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5 Most Secure Browsers for Safe and Private Web Experience

Google, Safari, and Firefox are not as safe as you expect. Find a secure browser to surf the internet with utmost privacy and security now.

ISPs, advertisers, government agencies, websites, and hackers are constantly trying to track our online traces and steal our data. On top of that, the web browsers you use daily such as Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox are not as safe and private as you expect.

Secure Browser

Are there any secure browsers that are particularly developed for a fast, protected, and anonymous web surfing experience? This article will showcase the 5 most secure browsers that can help deter any prying party to safeguard your web data. Stay tuned.

A regular web browser is software for accessing the World Wide Web and local websites. It might be equipped with some light security features such as private visiting or browsing history clearing.

While a secure browser is a web browser with additional security features that help prevent unauthorized third-party agencies or individuals from storing, stealing, and selling your data while you are surfing the web.

A secure browser creates an allowlist of secure sites, programs, and online activities and blocks all content and activities missing from the list. In this way, it stops spyware or malware from taking effect. In addition, a secure browser stops cookies or other third-party tools from collecting the data that can expose your online identities such as username, IP address, and websites you have visited.

It is significantly necessary for any web user to protect online information with a secure browser. To find the most secure browser, security and privacy are the most important criteria in this review.

The safest web browser should be able to shield you from all types of cyber threats such as malicious advertisements, intruding pop-ups, and web cookies. We believe the secure browser apps in this article can help you protect:

Your internet browsing history

  • Login usernames and passwords to your email, social media, bank account, etc.

  • Autofill information like home address, names, mobile numbers, and postal codes

  • Auto cookies and trackers from the sites you visit or clicks you make

In the list below you will find the safest 5 web browsers that safeguard your data and identity on any website you visit. Most of them are equipped with a built-in free VPN feature.

1. iTop Private Browser

iTop Private Browser is one of the best private browsers for Windows and macOS. This chromium-based web browser has a lot of built-in security features to prevent any data leaks and identity thieves.

iTop Browser


  • It is a browser with built-in VPN protection, so it can establish an encrypted internet tunnel for all traffic. Your IP address and all online activities will stay invisible.

  • An anti-tracking feature protects your online data by auto-cleaning your information.

  • Its native ad blocker can stop you from going to any web pages that may contain viruses or malware in case you click them by accident.

  • iTop secure browser has its own database which collects and updates the list of harmful URLs so that it can identify and cut off online websites with potential risks.


  • iTop Private Browser only provides 700MB of free data per day.

For Win 11/10/8/7

2. Epic

Most Secure Browser App - Epic

Epic is a great option for a secure browser. Different from other safe browsers that use many security and privacy features, it by default routes all web traffic through a proxy server that automatically blocks trackers, cookies, and malware.


  • It inherits the cosmetics of Chrome so it is friendly for Google users.

  • All web data goes through an encrypted HTTPS proxy (iKEv2 for iOS version) to ensure your identity and activities are safe and private.

  • It has a built-in ad blocker and a browser-level kill switch to defend against malicious ads or unexpected proxy disconnection.


  • As the first Chromium-based web browser, Epic has not been updated and maintained since 2018.

  • It is an open-source web browser app so everybody can edit the code, which might reduce the security of the browser.

3. Opera

Most Secure Browser - Opera

Opera web browser app is a long-lasting app for over two decades and was sold to a Chinese corporation in 2016. Opera runs on the Chromium system as well and braces a variety of security features to make your web surfing experience safer.


  • This web browser has a built-in VPN connection to encrypt your traffic with a standard AES 256-bit encryption.

  • A built-in ad-blocking feature in Opera prevents users from attacking and tracking by third-party programs and agencies.

  • Opera provides many useful tools for users to have easier access to Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, etc.


  • The VPN feature is more like a secure proxy instead of a true VPN, so it might be unable to provide full-system encryption to your data.

  • Opera browser is not for unblocking and streaming.

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4. Brave

Brave Secure Browser

Another browser on the list of most secure web browsers is called Brave. It is a relatively new and open-source Chromum-based private browser that can help you stay protected while surfing the web.


  • It has a built-in ad-blocking feature to prevent invasive advertisements from loading.

  • On-site cookies and cross-site trackers are blocked, letting any programs and bots not able to collect your personal data and online activities.

  • An exclusive script blocker can protect you from being attacked by malware and cybercriminals.

  • It is a browser with VPN for mobile devices.


  • It has a lot fewer extensions, add-ons, and plug-ins for the browser.

  • There are scattered concerns about its transparency and its own advertising platform.

5. Tor Browser

Tor Secure Browser App

Endorsed by Edward Snowden, Tor Browser aims to advance human rights and freedom by creating and deploying free and open-source anonymity and privacy technologies for anybody on the internet.


  • For iOS devices, it has its own method of connection called onion routing, which means your internet traffic goes through multiple layers of encryption. As the system is not concentrated in the hands of a single company, it is difficult to intercept the traffic.

  • It comes with HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript features to protect you against browser fingerprinting.


  • It lacks security features such as ad blockers and anti-malware technology to block cyber threats.

While you are surfing the web, every click you do and every page you visit is under censorship and surveillance with a regular web browser. To bypass cyber threats, it is crucial to use a secure web browser that can maximize your online freedom with security and privacy.

This article introduces 5 top-rated web browsers and one of the most secure browsers is iTop VPN Private Browser. It offers plenty of features to help you feel protected and carefree on the internet.

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