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5 Tested Best Fast Browsers for PC & Mobile 2022

Are you looking for a fast browser with excellent privacy protection? Hurry to check out our top recommendations and choose a fast browser for PC or mobile!

A web browser is a gateway to the World Wide Web, and it is an essential tool to take you anywhere on the internet. Nowadays, people spend plenty of time scrolling web pages with browsers every day. However, no one likes waiting. People hope that their browsers can load websites, download or upload files, and stream videos within a blink. In this circumstance, there is an increasing demand for a fast browser, and a wide variety of browsers have been released consequently in the market. To help our readers save search time and improve efficiency, we have tested some popular browsers and chosen the 5 fast browsers for web and mobile. Keep reading, and let's check the performances of these fast web browsers together!

Fast Browsers

Having a fast browser gives people a more responsive browsing experience. However, speed is just one aspect to consider, and we have also evaluated privacy and security at the same time before making recommendations to you. Here are 5 fast browsers we assessed with extreme privacy. Each one comes with a brief introduction, browser compatibility, and key features.

1. iTop Private Browser

Exclusive for Windows computers, iTop Private Browser is a clean, secure, and fast web browser with a built-in VPN to help people disguise IP addresses and bypass geo-restrictions. By optimizing the network schemes, it has dramatically accelerated its speed to 10x fast, giving users a distraction-free surfing experience. In addition, the best private browser has an Auto Trace Shredder function that can delete cookies, caches, and browsing history automatically when people close the tab to prevent any possible data leaks.

Fast Browser for Windows 10 iTop Private Browser


64-bit Windows such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Main Features

+ Built-in VPN

Mask real IP addresses and get easy access to global content with built-in free VPN.

+ Military Encryption

Use military-grade encryption to encrypt data and ensure the utmost online privacy.

+ Fingerprint Protection

Employ fingerprint protection to avoid browse fingerprinting.

+ Anti-Tracking

Prevent hackers, advertisers, and internet service providers from collecting your information.

+ Anti-Phishing

Block malicious websites and protect yourself against cyber criminals.

+ Ad Blocker

Block all kinds of ads, pop-ups, and overlays for clean web surfing.

+ No-log Privacy

Never log any information transmitted online.

2. Google Chrome

According to the statistics, Google Chrome browser had approximately 2.65 billion users in 2021, accounting for 60% of the total market share. There are many factors contributing to Chrome’s popularity. First and foremost, Google Chrome uses DNS pre-fetching to shorten the webpage loading time, and it is a fast browser surpassing most of its competitors in the market. Secondly, Google Chrome has comprehensive security features, giving people the best digital protection. Last but not least, Google Chrome has a large extension base to allow people to customize functionalities for their special needs.

Tested Fast Web Browser Google Chrome


Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS

Main features

+ UI Design:

An aesthetically appealing interface that is handy to use.

+ Safe Browsing:

Block risky websites and give warnings when downloading dangerous files.  

+ Google Chrome Cleanup Tool:

Scan suspicious programs on the computer and remove potential threats like malware, glitches, and adware.

+ Integration with other Google products

Google Chrome browser is integrated with other Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Ads. Logging in to one Google account can automatically log in to other applications.

3. Safari

Firstly introduced in January 2003, Safari is designed to cater to Apple products, and it is the default web browser on MacBooks, iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPads. Safari values people's privacy, and it takes a range of measures to ensure safe and secure internet browsing. Another notable feature of the Safari browser is the impressive page-load times. The fast browser is 1.6x faster than Chrome and Edge on Windows 10, as per the statistics published on its official website.

Tested Fast Browser Safari for iOS and Mac


macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Not available for Windows operating systems.

Main Features

+ Minimalistic User Interface

Have a simple, straightforward, and user-friendly design.

+ Privacy Browsing Mode

Include incognition browsing mode to enhance security, preventing web trackers, pop-up advertisements, and Javascript.

+ Privacy Report Tool

Adopt intelligent tracking prevention technology to prevent cross-site tracking.

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4. Firefox

Developed by the Mozilla Foundation, Firefox is an open-source and fast browser compatible with 3 leading operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. Putting user experience as a priority, Firefox continuously improves its performance in speed and security. In the latest 96.0 release in January 2022, there are significant improvements in noise suppression, page load performance, and page responsiveness. Beyond its speed, Firefox is also known for its suite of advanced security functions.

Fast Browser Firefox


Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

Main Features

+ Enhanced Tracking Protection

Come with stringent tracking controls to prevent third-party trackers.

+ Lock-wise Anti-Snooping

Protect your account logins from unauthorized access.

+ Breached Website Alerts

Send a warning whenever you access a website without SSL or TLS encryption.

5. Brave

Brave is a fast browser with 100% search privacy. It has a built-in ad-blocker called Brave Shields to help strip out online advertising, block cross-site trackers, and protect against malware & phishing. In addition, Brave provides advanced Tor onion service, adding another layer of protection to the encrypted traffic. Beyond its security, Brave also stands out for its notable browsing speed. It is claimed that Brave loads major websites three to six times faster than Chrome and Firefox.

Fast Browser Brave with Tor Onion Service


Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Main Features

+ Easy to Import and Switch

Importing bookmarks and settings from your old browser is simple within a click.

+ Brave Firewall + VPN

Powered by Guardian, Brave currently offers paid VPN function on iOS to enhance security and privacy.

Running a speed test can be a delicate task as many factors might influence the outcomes such as connection speed, plugins, browser compatibility, and more. To minimize the differences, close all other applications and clear cache & cookies before testing.

Below is a comparison table we made to display the speed results that are gained from the test tool Speedometer, which is a browser benchmark that measures the responsiveness of web applications by simulating users actions.

Speedometer (Browser Runs Per Minute)

iTop Private Browser


Google Chrome








Notice: Please keep in mind that the results might be slightly different when speed tests are performed on different computers.


Nobody wants a sluggish browser to load pages. However, privacy issues should also be your important concern when choosing a fast browser. The biggest strength of the fast browser for Windows 10 - iTop Private Browser lies in its consideration of both privacy and speed. A built-in VPN enhances privacy protection, and an optimized network solution gives a lightning-fast seamless browsing experience. All in all, iTop Private Browser is your ideal option, and we strongly recommend you download it for a try!

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