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Best VPN for Austria & The Best Free VPN for Austria Rank List

This post ranks the top 5 VPN for Austria. Need a free VPN for Austria free download? Read the post and get the Austria VPN free & Unlimited!

As one of the most peaceful & developed countries in Europe, there is little internet censorship and limitation in Austria. Theoretically, you are connecting the so-called “Freedom Internet” in Austria and surfing the internet without being concerned about if you could be under government surveillance and monitoring like countries like North Korea, China, and Russia. Though that, you may still want an Austria VPN sometimes.


But it doesn’t mean that you will be having absolutely no problem while you accessing/ surfing the internet without any trouble. Though Austria's internet is open to everyone, it doesn’t mean you will be having no problem on the internet in Austria: 

  • You might like to geo-spoof to other countries for an economical reason: if you are a Steam player, you might already know that the pricing strategy is different between countries – you might like to geo-spoof to Russia, and Argentina to get better pricing and discounts.

  • To access geo-restricted content. For example, you might like to watch some U.S. exclusive content on U.S. Netflix like Stargate SG-1, The Master, Friday Night Lights, Legally Blonde, and The Machinist… in that case, you will need a proper VPN service to help you to change your current location.

  • Probably you will need to play online games with your friends – especially those competitive games like Dota, League of Legends, Call of Duty/ Apex Legend, PUBG… High ping and network lagging will definitely kill your gaming experience. a VPN that changes steam region with gaming acceleration feature would be able to help you with that – like the iTop VPN.

  • Cybersecurity threats and information leaks are still dangerous Don’t underestimate the power of internet viruses and malicious hackers. If you left your information to be traced and stolen, then you are in big trouble. A secure VPN can route your traffic through a secure tunnel to a server in Austria, changing your IP address and allowing you to access local services and online sites from wherever you are.

If you are seeking the best free VPN for Austria with no entry (Banking information & registration) and performs high quality and capability, the iTop VPN is absolutely your best VPN for Austria. 

  • Speed: Best 

  • Connection available for free: Available.

  • Diversity features: Various 

  • Network security protection: Decent

  • Free-to-use policy: 700MB per day

  • User-friendliness: A bit bland

If there is the most underestimated free Austria VPN. As the newest competitor in the VPN service market, iTop VPN is very competitive in speed, connection stability, and functional versatility.

The pinnacle of iTop VPN is its versatile features, like bypassing the streaming platform’s geo-restriction like Netflix region restriction or visiting Porn sites, and hentai video privately with VPN. If you want to unlock games and play online games with your friend with better ping, the iTop VPN is the one that we suggest.

Best Austria VPN - iTop VPN Interface

One thing that is worth noticing is that the iTop VPN is a free-to-use VPN service with no registration and banking information needed. It has no limit to your network speed, but you will have a 700MB traffic cap per day – that means you have plenty of chances to make your decision for unlimited traffic and other extra features (conclude in premium service). 

  • Speed: Mediocre.

  • Connection available for free: Available

  • Diversity features: Lack of versatility

  • Network security protection: Decent

  • Free-to-use policy: 500MB per day

  • User-friendliness: Good & clean

The Hotspot Shields should undoubtedly be one of the top free VPNs. It has decent speed & connection performance, clean UI, and good security protection making Hotspot Shield a really good top free VPN for all users to have a try.

Best Austria VPN - Hotspot Shield Logo

The speed & connection performance of the Hotspot Shield VPN for Austria's free service is better than average. During the test, there are fewer connections dropping & better speed than its competitors – yes there is still room for growth.

Best Austria VPN - Hotspot Shield UI

The daily free traffic for Hotspot Shield is 500MB per day. It is a little bit shorter than iTop VPN (500MB per day vs 700MB per day) But it is still one of the top free Austria VPNs you would not let it miss. 

  • Speed: Bad 

  • Connection available for free: Free portals available,

  • Diversity features: Highly customizable

  • Network security protection: Highly reliable

  • Free-to-use policy: Limited speed 

  • User-friendliness: Bad

If you have a computer networking knowledge base and seeking a highly customizable & secure VPN, then the Windscribe will be your choice. Windscribe is a unique free VPN software with highly customizable settings. If you know how to set up your virtual proxy, you can get the highest level of network security protection.

Best Austria VPN - Windscribe UI

Windscribe isn’t a VPN for newbies & noobs. To control this beast, you need to have a proper understanding of how virtual private networks work and certain knowledge about how to set up your internet.  

Best Austria VPN - Windscribe UI

There is no free traffic cap for Windscribe, in return, the connection quality and speed are not ideal. But if you are interested in how to make your VPN performs well, the Windscribe can be a really fun & engaging top free VPN to use.

  • Speed: Fastest  

  • Connection available for free: Available

  • Diversity features: Lack of Support

  • Network security protection: Decent

  • Free to use policy: A 7-day free trial

  • User-friendliness: Good & clean

Best Austria VPN - Speedify

Speedify, as the name suggests, is one of the fastest VPNs for Windows While Speedify experts on a speed boost, the software's turbo-boosting technology is considerably useful to make the VPN connection speeds stay at their maximum possible performance while you are using them.

Best Austria VPN - Speedify UI

The biggest issue for Speedify is that Speedify offers only a 7-days trial. Either you pay for their service, or you give up Speedify after a 7-day trial. If you are seeking a VPN that you can use freely for a longer time, then Speedify is not like other Austria VPNs that you can use unlimited for free.

  • Speed: Average

  • Connection available for free: Limited proxies

  • Diversity features: Lack of variety

  • Network security protection: Decent

  • Free to use policy: No free trial available

  • User-friendliness: Good

While we talk about the VPN for Austria, ExpressVPN should be the one you can never miss. You can see ExpressVPN Ads almost everywhere online, under their powerful publicity campaign you can hardly not know there is a VPN service names ExpressVPN.

Best Austria VPN - ExpressVPN

As for its service, generally speaking, ExpressVPN has a quite good connection quality & stability. If you want to geo-spoof to another country in Austria with a VPN, ExpressVPN has given you over 100 countries' proxies – like VPN for India, VPN for UAE... that means you can migrate to anywhere you need to bypass the geo-limitation to access restricted TV shows, games, etc…

ExpressVPN Servers NewUI

The biggest issue for ExpressVPN as the best in Austria is its pricing. To use ExpressVPN you have to register and order (with your banking information) their 6-month service plan. There is no chance of a free trial and free traffic but only 30-day money back guaranteed (You will still have to pay for it).

The post has introduced & concluded the best 5 free/non-free VPNs for Austria. You can pick one up that fits your need to choose & Use. Some of these best VPNs for Austria have better cost-efficiency, some are having a stable connection, and some have more geo-location and proxies for you to choose from. Hope this post can help you to find what you need and see you next time.

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