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[Free Installation] The 5 Best Online Browser VPNs in 2022

Are you struggling to get the best online browser VPN? If yes, read through this guide to get the top-rated browser-based VPNs.

Online browser VPNs may not be that capably when compared with VPN software, but they win in convenience and availability. This special type of VPN manages to offer anonymity, security, and the ability to unblock restricted sites, so it is still favored by a large base of users. 

Cover of the Best Online Browser VPN

The thing is that while there are many online browser VPNs, finding the right one can be a daunting task. Fortunately, this article has compiled the best online VPNs for commonly-used browsers.

In addition, a comparison sheet has been added to fine-tune your understanding and make it easy to pick the right VPN tool.

As mentioned above, online browser VPNs offer a safe and easy way to surf anonymously. While this is true, finding the right online browser is not a walk in the park. Fortunately, we have selected the four best online browser VPNs to meet user demands on different browsers. These browser VPNs include: 

#1. TunnelBear VPN (Chrome extension)

TunnelBear VPN is one of the best VPN extensions for Chrome. It is lightweight, secure, and is easy to add to your browser. TunnelBear reduces the ability of Chrome browser tracking even on public Wi-Fi. Furthermore, users can get around blocked websites and connect to private networks across more than twenty countries.


• It can connect to more than 20 countries.

• It offers browser security even on public Wi-Fi

• It is lightweight. 

• 500MB free data per month.


• Encrypting all your device traffic is only possible with the actual application. 

 Online Browser VPN - TunnelBear VPN

#2. Mozilla VPN (Firefox extension)

Just like Chrome, Firefox does not have a built-in VPN extension. You need to find and install a good VPN extension for Mozilla. A good example is ZenMate free VPN Firefox extension. This extension is popular and works fine with Mozilla. It is free and covers over 74 different countries across the globe. 


• It offers good security through 256-bit encryption.

• It is free.

• It can unlock sites with speed. 


• It may not work in countries like China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia

 Online Browser VPN - Mozilla VPN

#3. Opera browser's built-in VPN (Opera Browser)

Opera is a popular browser used by myriads of people across the globe. This browser offers excellent security features, including an in-built VPN service. Here, you don't have to download the extension. Simply go to Settings>Privacy & Security and turn on the browser VPN feature. 


• It supports unlimited bandwidth.

• The VPN feature is free.

• You can tweak the settings to enable VPN browsing on a private window selectively.


• It offers only three VPN servers.

 Online Browser VPN - Opera VPN

#4. Safari's Built-in VPN (MacOS)

Safari is a built-in Mac browser, and Apple users understand it better. However, Mac does not have a built-in VPN service. Therefore, users add a suitable VPN extension to the Safari browser for safe surfing. A good example is a NordVPN extension. This extension is compatible with macOS and Mac OS X. you can connect to over 61 different countries with the NordVPN safari extension. 

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• It is lightweight.

• It offers a good security level and privacy.

• It supports many servers across 60 countries.   


• You need the premium version to unlock better features. 

 MacOS Built-in VPN - NordVPN

Online browser VPNs give an easy way to attain browser anonymity and safety because they are easy to install and use. However, they are not flawless. Browser extension VPNs are only limited to the browser. And they lack many essential features compared with VPN for Windows. This is why you need dedicated standalone VPN software. 

Desktop VPNs offer unmatched anonymity and encryption experience. They help you protect all your online traffic and remain anonymous irrespective of the browser you are using. Finding the right desktop VPN can prove tricky. However, you don't have to look further when iTop VPN, the top-rated desktop VPN, is here with you.

iTop VPN is a top-notch standalone VPN tool available for free across different PC versions. You can run it on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Also, this VPN supports 1800+ servers covering 100+ locations in the world. The different VPN modes, unlimited bandwidth, multi-device support, and ease of use are some of the major highlights of iTop VPN. If you need a powerful VPN to transform your online safety and anonymity, then VPN is undoubtedly the right bet for you. 

  • How to Protect Your Browser and PC with iTop VPN Software? 

Step 1. First, go to the official iTop VPN download page and download this fast VPN free. Depending on your operating system, you can download iTop VPN for Windows, Mac, or Linux.   


Step 2. Once the iTop VPN software is downloaded, click it and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the simple installation process. When the installation is complete, open the iTop VPN software and sign in with your details. 

Step 3. After successfully logging in, select "All Servers" and choose the desired server on the list of servers displayed on the right. The "Connect" icon will load and change to "Connected" status when choosing a server. This means you are now connected to the server you just selected. 

iTop VPN Servers and Connection

Before deciding on what type of VPN you need, it is good practice first to compare them. The following table compares Online Browser VPN, Standalone VPN, and Free Proxy to help you seamlessly pick the right VPN for data encryption. 

Number of ServersSpeed TestEncryption StrengthsCost/PriceSupported OS
Online Browser VPNLimited ServersSlowLimited Encryption Types/CapacityMost of them are free, but the encryption experience is not greatIt is browser-based. This means it can only encrypt that specific integrated browser
VPN SoftwareThousands of ServersFastMilitary/Bank-Level Security in EncryptionMost VPN software offers free powerful versions, while the premium versions are affordableSupport multiple devices at the same time
Free ProxyLimited ServersSlowThe proxy uses SSL certificates for data encryption - not powerful enoughIt is expensive to set up and maintain proxy serversNeed specific configuration to match a proxy to your device

Using online browser VPNs is not a bad idea. They are easy to use, safe, free, and no need to download. However, compared with professional VPN software, online browser VPNs may fall back in the performance of some core features. Says the high-level encryption, better anonymity, wide server coverage, and stability. Fortunately, this article has also given you the best desktop VPN software, iTop VPN. Download iTop VPN today and take your VPN experience to another level.

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