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Top 5 Free VPNs No Payment/Credit Card [Updated 2024]

Is there a truly free VPN no payment and credit card? Here is a list top 5 free VPNs for PC without payment which keep you safety over internet at no cost.

The growing skepticism in netizens is diverting them towards VPNs as nobody wants to compromise on their security. Well, the concern is valid, and for their convenience, VPNs have been introduced. One problem after the other is that some VPNs are not considered safe either, especially the paid ones that initially demand your credit card number and presonal information. The best solution for the problem is to use free VPN no payment. 

Free VPN no Payment

Free VPN vs. paid VPN, free VPN can not sounds safer with no credit card needed or even login but also are convenient for testing whether VPN free services are good for you. Here, we have listed down top 5 free VPNs without payment from which you can choose the appropriate one according to your suitability.

The market embraces hundreds of VPN free providers compatible with various devices. However, some of them are not hostile to beginners due to complex setup while some are adhered with annonying ads. Can you get a 100% clean, safe and easy-to-use free VPN for PC no payment? The list of top 5 free VPN programs can help.

iTop VPN

As for the pre-eminent free VPN without payment, there is none other than iTop VPN - the best of all. It is a relatively new VPN that has crossed the charts of perfection in no time with its exemplary services. Now, this no payment VPN becomes the most recommended free VPN for Windows and mobiles by experts/rookies with over 10 million users who have nothing but praise for it.


  • iTop VPN unblocks geo-restriction, so one can enjoy any restricted content wherever he is.

  • The Network Solution feature iTop VPN offers is a multifunctional feature that conceals your IP address to protect your online identity.

  • The Kill Switch feature is yet another distinctive feature of this free VPN no payment. An advanced security feature that blocks your Internet traffic until your VPN is not restored.    


iTop VPN has numerous cons, and providing all these services free of cost is its biggest pro. Via this free VPN no credit card you can:

  • Access restricted content

  • Enjoy high-speed streaming and gaming

  • Surf the internet anonymously


It develops a VPN for browser but only for Chrome.

Top Free VPN no Payment - iTop VPN

Proton VPN Free

Proton VPN, a free VPN no credit card, is an approachable high-speed Swiss VPN that protects your privacy. The system uses advanced security technology that not only safeguards your online exposed data but also goes beyond Internet censorship to provide access to restricted content. So if you're looking for a free VPN for iOS or Android no payment, Proton VPN is a great option.


  • The Secure Core feature adds additional security to the VPN, making it resist network-based attacks strongly.

  • The VPN accelerator feature speeds up your Internet connection by over 400% by reducing the system's latency.

  • Proton VPN uses Strong Encryption by encrypting your Internet traffic with the AES-256 protocol.


  • This free VPN no payment has a lot of perks for the user.

  • Unlimited bandwidth.

  • Speed up to 60 Mbps.

  • The minimal logging-in policy is feasible for frequent users.


However, there are some areas where Proton VPN is not enough:

  • It cannot break the Chinese Censorship.

  • The free version only allows access to limited content.

  • Has limited VPN server; around 3.

Top Free VPN no Payment - Porton VPN Free

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Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield, free VPN no payment, is another brilliant VPN solution that provides military-grade protection for safeguarding your data along with providing the freedom to use restricted content.


  • Military-grade encryption strongly encrypts all of your data to make it eligible for hackers.

  • Hotspot Shield can secure over 5 devices at a time.

  • It protects against malware by completely blocking the websites that might infect your device.


Hotspot Shield is a known name in this industry, providing numerous benefits:

  • Enjoy the fastest speed VPN.

  • Has over 80 servers in over 35 countries.

  • Enjoy unlimited content, be it blocked or not.


  • Hotspot shield is good for general use, but there are better options for private use.

  • No Firefox adding option.

  • The free app shares your information with the advertising companies.

  • The torrenting service is pretty average.

Top Free VPN no Payment - HotSpot Shield


Windscribe is another well-known free VPN no payment which people like for its entertaining marketing tactics. But don’t confuse its silly behavior with its services as it is very serious about user’s safety and security. 


  • Windscribe strongly encrypts your data and leaves no room for DNS leaks.

  • It allows you to generate configuration files for OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2, SOCKS5.

  • The R.O.B.E.R.T feature blocks ads, malware, and trackers to prevent viruses on your device.


Along with keeping the user entertained, it offers:

  • It works seamlessly with Netflix.

  • The free version is for 10GB of data.

  • It supports a good number of tunneling protocols.


Yet, Windscribe too has some drawbacks:

  • It has two unencrypted servers in Ukraine.

  • It has unstable speed issues.

  • It has a limited number of servers.

Top Free VPN no Payment - Windscribe is a relatively good free VPN no payment based in Malaysia. This VPN for Windows free trial offers freedom to surf the internet privately and bypass censorships. Simply download the app, and you're good to go, unlike other complicated VPNs.


  • The Split Tunneling features allow you to route your apps via a secure tunnel.

  • It is among the fastest speed free VPN for PC without payment.

  • It provides its DNS on every server for further privacy of user's data.


Besides its amazing features, it has several benefits like:

  • It has a very convenient cross-platform approach.

  • It can work easily without torrenting.

  • It has a no-log policy to keep no record of the user.

Cons is truly an amazing free VPN no payment but has some setbacks too:

  • It is pricier compared to other VPNs.

  • It is not compatible with Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

  • There have been cases of IP leaks.

  • Comparison of 5 Top Free VPNs No Payment

Top Free VPN no Payment -

US Netflix Logging Policy Block Ad Monthy Data
iTop VPN Yes No log Yes 750/day which makes 21000 MB/month
Porton VPN Free No Anonymous Usage Data No Unlimited
Hotspot Shield No Some User Logs Yes 500 MB
No Anonymous Usage Data Yes 10GB No Anonymous Usage Data Yes 10GB


Each free VPN without payment recommended here does a good job to satisfy users. The services bring higher security when you connect to the internet to bypass monitor and avoid threats from hackers or malware. They can also drive you to access restricted content from any region. iTop VPN, the leading free VPN no payment in the ranking list, employs top-class encryption to protect your privacy and delivers the best performance with stability and fast connection speed. Try it to secure your internet now.

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