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Top 3 Browsers with Built-in VPN Free Download and Use

Find the 3 best free VPN browsers for Windows to have a fast, safe, and private web browsing experience. Use iTop Private Browser today.

When it comes to the protection of your web browsing traffic, you can choose to install a VPN app on your computer or add a VPN browser extension. If neither is preferred, one simple alternative is to use a browser with built-in VPN protection.

Browser with Built-in VPN

This article will introduce the 3 best browsers with integrated VPNs to help you improve online privacy, hide your real IP address and encrypt your traffic.

#1 - iTop Private Browser

iTop Private Browser is a fast and secure browser for Windows 11/10/8/7 with a built-in free VPN. This chromium-based enables every user to surf the internet with utmost privacy as well with its rich features, preventing data leaks or scams.


  • Anti-tracking for the best privacy. The browser with built in VPN from iTop masks your identity, changes your IP address, and auto-cleans your online info once VPN protection is enabled. In this way, no cybercriminals or programs can track or collect your data.

  • Ad blocker browser. Ads are annoying and even malicious if they contain viruses. iTop Private Browser blocks ads, pop-ups, and overlays even before they are displayed in case you click them by mistake.

  • 16 free VPN servers. iTop Private Browser with built in VPN for PC has a reasonable number of server locations for you to choose from.

  • Surfing protection. iTop owns a database that keeps collecting and updating harmful URLs, so it can identify online websites or pages with potential threats.

  • Almost identical to Chrome. This VPN browser looks the same as Google Chrome, so there is no learning curve for this program.


  • This browser with free VPN servers offers 700MB of data per day.

Follow the steps below to use iTop Private Browser with built in VPN for Windows 10:

Step 1: Download and install the browser on your PC. Then open it for use.

For Win 11/10/8/7

Broswer with Built-in VPN for Windows 10

Step 2: Click the server location to choose a specific server you would like to connect with. Turn on the main features including Anti-tracking, Ad block, and surfing protection.

iTop VPN Browser

Step 3: Click the "Connect" button and start to enjoy a smooth, safe, and private web browsing experience.

Browser with Built-in VPN service

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#2 - Opera Browser

First released in 1995, Opera is one of the oldest web browsers that has undergone many significant changes. One of the big moves was to include a VPN into the browser to improve its user experience.

Browser with Built-in VPN for Windows - Opera


  • A wide range of tools is available. In addition to a browser with a built-in VPN for Windows, Opera offers a lot of tools bundled into its default setups such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Vkontakte.

  • Built-in ad blocker. Opera browser provides free ad-blocking to prevent the hassle of endless advertisements.

  • Speed is reasonable. According to tests, the overall connection speed is well enough for any web browsing activity.

  • Encrypted data. The Opera browser VPN now uses standard AES 256-bit Encryption.


  • VPN is very basic. The app is more a secure proxy than a true VPN. You don't have a particular country location to choose from but only have 3 VPN locations: Americas, Europe, and Asia.

  • It is not good for unblocking or streaming. Its service is more about online privacy, so you may find you can't access Hulu or other streaming channels via Opera.

#3 - Epic Browser

Epic is the first Chromium-based web browser with built in VPN available to protect your internet privacy. It inherits the cosmetics of Chrome so Chrome users will feel no difference if migrating to the Epic browser.

Browser with Buit-in VPN for PC - Epic


  • Open source code is accessible by anyone. This browser with built in VPN is built on Google Chrome's open source project and its entire code is accessible and auditable by anybody to confirm the level of privacy.

  • Encrypted proxy. Epic uses a secure and encrypted HTTPS proxy, except for the iOS version, which utilizes iKEv2 encryption, to protect your online identity and traffic.

  • Available on various platforms. The Epic browser is a web browser with buit-in VPN for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

  • Ad blocking and kill switch. This browser offers a free ad-blocker and browser-level kill switch feature for security.


  • Extra installation of proxy/VPN extension is needed. Epic used to have the proxy/VPN service built-in, but now it requires a separate extension instead.

  • It is not a true VPN (except for iOS). It is a straightforward proxy service that doesn't offer as many security features as a full-strength VPN does.

  • No frequent maintenance and updates. Epic's blog has seen only one post since 2018.

After knowing the best browsers with built-in VPN for PC, you might wonder what the pros and cons of using a VPN browser are compared with VPN software installed on your computer.

A web browser with an integrated VPN is easier to use as it doesn't need extra configuration. Almost all web browsers with VPN services are free to use and don't cap data limits.

A browser with built in VPN only routes traffic through the browser while a standalone VPN provider routes all data on your computer including games, streaming platforms, and apps. In addition, most web browsers with VPN options can't unblock geo-restricted content as their VPN servers are very limited. Some VPN browsers are not using true VPN but proxies, which simply change your IP address without protecting your online activity.

1. Does Chrome have a built-in VPN?

Unfortunately, As the most popular web browser, Chrome doesn't have a built-in VPN, but you can find plenty of VPNs that have a Chrome extension to let you add VPN protection to Chrome. iTop VPN is one of them.

2. What is the best web browser with a VPN?

iTop Private Browser is the best web browser as it offers the freest VPN connections and the most online privacy.

Most mainstream browsers like Chrome and Edge don't feature a native VPN. When you need a VPN service for a safer and more entertaining web surfing experience, using a browser with built-in VPN option is possible. iTop Private Browser gives you a fast and safe online time. Download this browser with built-in VPN servers for Win 10 now.

iTop Private Browser

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