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Which Free VPN for Opera to Choose? - Review of the VPN in Opera

VPN for Opera is good for unlimited and secure online browsing. Wondering if Opera's VPN is good and what are the better options? Just read this article!

When browsing the internet with a browser, users often want to have unrestricted access to any content. They also want to hide their IP address to protect their data and privacy. And the best solution is to use a VPN.

Opera, which has originated many features such as private browsing and tabbed browsing, is also good at this. There is a VPN in Opera. Many users may be wondering: What about Opera's built-in VPN? Does it feature well enough? How to use it? Do I need to choose another VPN for Opera? Keep reading this article to find the answers to all these questions.

Best Free VPN for Opera

Opera VPN is a feature built into Opera to enhance users' online privacy. It's very easy to use, you don't need to download any additional apps or extensions. You just need to turn it on in the Opera browser settings. The following will show you the detailed steps on how to use Opera VPN:

Step 1: Open Opera Browser and click the Opera icon on the top left corner. Then click on Settings to enter the page.

Enter the Settings of Opera Browser

Step 2: In the left navigation bar, click on Feature and you will see the option for VPN. Click the On/Off button to turn on VPN.

Turn the VPN in Opera

Step 3: When you turn on VPN, a VPN icon will appear on the left side of the address bar. Click on it and you can connect or disconnect to the VPN here. You can also select location or check the virtual IP address.

View Window of Opera VPNOpera VPN is completely free, it is a convenient VPN for Opera Android and desktop, you just need to download Opera browser to use it. It protects your online privacy by providing you with a virtual IP address that allows you to hide your location while browsing. It is a No-Log VPN that does not collect your information, which further enhances your online privacy. In addition, it offers 100+ high-speed servers along with no data limits, which allows you to browse content as much as you want.

However, apart from the advantages mentioned above, it does have some limitations:

  • Since it's a VPN built into the Opera browser, it only protects traffic within the browser.

  • The free version only allows you to select Americas, Asia, and Europe, not specific countries and regions. This makes it difficult to unlock streaming that only works in specific regions. You need to choose an alternative VPN for Streaming.

  • While it is able to encrypt browser traffic, it does lack some essential features. Such as Kill Switch, which protects your data by cutting off all traffic when the VPN is accidentally disconnected. So there may be some security risks.

  • Opera is headquartered in Norway. As a member of the 14 Eyes Alliance, Norway participates in agreements between governments to share personal data about their residents. So even though Opera has its own privacy policy, this could still be a concern.

To summarize, VPN in Opera is very simple to use, but it has few features and some limitations. If you just want to hide your IP address and access websites anonymously, then it can still fulfill that. If you need more, please read on.

The advantage of the built-in VPN is that it's very easy to use, but as you've noticed, VPN in Opera only has very simple features. So, if you need richer features, such as better security or smooth streaming service, please choose a professional VPN. iTop VPN will be the right choice for you, it is one of the best free VPNs for Opera.

iTop VPN is a VPN for Opera free, which offers unlimited data for free. It performs well on Windows, and it is also excellent VPN for Opera Mac and other platforms, so no matter what device you use, it will be able to serve you well. At the same time, it will encrypt everything you do on the internet so that you are always safe inside and outside Opera. As a free but professional VPN for PC and Mobile, iTop VPN performs well in all aspects:

  • Most Secure Opera VPN: iTop VPN uses best-in-class AES-256 encryption, a technology that keeps your data safe at all times. Additionally, the No-Log policy ensures that iTop VPN itself does not collect your data.

  • Browse Privately: iTop VPN will be the most private VPN for Opera browser. The built-in Browser Privacy feature will automatically clean up your private data in browser on a regular basis.

  • Safe and Smooth Browsing: The built-in Ads Block feature blocks unwanted and malicious ads from malware.

  • High-Quality Server Network: iTop VPN has 1800+ servers in 100+ locations around the world, which makes it the best VPN to change location free. It allows you to easily bypass restrictions to access content. Also, it offers dedicated servers for different streaming so that you can watch your favorite video.

  • Kill Switch VPN for Opera: Kill Switch will cut off all your traffic in the event of an unexpected VPN disconnection, ensuring that your data is not compromised.

  • Ultra-Fast VPN for Opera: iTop VPN will automatically select the server with the best current status and connect to it, ensuring you the fastest speed. Thanks to the high-quality servers, there is no lag in the connection.

Changing your location with iTop VPN is very simple. You can do it with just a few mouse clicks:

Step 1: Download and Install iTop VPN.

Step 2: Open the software and enter the All Servers page. You can select servers located in different regions here. The free version also has multiple countries and regions to choose from. Click Connect on the right side to connect to the server.

Connect to Severs of Free VPN for Opera

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds. After successfully connecting to the VPN, you will be redirected back to the Home, where your connection status and virtual IP address will be displayed.

Get Virtual IP with VPN for Opera

Then you can open Opera and browse everything securely without worrying about data breach.

Is there a free VPN for Opera iOS?

Yes. Opera for iOS, which launched in 2016, also has a built-in VPN. And it's a completely free VPN without payment. Of course, you can use iTop VPN for iOS.

What is the use of Opera VPN?

Firstly, this protects your privacy and security better and can prevent any unauthorized access. Secondly, it is capable of bypassing geographical restrictions and accessing any content. In addition, a professional VPN has a wide range of features that can enhance your experience in various aspects, such as P2P downloading, no-lag gaming, and more.

Can the VPN in Opera hide my IP?

Of course. After connecting to the server, you will get a virtual IP address. The real IP will be hidden.

Is it safe to use a free VPN for Opera?

Yes, it is recommended that you use a free VPN with a premium version, such as iTop VPN, which tend to have best-in-class security.

Can I watch Netflix with VPN for Opera?

Many users often have this question due to Netflix's VPN detection system. You can watch Netflix using a VPN for Opera with dedicated servers for Netflix. It can access it successfully.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, VPN in Opera is a very easy to use VPN, but not rich in features. Therefore, if you have higher requirements for a VPN and want a better experience, then choosing iTop VPN will never let you down. It has high-quality servers, excellent security, and very rich features. Download it to experience it!

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