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Best Free VPN for Sling TV to Unblock & Watch Sling TV Outside the US

Want to watch Sling TV outside the US? Get the best free VPN for Sling TV to unblock and watch Sling TV outside the US with dedicated servers, fast speed.

Sling TV is an American streaming television service for on-demand movies, live TV shows, news, live sports and entertainment with a selection of channels such as A&E, BET, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel and so on. At an affordable price, you can watch on the most-used devices: Apple TV, Google TV, Fire TV, XBOX, Air TV, Roku... Well, Sling TV is not available globally. So virtual private network (VPN) is such a convenient software to help you get access to Sling TV fast by changing your IP when you’re not in the US. What’s the best VPN for Sling TV? Here is a good free Sling TV VPN with regard to fast speed, no-log policy, price, as well as important features, some of which are free to unblock and watch Sling TV.

Watch Sling TV with Free VPN

Sling TV has been a top streaming sites for shows, movies, news, and sports. It allows you to access local channels including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC for free and more channels like AMC, BBC America, CNN, Cheddar, Food Network, to name a few.

Sling TV compatible devices:

Windows, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, AirTV Mini, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google TV, Roku, VIZIO Smart TV, Xfinity, Xbox.

What can you watch on Sling TV


Only for Sling Orange Disney Channel ESPN ESPN2 ESPN3 Freeform MotorTrend
Only for Sling Blue Bravo, SYFY, TLC Discovery Channel, E! Fox Sports 1, Fox News HLN, USA, truTV MSNBC, National Geographic NFL Network
For any plan A&E, BBC America CNN, Cartoon Network Lifetime, Local Now Travel Channel, Vice AMC, AXS TV and more

Sling TV price:

  • $35/month for Sling Orange plan: good for NBA, families, 32 channels, 50 hours DVR storage included, 1 device.

  • $35/month for Sling Blue plan: good for entertainment and news, 42 channels, 50 hours DVR storage included, 3 devices.

  • $50/month for both Sling Orange and Sling Blue services

Sling TV is only available in the US. Get a geo-restriction-breaking software VPN to watch Sling TV outside the US now.

iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Sling TV for several reasons. First, it’s a free VPN no registration for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. New users who download and install the VPN can try the free version no logging in, and no credit card. If you’re satisfied with it, you could buy a pro version to enjoy more features. Unsatisfied? Just uninstall the VPN in a flash. Second, it has several free servers in Los Angeles, Secaucus, and Miami in the United States, which helps you unblock and watch Sling TV for free and other streaming sites only available in the US. Third, it is a fast VPN as some of its free servers using the OpenVPN protocol are tested to reach the speed of 400Mbps. Its premium version offers high-quality servers with low ping, fast speed for connection, uploading, and downloading.

Go to read to learn more important features of the Sling TV VPN.

Privacy and security-related features

Zero-log policy. Zero-log is a basic feature of a VPN that is committed to safeguarding every user’ privacy and security. The free VPN has a strict no-log policy and will never record or track any data of yours.

Military-grade encryption. VPN builds an encrypted tunnel for data transferring and reception. iTop VPN employs military-level protection for all your sensitive information.

Kill Switch. Turning on the feature in the Privacy Protection settings, you can make sure that none of your data or privacy will be leaked in case your VPN disconnects unexpectedly by means of cutting off all internet traffic.

DNS protection. DNS (domain name services) is used to identify computers, services through the internet. Unsecured DNS may lead to bad results like a higher risk of data breach, service downtime, and others. iTop VPN prevents your system DNS settings from being modified.

Ads block. Ads can be seen on many sites in the format of popups and banners. Blocking ads online will speed up the page’s load time and get a clean web page. Besides, it can stop getting personalized ads by tracking your location, interest, or browsing history.

Sling TV VPN Features

Usability features

Dedicated VPN servers for Sling TV and other sites. The best free VPN for PC has offered several dedicated servers for streaming, gaming and social media, Sling TV included as well.

5 simultaneous connections. iTop VPN for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS allows you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously with one account.

Split tunneling. Toggle on split tunneling, add apps/websites to the whitelist, and then these apps/websites will go through VPN encrypted tunnel.

Money-back guarantee. iTop VPN pays much attention to user experience. So 30-day money back is guaranteed regardless of any situation.

Affordable price. iTop has offered the best VPN deal in the industry. 12-month subscription plan only costs $47.99 in total, that is, you just need to pay for it $3.99 a month. 1-mon plan costs $11.99.

P2P support. To enable people to download content online in a secure and safe way, iTop VPN provides P2P support for torrenting privately.

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ExpressVPN for Sling TV: Over twenty servers in the United Sates

NordVPN to watch Sling TV: About fourteen US servers to choose

ProtonVPN to stream Sling TV: 5 high-quality US servers with Netshield to block ads

You can watch hot shows, sports and music on Sling TV without any limitation by using iTop VPN. And the steps to use the VPN to unblock Sling TV are easy.

Step 1: Download Sling TV VPN for PC and mobile and launch on your device.

Step 2: Click For Streaming option to find dedicated free servers for Sling TV. Click the connect button on the right and enjoy watching Sling TV wherever you’re! 

Free VPN to Connect Sling TV Server

Step 3: Open Sling TV and watch Sling TV outside the US now!

Watch Sling TV with Free VPN Outside the US

Is it legal to watch Sling TV with VPN

Yes, it’s legal to watch Sling TV with VPN by changing your IP address to the US to circumvent the geo-restrictions. It’s also legal to watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max and other streaming sites with a VPN that actually works with these streaming platforms, like iTop VPN.

Which VPN works with Sling TV?

It is indeed true that you cannot watch Sling TV even though you’ve changed your location to the US with some VPNs. So the article has introduced a really effective free VPN iTop VPN to watch Sling TV outside the US.

Can I subscribe to Sling TV outside the US?

You cannot subscribe to Sling TV outside the US as Sling TV is only accessible to US viewers. Fortunately, you can change your location to the US with iTop VPN and subscribe to Sling TV by following the steps below.

1. Download and install iTop VPN for Sling TV.

2. Choose and connect the dedicated Sling TV in the Streaming tab for free.

3. Choose a base service from the 3 paid plans: Sling Orange, Sling Blue, Sling Orange & Sling Blue.

4. Customize with Extra & Premium services according to your interests.

To cancel your subscription to Sling TV, you just need to select the Cancel Subscription link on the My Account dashboard on Follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your Sling TV subscription. It should be noted that Sling TV does not provide refunds for prepaid or partial months of service.

Are Sling TV channels live?

You can watch Sling TV live channels for news, sports and entertainment from ESPN, TNT, TBS, Fox News, TLC, and more.

Can Sling TV be shared?

Yes. With Sling Orange, you can only watch on 1 device at a time. After subscribing to Sling Blue, Latino or International Base service, 3 devices are allowed at the same. If you subscribe to Sling Orange & Sling Blue, you can log into your account on 4 devices at the same time. So if you want to share your account with your family, it’s possible. As long as you don’t log out, you can watch on Sling TV on your trip.

Which Sling TV package has ESPN?

Sling TV Orange package has ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN 3. Besides, Disney Channel, Freeform, and MotorTrend are platforms only available in the Orange package.

Sling TV like services

  • YouTube TV

  • Hulu with live TV

  • FuboTV

  • DirecTV Stream

  • Philo

Bottom Line

Hoop Dreams, The Miles Davis Story, Black Panther, most hot shows and movies can be found on Sling TV. Even if you’re not in the US where can visit Sling TV without blocking, try iTop VPN, a free Sling TV VPN to enjoy your favorite shows. You can also enjoy other streaming sites like Disney+, Hulu, Paramount, Peacock, Hotstar, Twitch, and so on with iTop VPN. 

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