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3 Top VPN Location Changer: A Simple Guide on VPN to Change Location Free

A comprehensive overview of the top VPN location changer and emphasizes the importance of using VPN to change your location.

Changing your location might sound awkward but has numerous benefits attached to it. Want to access restricted content? Change your location. Want to access cheaper deals and tickets? Change your location. Want to fake your location to fool your acquaintance? Change your location.

Well, that is what VPN location changer is for! VPNs bypass all the geo-restrictions by simply swapping your IP address with a different IP address, so you can enjoy the perks of other countries while being in your hometown. Changing your location has never been easier, all thanks to the inception of VPNs.

So, if you want to know how to change your VPN location, read the following article that provides the top VPN location changer.

VPN Location Changer

You might bounce off the walls when you find public Wi-Fi on your way somewhere. Public Wi-Fi may sound like pennies from heaven, but it is more of a curse than a blessing if we look into the details. There are uncountable menacing risks of using an unsecured network that normal users may not know, but once they get to know, they’ll turn to a VPN location changer for privacy protection. 

Data Vulnerability

The first risk is unprotected data that is home to various snoopers, hackers, and cyber attackers. Especially when using public Wi-Fi, these attackers can easily hack your phone and use your information for ill intentions.

Government Surveillance

The government keeps a keen eye on your activities. Even if you're doing nothing harmful, the government still keeps a check on you, which is intrusive at the same time. You're exposed and being spied on.

Network Tracing

Even famous websites like Facebook, Instagram have access to your browsing history. They can easily trace you and your activities. 

Product Kill Switch Netflix No-Log Policy Ad Blocker Servers & Countries Device Count
iTop VPN No-Log 1800+/100+ 5
CyberGhost Some Data Collection 7400+/90 7
IPVanish Zero-Log × 1900+/52 10

By analyzing the table mentioned above, we can conclude that iTop VPN wins the internet for its practical and approachable features. Read further to know the details of each VPN location changer so you can choose the most appropriate one for yourself with a brief guide on how to change your VPN location.

iTop VPN

iTop VPN is currently the leading VPN location changer facilitating its users with various features to change their location with the simplest functionality for people of all ages and professions. This VPN to change location is not only restricted to location changing; in fact, it is multifaceted, providing the users much more than what they seek. Its multi-functionality and ease of use are what make iTop VPN stand out from the rest.

  • Use the Internet Privately: Using public Wi-Fi can be very vulnerable and harmful for your device. For that, iTop VPN masks your IP address along with strongly encrypting your data, so you remain anonymous and private while surfing the internet without the worry of being traced.

  • Gain Free Access to Restricted Content: When traveling, the content you can access in one country may not be accessible to you in another because of government censorship. But iTop VPN is a VPN free to change location that will automatically fake your location so you can access the geo-restricted content.

  • Strengthen the Privacy of your System: The iTop VPN security reinforce features enhance your system privacy by auto-detecting the malware, browser cleaning, and blocking the ads to save your system from viruses. So changing your location with iTop VPN does not invite bugs and malicious programs; rather, it reinforces the security on your device.

To know how to use this VPN location changer, read below:

Step 1: Install the Set-up File

Go to the official website of iTop VPN and select your desired package for your Windows.

Step 2: Install iTop VPN

Install your set-up file and click on “Connect” to enable it.

Connect Best VPN Location Changer

Step 3: Change your Location

Once enabled, your location is changed and connected to a secured server.

Use iTop VPN to Change Location


  • People have been enjoying a variety of perks with this amazing VPN location changer like:

  • This VPN location changer free offers generous free-of-cost packages for a lifetime.

  • It has a variety of servers across the globe that facilitates its swift performance.

  • It supports 5 devices and it's the best free VPN for Windows.


  • However, a browser extension is an area where iTop VPN is not enough. 


As one of the well-known VPN for PC, CyberGhost is a Romanian-based commercial VPN location changer free powered by the latest technology. This recently launched VPN location changer has been gaining quite traction among the netizens for its usability, top-notch performance, and variety of servers in over 89 countries.

VPN Location Changer Free - CyberGhost

To change your location using this VPN to change location free, follow the following steps:

Step 1: First, create your account on CyberGhost and select your desired package. Now download and run the app on your device.

Step 2: After installation, open the app and add in your login credentials to proceed.

Step 3: Now, choose your desired profile among the 6 different profiles and enjoy the services.


  • Can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously.

  • Offers the facility of several add-ons.


  • The privacy policy is very complicated.

  • The paid package is very expensive.


IPVanish is another VPN location changer that secures and encrypts your network's data whether you're surfing freely on the internet or using public Wi-Fi. The phenomenal simplification of use and reliability of the system is what makes it a trusted VPN location changer.

VPN to Change Location - IPVanish

To change your location via IPVanish, read the given guide:

Step 1: Go to the website of IPVanish and choose your desired package, a VPN for Android or iOS. Create an account and download the app to begin.

Step 2:  After downloading, run the app on your device. Once installed, open the app and add your credentials to log in.

Step 3: Now, choose your server location, and you’re good to go.


  • It secures every device connected without any connection caps.

  • Provides the fastest service with tight security and a no-log policy.


  • Recent logging controversy is raising privacy concerns.

  • Not enough optimized servers.

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Closing Words

You have no idea how harmful public Wi-Fi can be, as it opens the doors for hackers to get into your systems and steal your personal information, including your credit card number. Therefore, a good VPN location changer like iTop VPN can be a blessing for it not only secures your network data but also provides access to the restricted content. So, waste no time and download iTop VPN to access the best services, including a bonus - VPN for Windows free trial

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