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Best IP Changer Online & VPN IP Changer Free Download

How to change your IP address? How to use IP changer to hide your IP? Best free VPN IP changer for you to protect your security.

We are highly connected by the internet today. Talk about the moment you want to change your IP. Here are some examples: your browser tracing could be detected, and someone could know what you are doing in your cyberlife and real life. When you are using Google services, your data & user preferences will store at Google’s server. You will have a higher chance of receiving customized Google Ads according to your searching result & user record Google collected from you. Shopping websites like Amazon will push the shopping categories recommendation based on your internet trace, search preference, YouTube clicks, etc.  Internet today has been highly monetized, and internet services are trying to build up your user models accurately based on the data they collected from your daily internet using. All these data analysis will base on your IP and identity distinguish. That’s why we want to change IP online.  

How to Change IP Address

Besides the raising concern of how big data threats our personal information, sometimes your personal privacy & security would be threatened by hackers & ill-intentioned people. Imagine that you get involved in a Reddit quarrel, and soon a guy traces your personal information through your exposed IP address, including but not limited to your current address, your education background, your work, your families & kids… That could be dangerous to your real-life if you connect & use the internet without proper protection to your privacy, especially your IP address. 

IP means “Internet Protocol”, usually a numeric string that refers to a network communication address. Computer networks and telecommunication will identify your device address (on both cyberspace & reality). The full IP addressing range goes from to  This string of numbers contains the location information and makes sure your device is accessible for internet communication.

How Our IP Being Exposed

Every individual device has a unique IP address to differentiate your device from others. Your IP address could easily be targeted by those people who are intentionally sniffing your personal information. Because once they have got your IP address, they can dig up your personal information once your real address is exposed.

vpn ip changer info

Badly, malicious attackers can get your IP address quite easily. Like they could do this by getting you to click on a malicious link in the chat. Or a baitclick that redirects you to enter their webpage, or a fake shopping site, or some other websites that attract you to land on their pages. If they influence the websites/webpages you are clicking on, they will be able to know your IP address.

A performance VPN for Windows could be the best IP changer that deals with the IP-leaking concern. It will fully cover your IP from exposure to the public. On the other hand, all your network traffic will go through the VPN service provider’s server instead of the easy-to-track ISP (internet service provider) server. If a VPN with enhanced privacy protection features, like malware proof, Ad Remover, etc. It will protect your IP address better since it will be a lesser possibility to click on a phishing website.

 The iTop VPN could be considered the best free VPN for Windows of all time. It has offered all three factors to protect your internet security: An IP Changer – Hide your IP address, An Ad Remover which blocks the suspicious Ads. The Malicious Proof – A small-scale antivirus software system that prevents the malicious software been accessed & kills the trojans which the attacker sends to your computer. iTop with it’s highest level of security protection, considered as one of the best VPN for Windows.

Main interface of iTop VPN

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How to Use iTop to Hide Your IP Address as An IP Changer?

It is not rocket science to hide your IP address with the iTop VPN. To use this IP changer to hide your real IP address, you only need to download the iTop VPN free to use and install it on your computer. Then double click & execute the program, the main interface will show off like below. 

not connected & exposed

The software will inform you that “You are exposed”. To cover your IP address, click “All Servers” tab on the left hand, and you can pick up an iTop VPN server to connect to, click the “Connect” button and wait for it to be connected, you are in the safe connection now.

connected to a VPN

After you’ve covered your IP address, you can go to the “Privacy & Security”, then click “Check Detail” button under “IP Checker” button to see if your current IP address and the real address are exposed.

privacy and security.png

If you need to hide your IP when using mobile devices, the good news is the iTop VPN is a cross-platform APP. iTop VPN has now available on both Android & iOS. You can find the mobile version download on the iTop official website.  


Neither mobile version is hard to use, too. Just download & install the VPN for Android or VPN for iOS on their official website, then click “Connect” to connect to safe server and that will cover your real IP address.

While if you think further protection is needed other than an IP changer, you will find some useful tools in the iTop VPN security toolbox. Click the “Privacy & Security” tab, you could them here at your service. Including to hide your real location.

 privacy and security toolbox

  •   Browser Privacy

If you don’t want your mom to watch your internet browser history, then why hackers? The Browser Privacy can deep clean up your browser history & traces.

  •  Security Reinforce

A set of malware protection services are listed here. Including features that help you identify potential threats & malware and prevent the computer to download untrusted software… extra security enforcement options are waiting for you to explore.

  •  Ads Block

The Ads Block could block unwanted and malicious Ads to prevent users to connect to harmful websites. As we stated, land to a phishing website could be the most dangerous thing which very likely becomes the reason for IP address leaking. The Ads Block could help you out of this trouble. 

  •   Free Trial

Not like other VPNs which force you to subscribe their service, you can enjoy iTop VPN for free & unlimited.

The reason we need an IP changer is to face the increasing challenge of online privacy threats. We are troubled badly by the internet privacy violation, and we shall do something to protect ourselves. It is a good starting point to try the iTop VPN IP changer to protect our privacy as well as change IP to UAE and other places you want!

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