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How to Setup VPN on Windows 10: Easily Set up & Connect

How to set up VPN on Windows 10? 4 simple steps guide you to VPN setup on Windows 10 manually with a connection file within 3 minutes.

VPN(Virtual Private Network) is like private customization. It sets up a special line between users and their needs, and between enterprises so that users can obtain and share resources in a secure network environment. But some users still worry that VPNs themselves will pose a security risk. Afterward, Windows 10 comes with a built-in VPN client that eliminates the need to download a VPN application by manually configuring a file to finish the VPN setup on Windows 10, thoroughly addressing the security concerns of some cautious users. 

VPN Setup on Windows 10

However, the Windows 10 VPN client can not replace the VPN application, and while it creates a protective barrier between the user and the VPN app, it also limits the user's access to many of the convenience features only available in VPN applications. Use VPN setup in Windows 10 or download a VPN app directly? Which one is better? Keep reading.

Windows 10’s built-in VPN client is a container that holds multiple VPN connections. And it works as the medium to connect your PC to third-party VPN services. The biggest advantage of it is that you don't need to download a VPN application, but you do need to set up a VPN on Windows 10 with a configuration profile to connect to the registered VPN service. Each configuration file can hold only one server address and one connection protocol. This will bring you inconvenience on server-switch and protocol-switch. 

Full review of Windows 10 VPN configuration’s strengths and weaknesses:


√ Save computer memory.

√ Suitable for computers with low system specifications.

√ Avoid security risks caused by installing additional applications.


× If you want to switch servers, you need to set up a new configuration file.

× Enter the name and address of the VPN server and then select a protocol by yourself.

× You still need to purchase and register VPN services before you set up a VPN on Windows 10.

× No rich and convenient functions like quick channels to Netflix, ads block, DNS protection, kill-switch, etc.

Though the VPN setup in Windows 10 lacks practical functions and ease of use, a group of people still prefer it because of no downloading and simple to connect same VPN server, especially for those who only use VPN for remote work and collaborative office. 

You just need to follow the below steps to set up a VPN on Windows 10 easily.

Step 1:Purchase a VPN service and register it. Then write down your username and password for later use.

Step 2: Click the Windows 10 icon, click “Settings”, and input VPN in the search bar.

Setup VPN on Windows 10

Step 3: Click the Add VPN Connection option, and then in the pop-up window, fill in the VPN provider(Windows built-in), connection name, server name or address, and login information for the VPN you purchased. 

How to Setup VPN for Windows 10

Step 4: Save the settings and go back to the “Network and Internet Settings” page and select the newly created VPN from the right-side options. Select it, and then click “Connect”.

How Do I Set Up a VPN in Windows 10

To give you a more detailed understanding of the differences between VPN setup on Windows 10 and VPN applications, the following table shows the specific distinctions in terms of ease of use and practicability. 

VPN Direct Connection Fast Server Switch Kill Switch Download Quick Access Best-in-class Encryption
Windows 10's Built-in VPN × × × × × ×
VPN Application

Through this table, you can find that VPN applications attach great importance to user experiences, such as one-click connection, best-in-class encryption to protect your surfing data, quick channels for streaming, games, and audio/video calls. Even when it happens to sudden network cut-off, VPN apps also enable a kill-switch feature to prevent your privacy and security from leaking, let alone manually switch servers fast. 

There are a handful of VPN applications available for Windows 10, but take price, security, and functionality into consideration, we've picked the three best ones for you to choose from.

VPN Pricing Smart Protocol Locations No-logs Ads Block Quick Access
iTop VPN Free 100+
NordVPN 1 Month Free Trial × 50+
Surfshark 1 Week Free Trial × 65 ×

iTop VPN

iTop VPN is developed by a professional skilled team, offering over 1800 servers and more than 100 IP locations. Fast speed and stable connection win a good reputation since it launched. But its most notable feature is its high security, practical, and guaranteed free.

  • 100% Free VPN. You can use it anonymously without login. But once you've successfully registered an account, the iTop free VPN allows you to use that account on up to five devices simultaneously. Then you are free to unlock content that cannot be viewed and applications that cannot be used due to regional restrictions.

  • Full Security and Privacy Protection. iTop best free VPN for Windows protects your privacy and security not only relies on its bank-level encryption but also on other 5 aspects. First, it will automatically clean up the browser usage history to protect your identity away from being tracked. Second, it offers security reinforcement for system weakness to prevent your PC from being hacked. Third, its Ads Block feature help block malicious ads to avoid malware infection. Fourth, and its kill-switch will stop all internet traffic when the network disconnects unexpectedly. Fifth, DNS protection will prevent your DNS settings from being modified. 

  • Completely User Friendly. As a free VPN for PC, iTop is also skilled at improving user experience. Different from Windows 10’s built-in client, you don’t have to figure out how to set up a VPN for Windows, you can directly connect VPN with one click. Except that, you are allowed to get quick access to watch streaming on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and play games like PUBG, COD Warzone, and Roblox. And you can also reach WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Skype, TikTok, etc. wherever you are. The smart location will proactively find you the fast and stable server while the smart protocol will select the most suitable protocol for you depended on the usage scenario. 

How to Do VPN Setup on Windows 10 with iTop Free VPN?

3 easy steps to set up a VPN for PC.

Step 1: Download and install the best free VPN as below, and then register it to create an account or directly click “Connect” to use it anonymously.

Free Download
Available on:

Step 2: Click “Smart Location” to hide your true location fast.

Step 3: Go to “Quick Access” to enjoy first-hand videos, and games right away.

VPN Setup Connection on Windows 10


If you also seek a VPN for iOS, iTop VPN is also a good choice. One account can be shared on 5 devices.


NordVPN is also optional to take place of VPN setup on Windows 10. Surfing the internet with one click is easier than setting up a VPN with a configuration file. Though it isn’t totally free, it has a month VPN free trial for Windows and 3 purchase plans. It also allows you to reach at least 5200 servers and 50 locations. 

VPN Setup on Windows 10 with NordVPN

Main Features:

  • No-logs Privacy. NordVPN guarantees that it has a strict policy to protect users’ privacy. No track and no collect or share your private data with others.

  • Protect Your Data No-stop. It also supports a kill switch to prevent your data from being exposed or being collecting, not even for a moment.

  • Block Ads and Malware. Same as iTop VPN, once you turn on the CyberSec, NordVPN will automatically block malicious websites and risky ads to keep you away from scams and threats.


NordVPN is not only a VPN for iOS, Windows but also available on other 4 devices.

As to how to set up a VPN on PC with NordVPN, the process is as simple as working on iTop VPN. So let’s go to the next recommendation.


As a VPN for Win 10, Surfshark is a more relatively affordable VPN with a simple interface, easy operation, and complete basic functions. Only 7 days free trial but a 30-days refund back guarantee. It provides over 3200 servers and 24/7 live chat support as well.

VPN Setup in Windows 10 with Surfshark

Main Features:

  • 7-day Free Trial. Surshark provides a week of free use on Android, Mac, and iOS.

  • 30-days Money Back Guarantee. Surshark commitments that you can contact the customer center for a refund if you are not satisfied with the VPN service within 30 days of use. 

  • Unlimited Devices. You can connect all devices and use them through one account at once, but pay attention to the internet speed which may be slow down by too many devices.

Final Thoughts

If you only need a VPN at work, you can choose a VPN setup on Windows 10’s built-in client. However, if you have other entertainment needs, such as watching live streaming or playing games, VPN applications may be more suitable for you. 3 best VPN apps are recommended in this article. It is worth mentioning that iTop VPN is not only free on Windows, including its upcoming Mac version, which is free too. It can anonymously use channels dedicated to various scenarios, and it can intelligently select the most appropriate protocol at the moment as well. Try VPN setup on Mac, Windows 10, and iOS with iTop by one click download right now! 

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