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Best VPNs with 7 Day Free Trial: Best VPN 7 Day Trial Providers to Try in 2022

Introduce the real VPN 7 day free trial & free to use. The best three VPN with 7 day free trials in 2022, and the only VPN unlimited 7 day trial – iTop VPN.

Due to the increasingly rampant privacy violation & personal data leaking, along with data collection & AI algorithm threats that come from big companies like Google & Facebook, the VPN is now a must-to-have tool when you go anything online. If you do really care about your personal information and don’t want your privacies been collected by malicious individuals or you don’t want your data to feed to big tech giants & monetized, you’d better use a VPN connection to protect yourself.

7 Day VPN Trials Illustration

For many users who have noticed that their online privacy is under threat but have not yet decided which VPN for Windows to use, a decent VPN service with a VPN 7 day trial would be a great deal to lower our cost to find the VPN that suit to our needs. Let check out the VPN 7 day free trial list and do a simple comparison of their connectivity, speed & security protection of these VPN 7 day trial.

Cyber Ghost has claimed that Cyber Ghost that you could enjoy a real premium VPN 7 day free trial. During this trial period, you can get access to every single feature and VPN server (there about hundreds of different regions & servers) so you can get a clear picture of the benefits of using their VPN app. The connection of the App is good, and the speed is qualified as the fast VPN free, but during the test we failed to connect to their gaming server & shows 9999 ms ping, this is a fly-in ointment.

CyberGhost VPN connection problem

The overall user experience of CyberGhost as a VPN 7 day trial is decent: the UI design is clean and looks good; the feature list is clear & informative. The VPN networking setting is mediocre, and only primitive security features are provided to the users. No expanded feature other than basic VPN job spotted on CyberGhost VPN 7 day free trial.

CyberGhost VPN security option

You must register a CyberGhost account to use their VPN service. The good part is it will ask for none of your personal information, but your mailbox address must be proven available to receive the verification e-mail. Then you have to admit their email advertisement for finishing the registering.

CyberGhost VPN offers only 24 hours of free trial

The worst thing last, though the CyberGhost guaranteed a VPN 7 day free trial, after you activated the free trial, you will see a count down on the upper corner, and it shows the trial will end in 24 hours!

Overall speaking, the CyberGhost is a decent VPN 7 day trial but with serious doubt about its real free-trial policy. The test result does not quite fit their advertisement as the “only premium 7 day free trial VPN service”. The premium service tactic of CyberGhost reflects the core compact that a free paid VPN's economical benefit.


Real 7-days free: Questionable
Speed & connectivity: Decent
Expandability: Not good
Security protection: mediocre. Kill switch approved

As a member of the Avast software family, the Avast Secure Lane VPN has announced their VPN 7 day free trial policy. With the solid prestige that the Avast antivirus series, there is a high expectation that the Avast Secure Lane VPN with a free VPN 7 day trial could have a proper VPN service performance.

Avast lane  VPN offers a real free trial

The UI design of Avast Secure Lane VPN is clean, but a bit confusing. Some of the key features like selecting servers, setting up tunnels & proxies are hidden behind the buttons that are not easy to be reached, which could be a little bit inconvenient when actually using.

Avast lane fast VPN interface

The Avast offer over thousand servers located in about 35 different countries/regions, the connectivity is not as proper as ideal, there are occasionally Failed to Connecting & Connection dropping problem happens during the test. The speed performance is not good also. We have tested Taiwan, Austria, Montreal, and U.S. servers, nor it failed to connect to the server, or the connection speed is extremely slow.

Aaccess fastest VPN for United Arab Emirates: >>Best Free United Arab Emirates VPNs [Fast & Private]<<

Avast secure Line select server

The safety protection options are not fully covered as well: only kill switch function is features as the extra security enforcement. The Avast Secure Lane VPN is meant to push you to bundle install their antivirus systems so there are very few security options implemented on the Avast Secure Lane VPN.

One thing worth noting is that the Avast Secure Lane VPN is a real VPN 7 day trial no credit card information is needed. You don’t need to input anything to use Avast Secure Lane VPN. Not like the CyberGhost VPN, you don’t need to register an Avast account to use their VPN service and it offers a real 7 day free trial to users!


Real 7-days free: solid 7 day free trial VPN service
Speed & connectivity: bad
Expandability: Need to bundle with Avast Security System
Security protection: Need to bundle with Avast Security, only Kill switch approved

We have seen too many VPNs that force you to subscribe to their service and only give you a “30 days money-back guarantee”. Thus your banking information and personal address are actually exposed while you are not yet deciding which VPN service to use. Is there a free unlimited VPN that available that does not ask for your banking information, forces you to register to use, and gives a complete free-to-use experience?

iTop free trial VPN interface

The iTop VPN is a VPN service which completely free-to-use, not even a VPN 7 day free trial limitation. And it will not ask you for your banking information nor let you do the registration. Just go download the software, install then go.

The UI design of the iTop VPN is Okay. VPN features are compact arranged when compare to the Avast Secure Lane VPN. You can access all features with one or two clicks with no trouble.

The overall connection & speed performance of iTop VPN is good. But it is still annoying that most of the server options are unavailable for free – you have to upgrade to VIP to use the premium proxies. But the free servers which allow you to connect to 4 different countries across the continent are pretty decent & fast while we do testing. But still, you can’t have the full server list available like the CyberGhost here on iTop VPN for Windows.

iTop VPN unlimited free route

To use iTop VPN unlimited 7 day free trial, you don’t need to register an account to use the free service. And it needs none of your bank information & social network account, it is a VPN 7 day free trial no credit card indeed. 

The security protection & expandability of iTop VPN for PC is great. As a free unlimited VPN for windows, it offers security tools including cleaning up your local browser files, further security protection patches, DNS hijack protection and Adblocker… there is about 10 extra security protection that iTop VPN offers to you. And yes, part of them will need you to upgrade to VIP to unlock, but It is still the best free VPN for Windows.


Real 7-days free: No 7 days trial limitation, free-to-use
Speed & connectivity: mediocre, Premium server need to upgrade to VIP, limited server option
Expandability: Great, many extensions & accessories
Security protection: Good, full around, local to online security protection.

In total, most of the VPN services today you can find on the internet will not approve you a 7 day free trial to use trial but a money-back guarantee. It dramatically increased our cost of trial-and-error to find a suitable VPN to use. These three VPN with 7 day free trial will be a good choice if you are trying to find a usable VPN for temporarily using or seeking a proper VPN. Thank you for reading this post, see you soon.

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