banking and payment details, it’s always better to protect your billing information with iTop’s military-grade encryption, so your data can stay safe from potential cybercrime.

8. UDP protocol for streaming/gaming

Another important feature for smooth streaming is - UDP protocol, which is also adopted by iTop to ensure the ultra-fast and stable connection. With UDP, you can say goodbye to Netflix buffering and enjoy uninterrupted streaming today.

For gamers, you may learn more about iTop’s gaming VPN here: The Best Warzone VPN to Enjoy Extreme Gaming Experiences.

9. Support multiple devices

iTop supports multiple devices, which is just great for sharing and you can get a better deal. While a Netflix account can be used for multiple devices, iTop can help you access Netflix with ease.

10. Cross-platform VPN

iTop is now available on Windows 10/9/8.1/8/7, iOS, and macOS. 

Now let’s see how to watch Netflix abroad with iTop using two methods.

You can watch Netflix directly using the streaming servers with iTop VPN. Here’s how.

Step 1: Free download free Windows iTop VPN and install it on your devices.

Step 2: Launch iTop, and choose “For streaming” servers in the main menu.

Step 3: Choose “Netflix Korea” or “Netflix United States.”

How to Watch Netflix Abroad With iTop Streaming Servers

Step 4: Click the “Connect” button on the most right to connect to the streaming server.

Alternatively, you can choose a preferred location to access Netflix. Here’s how.

Step 1: Free download iTop VPN and install the app.

Step 2: Choose “All Servers” to see all the servers in different locations.

Step 3: Choose a server depending on your needs.

How to Watch Netflix Abroad with iTop Location Servers

Step 4: Click the “Connect” button to connect to VPN.

How to Watch Netflix Abroad with iTop Servers Connected

Note: you will be required to sign-up and log in when using iTop VPN on mobile.

Can I use VPN to watch Netflix in other countries? The answer is positive. The simplest way is to find a VPN to use for Netflix and spoof your IP address. So you can visit Netflix from a country that has a better variety of content, for instance, the US. Once your IP is encrypted with a VPN, not even your ISP can monitor your online activity. That’s why people have been asking about how to watch Netflix abroad.

These days, Netflix has announced restrictions for traveling or moving with Netflix, which has strictly prohibited changing the country for your account.

For subscribers who use Netflix while traveling, there might be a few changes lying ahead. The biggest one is the selection of TV shows or movies, as they vary from one country to another. Your watching history like “My list” and “Continue Watching” might disappear while traveling. Besides, the current download titles will be gone as well.

The monthly price, billing currency might be changed when you move, but you will be charged in the currency of the country with your sign-up account if you don’t restart a new account. The selection of TV shows and moves also changes when the audio and subtitle options will apply to the new country as well.

How to Watch Netflix Abroad Without Geo-restriction

Despite the restrictions above, many people still want to break the geographical barrier when watching Netflix. There are a slew of benefits if you know how to watch Netflix abroad and they are:

1. The most obvious benefit is that you can stream your favorite TV shows and movies while traveling. For subscribers who have to travel to countries where Netflix or your favorite shows are not available, using VPN is the best choice.

2. While the latest releases like Black Widow are only available on Netflix US, you can still enjoy the movie or even the premiere when you are abroad. Comic fans can get a sneak peek of where to watch Rick and Morty Season 5 if it’s not available in their countries.

3. If you know how to watch Netflix abroad with a VPN, you may find yourself the best deal for the Netflix library. For instance, Argentina remains the cheapest place to have a Netflix subscription with a massive library size.

4. Netflix US is where you can find the most content available whether for TV shows or movies. That’s why many people want to know how to watch Netflix abroad with a US proxy.

5. Content distribution is largely relevant to regional/country policy and censorship which political, cultural, and religious influences might be factored in.  If you want to access content that is sensitive and not available in your country, then better get a VPN to visit Netflix abroad.

6. While the pandemic kept unfolding throughout the year, Netflix has become the outlet for lockdown. Netflix in many Asia-Pacific regions and parts of Europe has been slowed down by 25% because of bandwidth pressure.

There you go, the ultimate guide on how to watch Netflix abroad with the best streaming VPN on the block. With iTop’s dedicated streaming servers, you can watch your favorite Netflix shows without any slowdown, access Netflix even when you are traveling, and watch any Netflix content without geo-restriction. iTop has the best streaming VPN experience you can get, try it now, and stream Netflix with no interruption today. 

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