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Best VPN for Multiple Devices in 2023 [100% & Unlimited Free]

Want to connect to multiple devices simultaneously on a single VPN account? Read on to find out the best free VPN for multi devices.

A VPN can help you easily gain access to any kind of prohibited content like stream websites or video games and protect your privacy and safety while using it. Science and technology are developing by leaps and bounds, and people are likely to use VPN not only on PC but also on mobile phones and even smart TV. On this condition, VPN multi device can be of great help. With a VPN for multiple device, you are allowed to use one single VPN account on different devices simultaneously, which not only brings convenience to users but also saves them a great amount of money. Unfortunately, not all VPNs support this feature. No worries, just read on to get your best VPN multi device!

Best Free VPN Multi Device

Which VPN is the best for multiple devices? What’s the price of its service? The top 3 VPNs for multiple devices with their unique features and pricing are listed below. Take a look and choose the best VPN multi device in your mind!

ExpressVPN - Fast VPN for Streaming

Best Free VPN Multi Device - ExpressVPN

  • 5 simultaneous connections on different devices

  • Pros: Excellent speed for streaming and most compatible

  • Black Friday deal: 12 months + 3 months Free (6.67$ per month, 49% off)

Being the most well-known VPN for PC in the world, ExpressVPN keeps providing users with first-class service for many years. As a long-established VPN, ExpressVPN is the most compatible one. It is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Apple TV, Chrome, Amazon Fire TV, Firefox, Kindle, gaming consoles, routers. You easily can run on it on nearly all online streaming sites, like Netflix, Hulu, CBC, NBC, HBO GO, and so on. Nevertheless, its price, just like its fame, is way above average. Anyway, ExpressVPN is undoubtedly one of the best VPN multi device. It will be a good choice if you got enough budget. 

Nord VPN - High-Security VPN

Best Free VPN Multi Device - Nord VPN

  • 6 simultaneous connections on different devices

  • Pros: Excellent security system

  • Black Friday deal: 24 months(3.29$ per month, 72% off)

Nord VPN, another world-famous VPN multi device, is just as excellent as Express VPN. It is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Android TV. Needless to say, Nord is outstanding in all aspects. The shining point of it must be its security level, which offers AES-256 as standard and makes Nord a good encryption software for networks. It has a Double VPN system that can encrypt your network twice. Besides, the price of it is much more reasonable than Express VPN if you choose a multi-years plan.

iTop VPN - Unlimited Free VPN

  • 5 simultaneous connections on different devices

  • Pros: Unlimited Free & No login

  • Black Friday deal: 12 months + 12 months Free(2.31$ per month, 80% off)

As an upstart VPN company, iTop VPN's great advantages and potentials are beginning to show. It has 1800+ servers all over the world, which ensures a high-speed and low-latency experience for its users. To meet users’ different needs, iTop VPN not only has dedicated servers for popular stream services, such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Hulu, Peacock but also has dedicated servers for famous online games like PUBG, Roblox, Call of Duty Warzone, etc. Moreover, if you use VPN mostly for social networking, dedicated servers for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram are also provided in iTop VPN. iTop is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Apple TV, and other kinds of Smart TV. You can enjoy iTop VPN multi device service simultaneously without worries about bandwidth because it is unlimited.

What makes iTop VPN stand out from all those strong competitors? The answer must be Unlimited Free. Yes, iTop VPN offers permanent free servers for all users! It provides users 700MB free data per day with no limitations over speed, location, bandwidth. If 700MB/Day is not adequate for your need, you can upgrade to a premium version without any limit. The price of VIP service might be the cheapest you have ever seen! In Black Friday Sale, 1-Year + Extra Free 1-Year only billed 55.44$(2.31$ per month). It could be the most affordable VPN multi device ever!

Security and Privacy is the last thing you need to worry about when using iTop VPN. iTop VPN is a trustworthy VPN free provider. It thinks that online privacy is a privilege that should be enjoyed by everyone, and securing users' online activities is a top priority for the company. For example, you can use Security Reinforce to change system settings that are likely to expose your information and put your network at risk, thereby improving PC security. Furthermore, iTop VPN provides double encryption, ensuring that your internet actions remain hidden. All these factors make iTop VPN one of the safest VPN multi device.

As the best free VPN for Windows, iTop VPN is super easy to use. You can easily run it on your different devices. Start to enjoy this VPN multi device with simple steps.

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN on your device.

Step 2. Click the 'Connect' button.

How to Download iTop Free VPN Multi Device

Step 3. According to your need, choose the dedicated server. Then, just enjoy it!

Want to know how to use iTop VPN on Smart TV? See here: Set Up the Best VPN for Smart TV


VPN multi device has become an irresistible trend. But keep your eyes open, for not all VPNs that support multiple devices are really good enough. Some of them will limit your bandwidth, which will give you a really slow experience while using it. The 3 VPNs introduced in this article are the first-rate VPNs in the whole industry. If you have such a need for a free VPN for multiple devices, iTop VPN is undoubtedly the best free VPN multi device. Do not hesitate to give it a try!

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