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What Are the Best Top Free VPN for 2022 [Full Comparison]

What are the best & real top free VPN for 2022 available? The following article lists the top free VPN for Windows PC and offers free download.

Want free lunch? Thus the VPN is a quite useful tool to protect your internet privacy & get some additional benefits, how about trying something like a top free VPN for Windows? There is a lot of top free VPN open for ordinary users to freely enjoy the free VPN service, let us check out the top free VPN 2022 list. 

Top Free VPN

The selection of top free VPN will focus on several aspects of their service:

  • Speed of internet surfing

  • Stability of connection

  • Diversity VPN functions including geo-spoofing & Identity protection

  • Network security protection

  • Free to use policy

  • User-friendliness

Let’s go and explore the top free VPN for 2022 and let’s check up the VPN list of good & bad & understand why we should use/avoid each top free VPN for 2022.

  • Speed: Mediocre

  • Connection available for free: Bad, most of the portals are in Europe  

  • Diversity features: Lack of Support

  • Network security protection: Decent

  • Free to use policy: Free, 500MB free traffic per month

  • User-friendliness: Excellent

TunnelBear implements their minimalism design firmly and present a simple & easy use VPN software. You shouldn’t be distracted by its design and its user guidance will take you to the place you should be.

Top Free VPN - tunnelbear

The speed & connection performance of Tunnel Bear is OK. You won't be shocked with its speed performance, nor a bad service which you cannot intolerance. Need to point out that the majority of TunnelBear servers are located in Europe.

Top Free VPN  - Tunnel Bear UI

TunnelBear offers free traffic with decent speed performance & connection. The problem is that it offers 500MB free traffic for a whole month. If you are trying to use TunnelBear for streaming & downloading, then you will probably be having a problem here.

Speed: Not ideal, restricted if using a free account 

Connection available for free: Various servers are located all around the world, but the connection drops occasionally

Diversity features: Lack of variety

Network security protection: Decent

Free to use policy: Unlimited traffic

User-friendliness: Good

If you are seeking the top free VPN for 2022, the ProtonVPN should be in your sight. The highlighted feature for ProtonVPN is their free-to-use service: to offer free unlimited traffic for every free user without a hard limit.

Top Free VPN -proton VPN

The speed & connection performance of the ProtonVPN free account isn’t perfect. Although you will have a real free VPN connection, the connection quality and speed cannot be guaranteed. Proton VPN offers fewer extra features other than a VPN service connection.

Top Free VPN - Proton VPN UI

Overall speaking, ProtonVPN is an easy-to-use, cost-friendly VPN and can be your top free VPN personally. If you do concern about your budget, the Proton VPN could be your best fella. But the awful speed & connection performance is sure a thing to be concerned about.

  • Speed: Better than mediocre.

  • Connection available for free: Fewer options for a free account, connectivity is OK.

  • Diversity features: Lack of variety

  • Network security protection: Decent

  • Free to use policy: 500MB per day

  • User-friendliness: Good & clean

The Hotspot Shields should undoubtedly be one of the top free VPN for 2022. Decent speed & connection performance, clean UI, and good security protection make Hotspot Shield a really good top free VPN for all users to have a try.

Top Free VPN - Hotspot Logo

The speed & connection performance of the ProtonVPN free account is better than average. During the test, there are fewer connections dropping & better speed than its competitors – yes there is still room for growth.

Top Free VPN - hotspot UI

The daily free traffic for Hotspot Shield is 500MB per day. This is a sweet deal since 500MB could covers your daily usage properly for a single day. It could be one of the top free VPN you would not let it to miss.

  • Speed: Best due to lesser occupation

  • Connection available for free: Not many free portals, the connectivity is OK.

  • Diversity features: Pretty strong

  • Network security protection: Decent

  • Free to use policy: 700MB per day

  • User-friendliness: A bit bland

If there is the most underestimated top free VPN should be the iTop VPN. As the newest competitor in the VPN service market, the iTop VPN is very competitive in speed, connection stability, and functional versatility.

Top Free VPN - iTop New Logo

Despite the speed & connection performance, iTop VPN has offered various security enhancement tools & other useful features, like unblock streaming media, online gaming acceleration, etc… You can even unlock age-restricted content with iTop VPN. If you are expecting your VPN service is a jack of all trades then you should not let the chance go because it is surely the best free VPN for Windows.

Top Free VPN - iTop 3.2 Main Interface

The free-to-use traffic of iTop VPN is 700MB per day and it will roll over every 24 hours. Just like the Hotspot Shield, it could be your best deal to cover all your VPN needs for everyday use. The iTop VPN is probably the overall best top free VPN 2022. 

  • Speed: Not ideal

  • Connection available for free: Many free portals available, connectivity isn’t perfect

  • Diversity features: Highly customizable

  • Network security protection: Highly reliable

  • Free to use policy: 2 GB per month

  • User-friendliness: A bit chaos, hard to use & set up

The Windscribe is undoubtedly one of the top free VPN. Windscribe is a unique free VPN software with highly segmented features and settings. If you know how to set up the VPN, you can get the highest network security protection.

Top Free VPN - Windscribe Logo

Windscribe isn’t a VPN for newbies & noobs. To control this beast, you need to have a proper understanding of how virtual private networks work and certain knowledge about how to set up your internet.

Top Free VPN - Windscribe-ui

There is no free traffic cap for Windscribe, in return, the connection quality and speed are not ideal. But if you are interested in how to make your VPN performs well, the Windscribe can be a really fun & engaging top free VPN to use.

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  • Speed: Fastest 

  • Connection available for free: Very good

  • Diversity features: Lack of Support

  • Network security protection: Decent

  • Free to use policy: Only a 7-day free trial

  • User-friendliness: Very good

Speedify, as the name suggests, is one of the top free VPN for Windows that experts on speed boost. While the software's turbo-boosting technology is able to make the VPN connection speeds stay at their maximum possible performance while you are using them.

Top Free VPN - Speedify Logo

Speedify's feature is a bit comprehensive and lacks some key features like a favorites list and server load. However, there are plenty of options and settings for users to adjust.

Top Free VPN Speedify-Homescreens

The biggest issue for Speedify which could make it very wake in the list of top free VPN for 2022, is that Speedify offers only a 7-days trial. Either you pay for their service, or you give up Speedify after a 7 days trial but not like other VPN that you can use unlimitedly.

  • Speed: Not ideal

  • Connection available for free: Very wide range of selectable portals, but bad connectivity.

  • Diversity features: Plenty

  • Network security protection: Wonderful

  • Free to use policy: 7-days unlimited traffic trial

  • User-friendliness: Very good

Hide.me is a very user-friendly VPN to use. You go to Hide.me, create a free account, download the APP and you are free to go.

Top Free VPN HIDE.me Logo

Besides the lightweight UX design, Hide.me offers very detailed settings which allow users to modify their VPN connection. Also, the security option covers almost all your needs for internet security.

Top Free VPN - Hide.me UI

One that is amazing is that the Hide.me free account allows you to connect to more than 30 different portals located in different countries. And, a 7-days free trial premium service is tempting as well. 

The fly in the ointment thing is, the connectivity of Hide.me isn’t good, the speed performance is bland and unimpressive.

  • Speed: Good than average

  • Connection: Limited proxies, bad connection

  • Diversity features: Almost nothing

  • Network security protection: decent

  • Free to use policy: Free to use, 10GB traffic per month

  • User-friendliness: Good

Just like the Hide.me and other top free VPNs, you can use the ZOOGVPN service without registering. The free VPN service ZOOGVPN offers is solid & reliable, but with a limit of 10GB per month, only 1 device accessibility, and 5/48 total available servers.

Top Free VPN - ZoogVPN Logo

The speed performance of ZOOGVPN is better than average. But the VPN sometimes just failed to connect to the VPN proxy, the connectivity is still considered not good.

Top Free VPN - ZoogVPN UserIinterface

You will have a free VPN that offers you 10 GB free bandwidth per month, it is a wonderful deal for a top free VPN. Though it might lesser than a daily 700MB free bandwidth like iTop VPN, it is still much more generous than a bunch of other VPN services.

  • Speed: Pretty Good as a free VPN

  • Connection: Limited proxies

  • Diversity features: Almost nothing

  • Network security protection: Not performed

  • Free to use policy: Free to use, 10GB traffic per month

  • User friendliness: Good

There’s a free plan with really good speeds for a top VPN, the Privado VPN gets his credit for offering decent connection quality & fast speed. 

Top Free VPN - PrivadoVPN Logo

The PrivadoVPN has no issues running Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime on routers and has apps for Windows, Android, and other devices. While the fact most of VPN can do that, but PrivadoVPN is still eye-catching.

Top Free VPN - PrivadoVPN-UI

There is still problem of dump your off connection & failed to connect when you using PrivadoVPN (Which talked a lot on Reddit). Partly it is because of that the PrivadoVPN is still early stage and need lot of updates.

The above content is a brief review of 9 top free VPN for 2022. You may choose one which best suits you & pick up the one you preferred. Personally, the Proton VPN & iTop VPN are the most valued top free VPN service you can have.

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