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Best VPNs for Denmark to Secure Online Activities and Privacy

How to access content in Denmark outside Denmark and how to access content worldwide in Denmark? Use a VPN for Denmark.

Getting a VPN for Denmark is necessary for Danes traveling abroad when they want to access local content in Denmark such as ViaPlay, DR TV, and TV2 Play, or use their Netflix Denmark accounts and Danske Bank apps. Likewise, people in Denmark also need a VPN to bypass the geo-restriction and then watch movies and TV shows on popular streaming sites like Fandor, Peacock, US Discovery Plus, and Hulu.

VPN for Denmark

All in all, Denmark VPN can help with unblocking content in Denmark from abroad, and it also works on accessing the content in countries outside of Denmark. But how to get the best cost-effective VPN Denmark and how to use it? Keep reading to know the details. 

When you are traveling out of Denmark but need to know what happens in Denmark in real-time via local sites, a VPN for Denmark could help. It will spoof the sites with an IP address in Denmark and then you’ll get permission to browse the content.

What does a VPN for Denmark need?

  • A Denmark VPN server 

  • High-speed and stable connection

  • Secure transmitted data between your devices and the services you accessed

  • No-log policy to protect users’ privacy leaking

Most VPNs are qualified according to the above metrics. But the most cost-effective Denmark VPN recommended here is iTop VPN, which offers a free version with 700MB of data per day. And it provides a cheap purchase plan that only costs $1.99/mo with a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • It has 1800+ VIP servers in 100+ regions including a fast server in Denmark.

  • It enables you to enjoy uninterruptible Danish streaming and gaming services without limitations on data and bandwidth.

  • It reinforces the protection of your privacy on browsers, apps, and social media platforms by encrypting data with 256-bit encryption.

  • It supports auto connection to the best-performance server and maintains fast and consistent data transmitted speed.

  • This safe VPN obeys the no-log policy that keeps you always anonymous online and no one knows what you did except yourself. 

How to Unblock Content in Denmark with iTop VPN?

Step 1. Download iTop VPN on your devices (Windows, Mac, and iOS).

Step 2. Run the free VPN no account and click on “All Servers” in the right sidebar.

Try Denmark Server in iTop VPN

Step 3. Search “Denmark” in the VIP servers and connect to it.

Then, you’ll be unobstructed to the local sites and apps in Denmark from abroad.

To browse on sites, for example, Fandor, with a Danish IP address, you may see an error warning like “We are sorry. Unfortunately we are not available in your location.”. It happens there are too many similar streaming sites and social media platforms. 

What does a VPN to access abroad except Denmark need?

  • Many servers in different countries, the more the better

  • Lightning-fast and safe connection

  • Anti-virus, block-ads, and protect DNS protection

  • AES encryption and kill-switch to double assure data security

  • More simultaneous connections permission

iTop VPN contains all the mentioned standards. So if you want to change steam region to another country like the US, how do you do it on the iTop VPN?

Step 1. After you download and install the iTop VPN, you can connect to an arbitrary server that may satisfy your demand except for the VPN in Denmark.

Step 2. If you want to watch streaming, play games, download movies, or use social apps, you can click on dedicated servers in the right-sidebar. 

Use Denmark VPN to Watch Streaming

Step 3. Click “Connect” instantly via the best streaming VPN.


Whether you need P2P servers for downloading and uploading torrent files, or you want a VPN for TikTok, you can improve the data encryption or transmission speed by shifting the VPN protocols (UDP, TCP, HTTPS).

Basically, the same based on functions, iTop VPN is outstanding because of its usable and reasonable price. Check the table below to get more alternatives for Denmark VPN if you need them.

Price Range

Free Trial

Money-back Guarantee

iTop VPN

$1.99 - $3.99/mo



Express VPN

$6.67 - $12.95/mo




$3.31 - $17.52/mo




$5.39 - $8.99/mo




VPN as an online location changer can easily shorten your distance from the world. ExpressVPN is the fastest one because it has 3000 servers spinning in 94 countries. So once you connect to one country, it can auto-connect the closest server to you in the country to assure the speed.

Besides the 256-bit encryption, kill-switch, DNS protection, and IPv6 leaks, ExpressVPN also supports 5 devices (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS apps). More importantly, it can be installed on a router. Therefore, it is more suitable for small businesses, taking its price into consideration as well.


Surfshark is also a deserved choice among VPNs for Denmark. It has 3200+ servers in 100+ countries for users to freely opt to connect to which one. Speaking of its features, the connection speed, stability, security encryption, automatic ad-blocking, and malware-scanning are not less than other Denmark VPNs.

And this VPN for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux enables you and your families to share one account at the same time up to 5. As for the price, it is the second economic selection of VPN for Denmark in spite of iTop VPN.


No matter if you want to change your IP into Denmark or hide your IP address into another region, NordVPN can help with its 5700+ servers throughout 60 countries in the world. 

keep it in connection, you can watch 60 countries’ local content and no worries about ads, malware, virus, and ISP tracking. It also allows you to use one account on 5 devices simultaneously without log and privacy leaks. And if you have enough budget, using NordVPN to unblock Denmark content or help Danish to access content out of Denmark is undoubtedly a good choice.

In brief, if you are a personal user, iTop VPN is totally enough to reach various blocked content worldwide. And if you are managing a business, ExpressVPN is more suitable. And trying the other 2 VPNs for Denmark or not is relying on your budget.

The Bottom Line

In summary, for people who are in Denmark, it’s easy to use a VPN for Denmark to bypass the region limitation and access worldwide content that is blocked in Denmark, And for Danes who are outside Denmark due to different reasons, they can also apply a Denmark VPN to pretend they are physically in Denmark. In this way, they can reach all of Denmark's local TVs and sites. This article lists the cost-effective VPN in Denmark - iTop VPN and its alternatives. In the case of similar functions, iTop VPN is the best option. Download it to try it right now

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