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10 Best Privacy Browsers to Stop Trackers and Hackers 2022

Trackers and hackers trace your online activities for multiple purposes. Check and use the 10 best private browsers for utmost privacy and security.

It’s common that people use browsers to acquire all kinds of information they want to know and shop online frequently in this modern society, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, just to name a few. However, the hidden truth is that while you are browsing, advertisers and marketers mine every move you make for the chance for sale, and both official and third-party agencies track the information you expose online for your personal profile. Personal data leakage becomes one vital issue that cannot be ignored, along with severe consequences. Therefore, it’s urgent to use private browsers for utmost privacy and security when surfing online. This post lists 10 best private browsers that avoid personal data leakage to the most extent.

Best Private Browers

While you are browsing the internet, browser cookies and fingerprinting are two major threats to your personal data. Cookies enable the web to store mass valuable information on your device and track your browsing activities such as clicks you make, pages you visit, and more. Browser fingerprinting can build distinguished user profiles with all-around aspects, including your operating system, time zone, and language. Sounds terrible, right? Fortunately, private browsers can prevent personal data leakage and help you reclaim online privacy and security in multiple methods. The best private browsers block down fingerprinting actions based on setting up blacklists, work on unique blocking systems that alert you when fingerprinting activities like extracting your device specs happen, and some already introduce features that obscure certain user information with the aim to contribute a safer browsing environment. Users adopting the best private web browsers are guaranteed superior privacy and security when browsing the internet.

Should you be aware of the importance of using private browsers and are looking for one to enjoy a safe browsing experience. The listed 10 are so far the best private browsers for you. Do check it out.

1. iTop Private Browser - Best Anonymous Browser for Windows

Supported OS: Windows 11/10/8/7

iTop Private Browser is yet the best private browser app that provides users with an ultra-secure browsing experience with its unique features to go against data leakage.

iTop Private Browser: Best Private Browsers

  • Anti-tracking

Implemented with the anti-tracking feature, iTop Private Browser prevents websites from tracking your online behaviors, making it impossible for advertisers or marketers to collect and share your personal data for monetizing purposes. Fingerprinting protection is always available.

  • Anti-phishing

With its built-in anti-phishing protection service, iTop Private Browser, as one of the best private browsers, continuously identifies and blocks malicious websites and harmful URLs with an up-to-date database.

  • Ad-blocker

Online advertisement has been a big headache for so long. iTop solves this issue by breaking down ads, overlays, and pop-ups seamlessly while you browse. Meanwhile, a customizable allow-list is offered in case you want to keep certain ads.

  • Built-in Free VPN

iTop Private Browser also has built-in free VPN to help you hide IP address and get anonymous surfing online. Several free servers distributed to the United States, the United Kingdom are available. No trackers and hackers could steal your info.

2. Google Chrome - Best Privacy Browser

Supported OS: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

It’s undeniable that Google Chrome dominates the web browser market with almost 80% of the share. It’s given high credit in speed and services, but what about its performance in privacy and security?

Best Private Browsers Chrome Security & Privacy

  • Constant security updates

By default, Google Chrome updates to the latest version every six to eight weeks, fixing security bugs to enable users to enjoy advanced safe browsing.

  • Harmful downloads scanning

Chrome automatically scans harmful downloads and malicious file threats. This feature effectively prevents malware from attacking.

3. Firefox

Supported OS: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Firefox is one open-source web browser that’s developed by a nonprofit organization, Mozilla. As one of the best private browsers, it’s famous for its high customizability.

Best Private Browsers Firefox with Ad Blocking

  • Content Blocking

To ensure users browse in a clean environment, Firefox employs Content Blocking, one feature that allows users to disable all trackers that the browser identifies.  

  • Private browsing mode

Private browsing mode includes comprehensive privacy and security features, such as malware prevention, pop-ups blocking, and fingerprinting protection.

4. Safari - Best Private Browser iOS

Supported OS: macOS, iOS, iPadOS

As the default browser in Apple’s ecosystem, Safari does a fair job of protecting your online privacy.

Best Private Browsers Safari Privacy Settings

  • Browse in private mode

Safari gives users the chance to enjoy private browsing mode. By default, this mode uses DuckDuckGo and offers some anti-fingerprinting tools for enhanced privacy.

  • Run tabs in sandbox

Running pages in different sandboxes, Safari helps avoid the malicious code on one page to enter the whole web.

5. Tor Browser - Best Anonymous Browser

Supported OS: Windows, Linux, macOS, android

Tor Browser has its place among other excellent private web browsers. As its slogan indicates, Tor Browser is committed to protecting user privacy against tracking, surveillance, and censorship.

Best Private Browsers: Tor Browser

  • Multi-step encrypted route

With Tor’s unique multi-step encrypted route, identifying users becomes difficult to achieve. The encrypted traffic you are using goes through three nodes, thus making it hard to trace the traffic that leads to you.

  • No fingerprinting

Tor Browser adopts an anti-fingerprinting feature that can make one Tor browser look completely the same as another. Cookies and history are also shredded automatically.

6. Opera

Supported OS: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Opera is a Chromium-based web browser and boasts quite a few privacy-oriented features that enable a safe browsing experience.

Opera Browser with Private Mode

  • Built-in ad blocker

Opera comes with a default ad blocker and employs a tracker blocker to prevent users from seeing ads and therefore be tracked by the merchant.

  • Built-in free VPN

Opera has a free built-in VPN that applies to the browser, reducing your online exposure and guarding the internet traffic.

7. Brave

Supported OS: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Brave is a Chromium-based web browser. It comes with a variety of anti-tracking functions to keep your online activities private.

Private Browsers Brave

  • Default anti-tracking settings

This includes ad blocker, anti-fingerprinting, password manager, and so on. All aim to enhance personal online privacy.

  • Upgrade sites to HTTPS

Brave browser is capable of upgrading secure but unencrypted websites to HTTPS automatically.  

8. Vivaldi

Supported OS: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android

Due to the wide range of privacy features it offers, Vivaldi is on the list of the best private browser apps as well.

Vivaldi Private Browser

  • Multiple security settings available

Users can customize the default search engine with both regular and private browsing modes, along with other security settings.

  • Disable API by default

After disabling API, websites can no longer ask for permission in terms of API usage.

9. Epic 

Supported OS: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS

Epic comes with many features that are shut off or unavailable in the first place in order to maintain the utmost privacy and security.

Epic Extreme Privacy Settings

  • Strict privacy protection

To achieve extreme privacy protection, there’s no history, no web cache, no password saving, and so more in Epic’s default setting.

  • Encrypted proxy

When the encrypted proxy is enabled, your IP address and browsing are hidden from trackers and hackers.

10. Microsoft Edge 

Supported OS: Windows, macOS, Linux

Microsoft Edge is the successor of the previous Internet Explorer. Let’s see how it does in terms of protecting user privacy.

Microsoft Edge Browser

  • Chromium-based browser

One breakthrough in Edge is that it’s a chromium-based browser, that is to say, you can check the open-source code to see if there are any threats to your information.

  • Regular updates

By updating regularly and frequently, the browser can constantly patch secure issues.





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iTop Private Browser

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With personal information leakage increasing, online privacy and security play increasingly important roles in your browsing experiences nowadays, and it’s more urgent than ever to use the 10 best private browsers to keep yourself private and safe when surfing the internet. iTop Private Browser, the best private browser that guards your online activities and enhances personal privacy, is your perfect choice for safe browsing. Download and install iTop Private Browser to enjoy secure and fast browsing with ad-blocking, anti-tracking, fingerprinting protections, and many other comprehensive privacy protections.

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