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Best Warzone VPN to Win Bot Lobbies in Warzone Smoothly

Do you want to get a bot lobby in Warzone 3? iTop VPN is the one for you! This Warzone VPN gives gamers access to the best simple lobby without lags.

So, you’ve just made a squad in Warzone, and everything is going great. Gear up, you feel you are ready to fight. But all of a sudden, your internet starts acting weirdly: image delayed, the lags are like a long-distance phone call, you are left behind, like million lightyears away from the battle.


This is the time you might want to think about your internet setup for serious gaming, for instance, a Warzone VPN, to optimize your network for a better gaming experience. Not that your internet provider is not important to ensure smooth gameplay, but with the best VPN for Warzone, you can maintain the fastest and most stable connection during a Warzone match. Moreover, Warzone VPN allows you to access different regions and play on the other servers with the lowest ping possible, which might be easy to score kills and wins at a faster rate.

So, of all the VPNs out there, which one is the best VPN for Warzone, and how to play Warzone with VPN? Just check out this article to learn more!

Gaming with Warzone VPN.jpg

iTop VPN, the most professional VPN these days to help you protect your privacy and security of online activity. It is the best Warzone VPN that can encrypt your internet with military-grade encryption. With iTop VPN, you can successfully hide your IP address with 1000+ servers dotted globally and connect to the fastest and most stable network. The VPN is easy to use, just click on the Connect button and you are ready to enjoy the smoothest gameplay on Warzone!

Want to learn more? Here are the key features and benefits of this free VPN for elite gaming.

Free Trials

Warzone VPN free trial available! As the best Warzone VPN, iTop offers a free trial for users who want to alleviate doubts before making a decision. With iTop VPN, you can have 700 Megabytes of data every day for American proxy. Unlike most VPNs on the block, iTop never set up a speed limit for the free plan, and the 700MB traffic reset every day, that is to say, you will have 21 GIgabytes of data every month with the exact high speed just as the paid plan. That sounds pretty a good deal given the average price of VPN service these days are not that cheap.

Even though the free plan may not seem enough for a smooth gaming experience, it’s a good chance for you to dip into iTop’s service. You’ll see it’s the best free VPN via the free trial.

Fast Connection

iTop guarantees the fastest connection that is reliable for Warzone tournaments. Just click the Connect button and iTop will connect you to the fastest global servers automatically. iTop is the best Warzone VPN, as it can provide faster speed with the UDP protocol, which is the choice for the application that requires super connection, for instance, gaming, streaming, and file sharing. With iTop’s fast connection, you can surely score more kills and wins in the Warzone and say goodbye to bandwidth throttling!

Stable Network

With more than 1000 servers around the world, you can jump into the Warzone match without worrying about connection issues! When it comes to gaming, low ping is the KING. Latency and ping are largely relevant to your gaming experience. They reflect real-time communication, and sometimes even a half-second out of sync can ruin your game. With the stable network optimized by iTop, there are fewer lags and buffering.

The lightning-fast global servers allow you to play the Warzone without region block, so it’s perfect if you want to enjoy the game with friends overseas. It is the best Warzone VPN that can help you reduce lags by connecting to the nearest server and avoid the ISP’s throttling when large bandwidth is detected.

Special Node for Games

iTop is the ultimate solution not only for your online security and privacy but also the accelerator for games of all sorts. With the dedicated servers/nodes, you can enjoy the smoothest gameplay on Warzone, PUBG, LOL, and many more! iTop’s exclusive support on Warzone allows you to jump into the match with no connection issues as well as a low ping and low lag guarantee. That’s not just it, as the best Warzone VPN, you can play the battle royale in any region with minimal lags, thanks to a good variety of stable servers.

Now you have learned about the key features and benefits of the best Warzone VPN - iTop, so what’s next? Try the iTop and see how powerful it is when playing Warzone! If you are new to iTop VPN, you can just follow the steps below to see how to play Warzone with it. Before everything else, you will need to download the application from the official site. iTop VPN is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Mac. Just pick one that suits you.

Step 1.  Launch iTop VPN.

You’ll see the main interface of the app. If you are using a free server, your data usage (700 Mb daily) is at the bottom of the screen. You can have more options for VPN location if you choose to subscribe to iTop.

Play Warzone Without Lag with iTop VPN

Step 2. Go to the main menus, click on “For Gaming”.

Enter the list of servers exclusive for gaming. You can find dedicated servers for popular games here, such as PUBG, Roblox, etc. Select “Warzone” to enhance your Warzone gameplay.

Use Best VPN Warzone for Gaming

Step 3. Now go back to the main screen, click the “Connect” button to connect to the optimized server for Warzone.

That’s it! As easy as breathing! Now you are ready to play the royale battle without worrying about the connections with the best Warzone VPN!

For PUBG gamers, you may learn more about the best PUBG VPN for mobile and Windows with iTop.


Nothing can be more annoying than the lags and pings in the middle of gameplay, regardless of console, mobile, or PC. That’s the worst thing that ever happened especially when you have geared up for the Warzone tournaments. Unlike other internet habits such as streaming or surfing Instagram, gaming highly relies on your internet setup. Besides the bandwidth, low ping and low latency are everything. Real-time communication is especially important in the Warzone when you have to play against other players or accomplish a goal.

If you don’t want to ruin your game with the lags and hope to have a more enjoyable experience, a Warzone VPN is essential software to have. It's a sure-fire method to improve your connection for a much smoother gaming experience. Try the iTop VPN, and score more kills on Warzone now!

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