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5 Best VPN Browsers Free | Built-in Free VPN with Privacy

VPN browser free means that a browser has a built-in free VPN to use. There are 5 VPN browsers free with other privacy-related features for online privacy.

The Internet has become a primary part of our everyday lives. Internet browsers are used in abundance everywhere around the world to access different websites. Safety and privacy is always an issue that can be resolved perfectly using VPN browsers free. A free VPN browser is a browser that has a built-in virtual private network. While using the browser, if you come across a restricted access website and you want to open it, you can connect to the built-in VPN and access any website without having to worry about your privacy by hiding IP address and blocking ads.

VPN Browsers Free

In this context, you will find a list of 5 VPN browsers free that provide many unique features.

iTop Private Browser is one of the VPN browsers free that are Chromium-based and also has a built-in free VPN to use. The browser is easy to use and provides many features and advantages of a good internet browser. Below are the features and advantages that you can get with the free VPN browser service iTop Private Browser.

iTop Private Brower with VPN Free

Advantages of iTop Private Browser: 

No registration required

Many VPN services require you to create an account using your private information to use their services. That is not the case with iTop Private Browser. It is one of the VPN browsers free that can be used without ever having to register. That means that it will not ask for any sensitive information from you and will keep you safe.

Multiple free VPN servers

VPNs need servers to provide private networks. iTop Private Browser has many free and premium VPN servers located around the world in different countries. With multiple free servers to choose at your will, you can access restricted content in your browser without spending any money.

Built-in tools

iTop Private Browser has many tools that can maximize your browsing experience that are also built-in and free to use.

Its tools include but are not limited to:

  • Anti-tracking

    This tool hides your activity on any website and application that cannot be traced back to you.

  • Ads-block

    Excessive ads during browsing are unpleasant and iTop Private Browser’s Ads-block can help you get rid of them.

  • Anti-fingerprint

    While accessing different websites, you might have to use your fingerprint data for different transactions in the browser. This tool protects your data and keeps it secure from any harm.

  • Anti-phishing protection

    This tool keeps you safe from malicious websites that might harm you by collecting your private information.

So, iTop Private Browser provides these advantages and tools that you will not be able to find in other VPN browsers free.

Opera Browser is one of the VPN browsers free that are highly underrated. Although it provides certain features and tools that supersede others, it is not being used as much as others. It has a built-in VPN service that can be enabled by going into the settings and enabling it. You can access websites that you cannot access normally for free.

Browsers with Free VPN Opera

Other features of Opera include:

  • Utilizes less power and internet resources

  • A built-in ad-blocker that blocks all ads

  • The battery saver mode of Opera can help you improve the battery life of your laptop

  • Opera Turbo mode, chrome extensions, and other tools 

Opera browser also has many servers that you can choose and connect to. It lets you enjoy carefree browsing without having to worry about your safety. The disadvantage lies in that you cannot choose which server to connect as you want. 

Avast Browser is a product of the famous franchise that brings you Avast Antivirus. The free VPN browser can be downloaded and installed as standalone software. It provides many features including a built-in VPN that is enabled manually. Upon enabling it, you can connect to a free server and enjoy unrestricted access to any website.

VPN Browsers Free of Avast

Other features of Avast Browser include:

  • Ad-block- Same as VPN, you have to enable it manually and once you do, all the ads will be blocked.

  • Privacy cleaner- automatically deletes your browsing history to provide you with a safer environment.

  • Anti-fingerprint- hides your important data

  • Anti-phishing- blocks dangerous and suspicious websites.

Anyway, it is one of the VPN browsers free that is packed with other features that can improve your browsing experience.

Another chromium browser, Epic Browser, is one of the VPN browsers free that works on the sole principle of keeping your search history private. While other browsers let you change to incognito mode manually, Epic Browser only works in that mode. All of your browsing histories are automatically deleted soon as you close the browser.

Incognito Browsers EpicEpic Browser also has a free VPN for you to use any time you want. While browsing, if you come across a website that cannot be accessed in your country, you can just enable the VPN and carry on. Data abuse protection, ad-blocker, anti-tracking tools, and other features make it a good web browser to use for your day-to-day browsing.

The UR Browser works efficiently when it comes to your security and privacy. It has a ninja mode that automatically erases search history after you close the tab. You can make your connection private by using a built-in VPN after registration. Browse safely without having to worry about the prying eyes. 

VPN Browsers Free of URUR browser makes sure the availability of fast browsing and high downloading speeds. Other features of it include:

  • Block trackers

  • Ad-blocker

  • Anti-fingerprinting

  • Block 3rd-party cookies

Here is a comparison table of the 5 best VPN browsers free. You can choose one that meets your demand to a great extent.







VPN Servers







Not required

Not required


Not required














As you can see, browsers like Opera, Avast, Epic, and UR lack some features while iTop Private Browser provides every feature. In addition to that, it supersedes others when it comes to the features not mentioned here in the table. So, without any doubt, iTop Private Browser is the most effective and reliable solution out of all the VPN browsers free. 


So, internet browsing is vital and if you are not careful, you might expose threats that might be harmful to you. To keep yourself safe and enjoy private browsing, you need to utilize VPN browsers free. Some browsers offer free built-in VPNs. The above-listed browsers all have built-in VPNs and you can use them for free. 

Out of the above, iTop Private Browser is the most recommended option as it provides more than 1800+ servers in 100+ locations. Additionally, you also get tools like ad-block, anti-fingerprinting, anti-phishing, and others. So, download and install iTop Private Browser for free now. 


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