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Free Incognito Browser - Browse in Private Mode with Built-in VPN 2024

How to browse in private mode? Try the free incognito browser to surf the internet anonymously in private mode with built-in VPN and hide IP address.

Private mode, also known as incognito mode, has been preferred by many users who always browse content online. So the mainstreaming browsers offer a private mode option for their users. When using the private mode, your browsing history, cookies, site data will not be saved, according to one of the largest browsers worldwide Google Chrome. But if you read about the incognito mode of Google Chrome, you’ll find out that applying this mode doesn’t mean hiding your activity from websites you visit or your internet service provider. So one online incognito browser with VPN is recommended to help you browse in private mode. IP changer, ad-block, anti-tracking, protection from malicious sites, these functions can be realized with this all-in-one incognito browser.

Incognito Browser - Browse in Private Mode

Browse in private mode, or incognito mode, is an option many browsers have put forward. With the incognito mode, you can browse content without storing browsing history and cookies.

Traditionally, an incognito browser is one browser with incognito mode, which means that users can use the browser to browse content without browsing history and cookies. Google, Firefox, Edge, Safari, these frequently used browsers are in the list of incognito browsers. Cookies, site data will not be stored or saved. Some important official explanations of browse in private or incognito mode you should know are shown below.

Google: Your activity isn’t hidden from websites you visit, your employer or school, or your internet service provider. (From Google Chrome Help Center)

Firefox: New passwords and bookmarks created while using the mode will be saved. (From Mozilla Firefox Support)

Edge: InPrivate browsing doesn’t keep you safer from malicious websites or provide additional ad blocking. (From Microsoft Edge Support)

Safari: When you use a Private Browsing window, visited pages and AutoFill information, changes to your cookies and website data aren’t saved. (From Apple Support for Safari User Guide)

From the above content, it’s clear that even though you browse in private mode, it doesn’t convey the information you’re browsing anonymously online. Your activities are visible to the internet service providers or the government.

So the incognito browser, in the article, means a browser software with a built-in private browser online VPN allowing you to surf the internet privately without being tracked or hacked.

The incognito browser, named iTop Private Browser, is designed to help you keep online activities private and secure in any place. It is a chromium-based browser for a faster, safer and more stable user experience. Google is the default search engine. You can use the browser without signing up and logging in. Compared with other mainstream browsers, it has more toolkit to browse in private and protect your online safety and privacy.

1. Browser with Built-in VPN with Free Servers

Opera is a famous browser that has a built-in VPN. But it has no choice to choose a free VPN server you want to connect to. The incognito browser iTop Private Browser, on the contrary, offers several locations to connect, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, France, and Germany. These free VPN servers are free to connect with one click to encrypt data, bypass geo-restriction, unblock websites, and defend against any online threat.


It’s available to get VIP VPN servers with the best deal for $47.99 a year. The VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android can connect to 5 devices simultaneously with one account.

2. Ad Blocker

One of the 3 security toolkits of iTop Private Browser is Ad Blocker. The tool is designed based on the huge need of blocking ads online. AdBlock, Adblock Plus, AdGuard, Blokada, are popular extensions or apps listed in the market to help you block ads. Browsing the internet with iTop free Private Browser, you don’t have to install another tool. Ad blocking is realized without more effort. Of course, if you have some special needs, you can add some sites to the whitelist. Very flexible.

3. Anti-tracking

Anti-tracking is a long-lasting demand for every online user. Being tracked by hackers is very risky which means your info or password would be leaked and misused. So the browser allows you to mask identity to prevent hackers or malicious sites to reveal your privacy. Besides, it automatically clears browser surfing history, cookies, and caches.

4. Surfing Protection

The browser helps you to detect and defend against hacking and phishing attacks with a constantly updated database for identifying and preventing harmful URLs. Real-time protection against spyware.

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If you just want to know how to browse in private mode in your currently used browser, this part can help you.

Browse in Private Mode in Google:

Open Chrome on your computer and click the three-dot icon at the top right to choose New Incognito Window. Then you can see the Incognito icon in a new window. (Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+N for Windows, Linux, Chrome OS / Command+Shift+N for Mac)

How to Browse in Private Mode in Google

Browse in Private Mode in Microsoft Edge:

Right-click the three-dot icon in the top right and select New InPrivate Window. The InPrivate logo appears in a new window. (Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+N)

How to Browse in Private Mode in Microsoft Edge

Browse in Private Mode in Firefox:

Click the menu button at the top right and select New Private Window. A purple mask is displayed on the top in a new window.(Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+P)

How to Browse in Private Mode in Firefox

Browse in Private Mode in Safari:

Open Safari and choose File to open New Private Window. (Keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + N)

How to Browse in Private Mode in Safari


How to browse in private mode online? Normally private browsing window provided by Google, Firefox, Edge, doesn’t save cookies, search histories, and others. But it doesn’t help you stay away from the eyes of internet providers, governments, hackers. So choose one real incognito browser online to protect your online safety comprehensively - iTop Private Browser. Upgrading to the VIP version allows you to use iTop VPN on other devices to protect all your devices.

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