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Which Is the Best VPN Deal? Detailed Review of the Most Economic Free VPN for 2022

Need a better deal for your VPN plan in 2022? Know the cheapest & best VPN deal for 2022 online by reading this post.

Within growing cybersecurity threats & online privacy issues, decent VPN protection has become a necessary part of our internet usage. Most people feel confusing & frustrating when selecting oneVPN for PC that suits their needs from hundreds & thousands of VPN services. Is there a best VPN deal with an overall excellent performance & reasonable price balanced? Or where can we get the cheapest best VPN deals in 2022?

Best VPN Deals 2022

The following post will try to compare different VPN services in different metrics & approaches – the goal is to list their advantages & disadvantages for you – in order to help you to make your own decision & find your best VPN deal.


Unique Features:

  • In addition to the No-log policy (Which is a basic rule of the VPN industry), their TrustedServer can double ensure your privacy will not be logged anywhere the security performance has won the prize of best VPN deal for ExpressVPN.  

  • Enhanced connectivity with ExpressVPN Lightway protocol. This technology allows you to access internet resources (eg. blocked websites, regionally restricted contents) much faster & effectively.

  • The ExpressVPN Threat Manager can prevent malicious apps and websites breach into your device by communicating with a set of third parties known to track your activity or engage in meaningful behavior.

General Performance:

  • Speed: Ok. but not outstands other best VPN deals.

  • Connectivity: Excellent. You can almost connect to their all-world servers (more than 200 countries). Though most of them do not have the value of being connected.

  • Encryption: Excellent. AES-256 encrypted, NIST approved solid encryption method.

  • Device availability: Excellent. You can connect to ExpressVPN on all smart devices you have.

  • Expandability: Not ideal. ExpressVPN offers no extra features other than a simple VPN connection.

  • UI & Accessibility: Mediocre. The UI design is clean and supports one click-connection, but the UI design is plain normal, and the setting menu is complex.

Pricing & Cost-Effectiveness of ExpressVPN

This will be the most important part for you to decide if ExpressVPN offers the best VPN deal – you can always get the perfect service for unlimited money. But when we talk about the best VPN deal, pricing factors are always in consideration. You can not expect that the ExpressVPN offer you free service as best free VPN for Windows.

Best VPN Deals 2022

The pricing for ExpressVPN isn’t cheap as well. A one-month payment will cost you $12.95, and their cheapest deal is & 6.67 per month for a one-year subscription – That’s not quite economical when compared to almost all other VPN services.

Best VPN Deals 2022

Meanwhile, ExpressVPN does not offer your free trial – you must subscribe to their service with your banking information affiliated – no free use & 7 days trial. You will not know if their service is suitable for you if you are not able to try it before you pay.

Overall speaking, if you want a stable and solid VPN service, ExpressVPN can be your first choice. But if you are seeking the best deal on VPN, then the ExpressVPN is not a good deal.

Best VPN Deals 2022

Unique Features:

  • Nord VPN will give you an additional dedicated IP as long as you subscribe to their service. A dedicated IP will increase your personal network security, and You will be free from those troubles of using public IP.

  • The Nord VPN Onion Over VPN is a feature that allows you to adapt the Nord VPN connect to Tor (Onion) browser. As the Tor itself stealth & anonymous browser, your privacy will be further protected by Nord VPN.

General Performance:

  • Speed: Good. The average ping is around 100ms to 200ms, pretty good for a best VPN deal.

  • Connectivity: Good. Compare to the ExpressVPN, the NordVPN has lesser choices of servers, but the quality of servers are better. (especially for servers located in US, UK, GE, FR, NE)

  • Encryption: Excellent. AES-256 encrypted, NIST approved solid encryption method.

  • Device availability: Excellent. Just like the ExpressVPN, you can connect to Nord VPN on all devices.

  • Expandability: Bad. The Nord VPN does not have any feature out of basic VPN service.

  • UI & Accessibility: Good. Clean, straight forward UI design for sure. And the Nord VPN also approves your to “one-click connect”. All server locations & features are clearly exhibited, and you can just click and go. The setting menu isn’t hard to understand, too, quite easy to use.

Pricing & Cost-Effectiveness of NordVPN

Compared to ExpressVPN, NordVPN’s pricing strategy is much milder. A $4.13 per month 2-year plan is clearly a better deal. Though the monthly plan will still cost you $ 11.95, if you think a 2-year subscription is overly rigid, a one-year plan for $4.92 is still a better deal – but not the “Best VPN deal” apparently. If you are seeking for a free unlimited VPN for Windows, you might disappointed this time.

Best VPN Deals 2022

Unfortunately, NordVPN does not offer a free trial either. You need to subscribe first then you can get your chance to do trial & error. Considering that NordVPN does not prove much extra feature other than VPN connection if you are a customer who wants a balance of reasonable price & usable functions. The Nord VPN is a good option for you.

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Best VPN Deals 2022

Unique Features:

  • Other than connecting you to the secured VPN connection, the iTop VPN offers purposes-oriented network connection & acceleration features: like to access regionally blocked streaming content (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) or accelerate games that release/operates overseas (Pokémon GO, Lost Ark, etc.) or help you to use Facebook and other social security websites in blocked region.

  • While the VPN works as a perfect tool to protect your online security, the iTop VPN provides additional security protection for your local security vulnerability. For example, to patch up your system back doors, modify and optimize security options, etc…

  • Much like a jack of all trades, the iTop VPN offers many different tools to ensure your network security: IPv6 access & IP protection; Browser data clean & Ads Block… everything you can expect to enhance your system security & stability.

General Performance:

  • Speed: Good. The average ping is around 100ms to 200ms. But sometimes the speed fluctuates. 

  • Connectivity: Mediocre. It offers a lesser server location choice compared to ExpressVPN & NordVPN. Most available servers are located in North America/ East Asia.

  • Encryption: Excellent. AES-256 encrypted, NIST approved solid encryption method.

  • Device availability: Good. The iTop VPN is available on PC, macOS, Android, and iOS. So generally, you can use iTop VPN on all popular platforms, but in lack of Linux supports.

  • Expandability: Excellent. As the post explained above, among all VPN services, the iTop VPN gives almost the all-around security protection & modification features as the best VPN deal.

  • UI & Accessibility: Good. The software itself adapts the dark theme and you can easily access all features by easy navigation.

Pricing & Cost-Effectiveness of iTop VPN

If there is a real king of cost-effectiveness VPN service, a supreme best VPN deal, then the iTop VPN could be the one you should never miss.

Best VPN Deals 2022

The highlights of iTop VPN are, it offers solid & stable service with an unbelievable low price – a $1.99 per month (total $47.99 for 24 months) 2-year plan is absolutely astonishing. Even a one-year plan will cost you only $3.58 per month ($42.99 for 12 months). The word is pale when debating which is the best VPN deal among all the VPN services when you are looking at the price table.

Since no other VPN services could not beat the iTop VPN on pricing, the VPN performance could be the most important factor which you may concern about. Fortunately, you can use iTop VPN freely – feature restriction will be there & there will be a daily 500MB traffic limit – but it is fairly enough for you to try if iTop VPN is good to you.

This post is about to introduce the best VPN deal for you. From a personal perspective, the king of the Best VPN deal is undoubtedly iTop VPN. ExpressVPN and NordVPN aren’t ideal for their pricing strategy though they offer perfect service.     

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