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Top 5 Egypt VPN Free Services: Get an Egypt IP Address [Safe & Fast]

Looking for the best Egypt VPN free for PC? Check the 5 best VPN Egypt free in 2024 to get an Egypt IP address from anywhere, 100% secure, private and fast.

Since June 2017, the government in Egypt has blocked more than 60 websites, 48 of which are online news websites. Users are unable to access the regional limited content while living or traveling in Egypt. Eg, Netflix US exclusive content. Therefore, a VPN for Egypt is a must-have tool if you want to surf the internet without limitations in Egypt. 

alt=VPN For Egypt

Besides, as a country famous for its unstable domestic politics and personal safety, using a  safe VPN to protect personal information while surfing the internet is a rational choice. This post reviews and lists the top 5 free VPNs for Egypt with detailed features. Read on to know the best VPN for Egypt.

“Why is My VPN restricted in Egypt?”

“My OpenVPN is just banned in Egypt. What’s wrong?”

                                                                                          -- Reddit

Egypt VPN Reddit - VPN Not Working

Are you encountering the same issue as above? Nowadays, many users find that their VPN can not work successfully in Egypt and experience restrictions in gaming, working, and socializing. Some people use the Stealth Mode of Windscribe and Proton to get an Egypt server, but this may be banned in the near future. Don’t worry, here are many other powerful VPN solutions to get a free Egypt IP address from anywhere.

A VPN for Egypt hides your real IP address and replaces it with another location, offering you an encrypted internet tunnel. With a VPN for Egypt, you can do the following with ease.

  • Bypass the internet ban & censorship. Many online services are banned or strictly surveilled by the Egypt government. Fortunately, with an Egypt VPN, you can circumvent these restrictions by using a VPN for UAE & Egypt.

  • Enhance online security. Compared with the normal internet tunnel, the encrypted tunnel that a VPN uses levels up your online safety.

  • Geo-spoofing for access to regional limited online resources. A VPN for Egypt bypasses the geo-restriction and allows you to access exclusive region-based content around the world.

  • Protect personal security. If you are one of those who take individual privacy seriously, a VPN to Egypt is a great help since it makes you anonymous online.

iTop VPN- Best Free VPN for Egypt

The VPN industry is filled with competent candidates. One of the best Egypt VPN free for PC is iTop VPN. It meets every requirement for the best VPN service. With iTop VPN, you can unblock news websites, streaming platforms, and other apps regardless of your location. Let’s dive in to see how it performs.

alt=Best Free VPN For Egypt ITop VPN

  • A powerful geo-spoofing function can help to bypass the ban. iTop VPN comes with private access to global content with servers located worldwide. Not only for Egypt, it is also the best Turkey VPN. No need to worry about regional limitations anymore.

  • A free-to-use policy with an unlimited free trial. iTop VPN offers a completely trial version that rolls out unlimited free data for its users.

  • Affordable pricing starts at $2 per month. In case you prefer a premier VPN service, iTop VPN offers affordable paid plans that start with only $2 each month.

  • Multi-features for different scenarios. Be it for gaming, streaming, or socializing, iTop VPN offers delicate VPN services to enhance your online experience.   

  • Anti-phishing. This feature protects your online activities against potential threats and cryptocurrency mining.

  • Ad Blocker. When using iTop VPN, there are no random pop-ups or annoying ads that disturb you.

ExpressVPN - Best VPN Service for Egypt

alt=Best VPN For Egypt ExpressVPN

As one of the biggest and most time-honored VPN services, ExpressVPN holds solid ground in the Egypt VPN market. Over years, users give it high credit in terms of protecting online security and privacy. Unfortunately, it also has inevitable drawbacks.


High-level AES-256 encryption. The encryption technology that ExpressVPN adopts protects your private information and makes your data almost uncrackable.

Prevent unauthorized data mining on Macs. With enhanced internet protection, it’s impossible for hackers to mine your personal data online.


No free trial but a 30-day money-back policy. ExpressVPN has no trial version for its users. That’s to say, users can only try this VPN service after investing some money.

Expensive. This is the biggest drawback of ExpressVPN of all time. The subscription fee of it starts at more than $6 per month.

NordVPN – Most Secure Egypt VPN

alt=NordVPN Best VPN Service For Egypt

Thanks to NordVPN’s huge business, this Egypt VPN free for PC provider has a reputation for its well-maintained servers. A pretty decent and secure connection is guaranteed with NordVPN in the meantime.


  • Multi-hop technology. Also known as double VPN servers, this technology makes your data pass through two servers to reach the final destination for maximum security.

  • Strong Apple and Android apps. NordVPN cares for mobile clients as well with excellent functions on Apple and Android platforms.


  • No split tunneling. It’s a pity that users can only enjoy the split-tunneling feature on Windows VPN and Android so far. The other two platforms don’t support split-tunneling yet.

  • Static IP addresses. In the basic service of NordVPN, users can only connect servers in 5 static IP addresses, including the USA, UK, Netherlands, France, and Germany.

Hotspot Shield – Best VPN Service for Egypt Alternative 

alt=Hotspot Shield VPN For Egypt

Aside from the above-mentioned three VPNs for Egypt, Hotspot Shield is one more VPN Egypt free alternative if you are looking for something new. It is well-known for super fast speed and you’ll probably be impressed by that.


  • 500MB of free data per day. The free version data limit of Hotspot Shield reaches 500MB each day, which shall cover basic needs for browsing news websites.

  • Numerous server locations are scattered worldwide. Hotspot Shield boasts a remarkably large collection of servers around the world. 


  • Restricted location option. Although there’s a free version, it comes with inevitable flaws. Users can only connect to USA servers and Egypt is clearly not in the line.

  • Expensive paid plans. Similar to ExpressVPN, the subscription fee of Hotspot Shield is also quite pricy and even reaches over $12 per month.

TunnelBear -Best Egypt VPN Service with More Fun

alt=TunnelBear VPN For Egypt

Thanks to its colorful and cute UI, TunnelBear, a free Egypt VPN for PC stands out among all VPN services with a dark shade. Plus, this interesting VPN for Egypt is pretty beginner-friendly.


  • Unique and refreshing UI Design. Unlike most VPN services in the market, the UI of TunnelBear deploys a mixer of green and yellow tone that catches your eye at the first sight.

  • Excellent privacy protection. TunnelBear has one of the most thorough privacy policies, including in-depth information about every detail that their cookies collect.



  • A narrow range of server location choices. Compared with other VPN providers, TunnelBear has a rather restricted server location with most of its servers located in the EU.

  • Unable to block US Netflix, Disney Plus, and other streaming platforms. TunnelBear might not be an optimal choice if you are a wide streamer.


To sum up, while each VPN for Egypt has its highlights as well as downsides, iTop VPN is the only Egypt VPN that rolls out a completely free version of free VPN Egypt server among the top five VPNs for Egypt. Plus, it manages to provide safe and private access to various content worldwide. Whether you are using an Egypt VPN for gaming, streaming, or simply browsing, iTop VPN can meet your requests. Download and use the best VPN for Egypt now.

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