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Guide to Best VPN Turkey Free PC/iPhone/Mac 2023

This post introduces how to use a VPN Turkey PC/iOS/Mac to get a Turkish IP address and bypass Turkey's internet censorship and tracking. Explore now!

Turkey could be prohibitive for travelers in some ways due to the history of suppressing online freedoms and blocking abroad information sources. For Turks, online content restrictions, email scanning, social media tracking, and wiretapping are normal conditions. The Turkey government even established laws and regulations targeting social media companies including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, demanding them to remove illegal content and set up dedicated offices in Turkey to avoid data leakage.

Best VPN for Turkey

As a result, VPN for Turkey becomes necessary for both foreigners who are visiting Turkey and Turks who are staying outside of Turkey. This post introduces how you can use a reliable Turkey VPN to get a Turkish IP address and bypass Turkey's internet censorship and tracks from the Turkish government. You'll find Turkey VPN is the easiest way to facilitate access to Turkey-only websites and streaming platforms either from Turkey or abroad.

You might worry about the safety of using a VPN Turkey on a PC or Mobile. The situation is, using a Turkey VPN is technically legal since no one has been reported to be arrested simply for using a VPN, although the government has warned of the risk of using a Turkey VPN and taken steps to block VPN services a couple of years ago. The point is, whether you’ve chosen a reliable and safe VPN.

However, it doesn't mean all free VPN Turkey free PC/Mobile tools are safe to use as freeware usually is lax in privacy protection and encryption standards. By asking internet service providers to use Deep Packet Inspection to track users, the Turkish government takes efforts to keep folks under surveillance. This is why the regulatory authorities can track these so-called inappropriate remarks online and get local bloggers, activists, or TV personalities sentenced. 

This post shares 100% safe and free VPN for Turkey software that protects your online privacy and encrypts your connection and traffic. Getting an IP address from other countries via a reliable Turkey VPN can efficiently bypass censorship from the Turkish government and restrictions on downloading or sharing copyrighted materials.

As you can tell, using a free and safe VPN for Turkey is of vital importance. With multiple advantages, iTop VPN is one of the best Turkey VPN tools that allow you to freely access almost all websites available around the world.

  • Multiple VPN servers

iTop VPN has built 1800+ servers in over 100 regions all over the world, including Turkey. It means that iTop VPN can hide your real IP address using various VPN servers as well as the fact that you are using a VPN in Turkey, covering for you from the local censorship.

  • Unblock streaming & social platforms

This Turkey VPN software gives you full access to streaming, game, and social platforms. That's to say, watching Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and HBO Max; using VPN for PUBG and Roblox as well as using browsers and social platforms like Google, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter should also be a piece of cake.

  • Kill Switch

Connection and traffic encryption is important. When your Turkey VPN service is interrupted unexpectedly, iTop VPN will automatically cut down the network and traffic until the virtual private network is reconnected. A VPN kill switch prevents that your real IP address is exposed to the web or gets tracked by the censorship authorities once the VPN stops working.

  • Public WiFi security

Public WiFi security should be guaranteed by a qualified Turkey VPN for PC and other devices. iTop VPN is able to send your traffic through an encrypted 'tunnel' and protect your privacy from deciphering or interception by hackers.

  • Trustworthy No-logs Policy

Different from other free VPN for Turkey, iTop VPN uses a strict no-logs policy, which makes sure that your personal information and online activities won't be recorded, collected, nor handed to the Turkey government.

  • Multiple connections

If you are going to have a trip to Turkey, you might need to install Turkey VPN on iOS, Android, or MacOS in advance. iTop VPN allows you to sign in to the same account on up to 5 devices at the same time, meaning you can simultaneously connect the VPN for your iPhone, Android, laptops, tablets, and more devices.

To unblock Turkish websites and platforms leveraging the best Turkey VPN software, let's start with the following steps.

If you simply want a Turkey IP address:

Step 1. Download iTop VPN on your device for free. It provides VPN Turkey PC, iPhone, and Mac.

Step 2. Click on the All Servers button.

Download & Install VPN Turkey PC

Step 3. Search for Turkey and choose one to connect from a wide range of servers.

Search & Choose Turkey VPN Server

In this way, no matter you want to connect a VPN address for Turkey, a VPN for Australia, or a VPN for anywhere, you can easily do that with the iTop VPN. While if you want to use iTop VPN for unblocking various services. After downloading and installing it, you should:

Step 1. Choose a service you want from the home page, taking streaming services for example.

Unblocking Services on Free Turkey VPN PC

Step 2. Choose a platform you need and tap to connect.

Unlocking Netflix on Best VPN Turkey Windows

The internet is powerful and attractive for both politicians and ordinary citizens, which obviously is identified by the Turkish authorities. When it comes to free speech, VPN for Turkey surely is a means of bypassing the censorship from the government and protecting your privacy while you write and publish online without breaking the law. Turkey VPN is also a solution for the ordinary to break the restrictions to foreign news websites, browsers, social media, and streaming platforms, you might need a India VPN to breakthough the block so.

So, simply try iTop VPN, the safest and most secure VPN for Turkey without worrying about surveillance from the government, traffic service providers, or any other third parties.

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