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VPN Servers Definition & Its Importance and Provider

VPN servers help build fast VPN connections. What is VPN server? How do VPN servers work? What is the best free VPN servers provider? Get answers here.

VPN connection is quite important when it comes to safeguarding your data privacy and information security. A strong VPN connection can only secure your data with the help of VPN servers and VPN clients.

What Is VPN Server

Free VPN servers work when VPN software and VPN hardware combine, allowing the VPN clients to connect with a secure Virtual Private Network. The given article will guide you about what a VPN server is, how it works, and the best VPN free client that provides the fastest VPN servers free.

VPN servers are those servers that fulfill the needs of securing our data while connecting to the internet. Unlike other servers, it has much more physical and logical communication ports. VPN clients can connect to secure VPN servers by combining both hardware and software servers. That will eventually provide VPN services to all users across the whole world.

The Internet is overall a source of information and entertainment that needs to be secure at any cost. Whenever you need to access a website on the internet, all of your data and incoming and outgoing traffic passes through your ISP. That means your information is in a format that is plain and easily readable. Your ISP (anyone else - like hackers) can see your activities on the internet.

Moreover, without connecting with secure VPN servers, anyone can view your data because your geolocation and IP address are exposed on the internet. Your revealed information may include who your ISP is and the city you live in. In simple terms, without a secure VPN server, anyone can use your basic information to find a lot more about you.

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The whole process of VPN servers free initiates when you start running the VPN client. It will automatically connect you with the VPN server and begin transferring your online traffic to it with the help of your ISP. Although, this time, the VPN protocols will encrypt some of your data that means the ISP can no longer monitor your data.

When the VPN server acquires all of your encrypted information, it will start interpreting the data and then transfer it to the designated web server. Later on, the VPN server will encode the information it receives from the designated web server and deliver the data to you through your ISP. On receiving the data, the VPN client will eventually interpret it for you.

A simple idea about the working of VPN servers is to think of a "tunnel" created between VPN server and client. All data passed through that tunnel is encrypted data; however, outside the tunnel, it is unreadable for everyone. Moreover, when using the internet, the VPN server works as a IP changer to replace your IP address with its address for safety purposes.

Now, it’s clear about the importance and working of VPN servers. But where to get free VPN servers for building great VPN connection? VPN servers provider is the answer. iTop VPN, the new-rising free VPN software, gathers high-quality free VPN servers around the world.

Having more than 1800 servers that provide VPN services in over 100 countries, iTop VPN allows you to connnect the most stable and fastest servers for VPN no matter where you are.

Certainly, iTop VPN gives a big focus on protecting your online activities and privacy from being tracked or hacked. On the other hand, it can gives you more:

  • Unblock restricted contents. It helps break geo-blocking of Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ or other streaming services. Also, you can access to restricted social networks (apps) and games using iTop VPN hassle free.

  • Speed up connection. iTop VPN not only employs the fastest VPN servers, but develops 4 types network solutions (protocols) to further deliver better online experience. With different protocols, you can get faster speed for streaming, gaming, downloading or enjoy better privacy protection.

  • Available for multiple platforms. iTop VPN is more than the best free VPN for Windows, but works well on macOS, and iOS.

iTop VPN shows the easiest way to set up VPN connection because it has well builts in diverse VPN servers. In the following, let’s learn how to make use of thisVPN server provider to set up the fastest connection.

Step 1: Download and install iTop VPN

As mentioned above, iTop VPN can fully supports PC, Mac and mobiles. Please make sure the device where you want to set a VPN connection on, and then download and install the VPN for Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Step 2: Connect with iTop VPN Free Server

After the installation, launch iTop VPN. On the main interface, you can find a big Connect button. Click it and iTop VPN will automatically connect the fastest VPN server for you. Once the connection succeeds, the Connect button will turn to Connected.

Set Up VPN Connection Automatically

Optiona: Choose VPN Servers Manually

iTop VPN also enables you to connect a special server. Click All Servers. Then, choose one from the VPN servers list and click Connect. The same, Connect will change to Connected once the connection is built.

Select VPN Server Manually

The Bottom Line

If you truly want to protect your data and online privacy and overcome content restrictions, you must choose a secure VPN server. VPN servers are quite important for hiding your IP address from your ISP so no one can view your data available on the internet and your real identity. For this purpose, iTop VPN server provider, the free unlimited VPN for Windows, macOS, and iOS to provide you with high protection and the fastest speed, becomes an ideal choice.

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