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Which Encryption Software is the Best? Encryption Software Free Download

What is the best encryption software? Here is the explanation of how encryption software works and where you can get encryption software free download.

The pandemic last year was a miserable thing that could dramatically change the trace of life for many people. There is no rose without a thorn. The lockdown brought by COVID has also brought new opportunities for many people.

Encryption Software Best for Windows

Working from home has become the normal life for working people who can't reach their workplace because of the COVID. And many people have started their new career within this opportunity, like running online grocery, investing in stocks, or being a content creator on streaming platforms. With the increasing chance they are working remotely/ via communication through the internet, the concern of personal data security leaking is increasing.  The different types of encryption software best to use have come into their vision. Different ways of encryption methods have been used, in order to prevent potential cyber security threats & data leaking. Thus, both local file encryption software & VPN for Windows can become the essential parts of your data encryption.

Encryption can help protect information stored, received, and sent between computers. Such as your banking information transfers through the network or a video file stored on your hardware.

Encryption Software Best - 3 Dimensions

The principle of computer encryption is not hard to understand: Just like ancient Pharaohs used cipher keys to replace symbols in secret texts, the computer encryption software best is to break readable information into scrambled unreadable strings & clusters. A cipher key, (Usually AES-128, AES-192, and AES 256 are worldwide standard. The number stands for 128, 192, and 256 bits long, the longer the safer) must be used to attend to compile an encrypted, scattered string to readable information through a series of complex algorithms. (Usually several steps including Key Expansion step, The SubBytes step, ShiftRows step, MixColumns step, AddRoundKey step, and else). The end to end encryption software will only exhibit your encrypted information once the given cipher is matched and passes all the algorithms.


Advanced Encryption Standard,AES, also refers to Rijndael encryption. Which was approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  As a reliable encryption algorithm settled by the U.S. Federal as the most appropriated encrypt method and considered unbreakable. Since 2006, the AES has become the most widely adopted encryption method globally.

Encryption Software Best for Windows - AES Encryption

As the need for computer data encryption is urgent, how to choose the encryption software best has become the agenda. To understand what data encryption is, and what are the three main different approaches that encryption software best to protect every aspect of your data storage & transmission.

  • To protect all your data on hard disk & prevent all unauthorized access: Whole disk encryption solution.

  • To protect certain files & folders store on your hard disk: Software products that encrypt files.

  • To protect all your online data transmission & traffics: Virtual Private Network – VPN

Believe it or not, the stingy Microsoft has given us complete encryption software free with your Windows 10. You can access the Windows BitLocker by searching “BitLocker”, hit the enter key and you will get it.

Encryption Software Best for Windows

By clicking “Turn on BitLocker”, the setup screen will show up and you need to enter a password. The system will send you a recovery key immediately after the setting up, and if you’ve forgotten your password, you will need this recovery key to unlock your locked driver.

Best Encryption Software - Enable Bitblocker

As a decent encryption software free for Windows users, the BitLocker is a handy & solid tool for whole-disk data protection. After the BitLocker activated you are non-able to access any of the data which encrypted & saved on your hard disk. The protection is unbreakable (since it’s AES-256 encrypted) and if any hardware change detected(like plug out the hard drive), BitLocker will lock down all encrypted data and keep it unreadable eternally.

Encryption Software Best - Unlock Bitlocker

The problem of BitLocker is obvious. Sure it is encryption software best to protect your data, but notice that the BitLocker is only working on your disk partition. Also, if you forgot the password plus the recovery key, you would have a great chance that losing all your data stored on your local disk!

Encryption Software Best Unlock BitLocker

Get to know unlimited VPNs which can encrypt online data, read >>Best Free Unlimited VPN for Windows 10 & Windows 7<<

As the most widely adopted local file encryption software best, AxCrypt offers great help for individuals who need an encryption solution for folders & files which you don’t want others to access. It is also an encryption software free to use, you can get basic but initial protection with the AxCrpyt free encryption software.

Encryption Software Best for Windows

You will need to register an online account to use the AxCrypt. To use the encryption software free, click the “Secure” icon on the main interface, then select the file you want to encrypt. After the encryption, you can see the detailed information, including the encryption algorithm is listed in the AxCrypt.

Encryption Software Best - You Need An Account

If you log out of your AxCrypt account or quit the Axcrypt account. The next time you try to access the encrypted file, the AxCrypt will execute, and you can only get the file after the password certification. Without the password, you get no way to access your file tho.

Encryption Software Best - A Password Is Required

The AxCrypt can be the encrypt software best solution for individual files & compressed files. But the fly in the ointment is the AxCrypt isn’t a fully free software to use because it has a 30 day limit free trial limitation. You have to upgrade to a paid service and then you go on.


Without the personal paid plan, part of the features is unavailable in AxCrypt. For example, you can only encrypt folders with a paid account but not freely. And you can not encrypt your file with better secured AES-256 without a payment.

To encrypt your confidential data through online traffic, you can use the iTop VPN encryption software free as well.

Using a VPN is a great way to protect your internet traffic when you have to send confidential files and information through internet telecommunication. For example, your banking information and working/school test objects. For any of your needs, the iTop VPN can offer you a fast VPN free service for you to encrypt your online data.

iTop VPN is Encryption Software Best

As one of the best free VPN for Windows, the iTop VPN can encrypt your internet traffic effectively & safely. All your data will be encrypted when iTop VPN is activated. It also allows you to connect to a secure HTTPS tunnel. And of course, the iTop VPN's encryption doesn't magically rub off on files you share, your confidential data will be encrypted with AES-256 then transfer through a trusted server and the returned network traffic will be encrypted with the highest-level encryption too.  

Encryption Software Best Enhanced Security 

As many of yours are concerning about the cybersecurity issue, the iTop VPN is not limit to an encryption software free but also offers a complete security solution. You can access the iTop VPN Privacy Protection features by click the “Privacy Protection” button, and you will see there are listed tools to assist your computer security.

Encryption Software Best Complete Privacy Protection

One of the most important parts to ensure your online traffic is the “Kill Switch” feature. What the kill switch feature does is to immediately shut the internet connection down once your data failed to go through the encrypted tunnel. That would maximize your data security level and none of your unencrypted data will be exposed.

Encryption Software Best Ensure Your Encryption

As one of the most appropriate online encryption software free, the iTop VPN promised a real free-to-use policy than you can use the iTop VPN freely. A daily 700 MB traffic cap will pretty efficient for encryption software free to use. And the traffic cap will roll over each day.

If you are really concerned about your data security & ready to use encryption software best to encrypt your confidential data, then there are at least three approaches. Microsoft BitLocker, AxCrypt & iTop VPN are both very important parts of your encryption system.

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