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Fix Web tracking Issue by Following Easy Step & Best VPN for Private Protection [2022]

While website tracking has become the most problematic issue for your internet surfing, this post tells how to stop website tracking with different approaches.

You might know or not yet know, but you are indeed being website-tracked. Website tracking is about collecting and sharing information about your individual’s activities, records, and private traces online. The information they gathered from your computer can be taken use of to analyze your preference, giving a chance to companies to personalize their advertising contents.

Website Tracking

According to research, roughly six-in-ten Americans believe that there is no way to go through daily life without being data-collected. Here we will discuss how to stop websites tracking your information by two different approaches.

Website Tracking

According to research, roughly six-in-ten Americans believe that there is no way to go through daily life without being data-collected. Here we will discuss how to stop websites tracking your information by two different approaches: Broswer setting & Free VPN.

Your browser can be the culprit of website tracking. Ask how to stop websites from tracking your visit record, the first step is to check out & adjust your browser settings to stop the agent from collecting your data then send it back to servers.

Adjust your browser settings

The trick how to stop websites from tracking you with the browser is about its cookie policy. Cookies are files stored on your PC and they can be easily monitored by advertisers & entities beyond the site you’re visiting. Reading & analyzing your Cookies can be the easiest way to understand your online behaviors.

Website Tracking

Step 1. To disable cookies on Chrome, go to Security and Privacy > Clear browsing data to clear your existing cookies and browsing history.

Website Tracking

Step 2. From Security & Privacy, click “Cookies and other site data” > Block third-party cookies (or block all cookies if you wish).

Website Tracking

Step 3. You might like to enable “Send a Do Not Track" request with your browsing traffic. Though it would not completely block their intention to collect your data.

Then you can block websites from visiting your cookies.

Website Tracking

Step 4. Don’t forget to completely clean up your cookies before leaving the Chrome setting up. Click “See All Cookies and Site Data”, then click “Remove all”. Although this will not completely remove your browser traces, you might need the best free VPN for Windows to clean up your browser history & hide your identity.

Go Incognito Mode

Incognito mode, again, could not make you completely stealthy online, but it surely helps you to protect your privacy from web tracking.

Step 1. To browse the internet with incognito mode, click the “three-dots” menu button, then choose “New incognito mode”.

Website Tracking

Step 2. Then browsing the internet with this popped up incognito window, your privacy could be protected well. 

Beware, your internet provider can monitor your online activity quite easily. Some of your ISP (internet service providers) will collect & sell your browser data to companies for preference advertising. Some service providers have signed agreements with tech giants to access your user data and do internet tracking as well. I feel you are still receiving customized Ads after adapting all methods above, so your ISP may be leaking your personal information. To use a performed  VPN for Windows can effectively eliminate this issue.

Protect Your IP Address

Many network admins use IP tracking software to monitor the devices connected to their networks — your school or company likely has such a system in place. There are also consumer-tier IP address trackers available for anyone who’d like to automatically find their IP address at any given time.

Website Tracking

Using a reliable VPN - iTop VPN can help you stop being tracked. Also, you can use “Privacy Protection” -> “IP Configure” and select to use a “Dynamic IP”. You will be allocated to a random dynamic IP and the network supervisors will not be able to track your online activity through your IP.

Make Sure Use a VPN Connection

Using a VPN connection could be the best way to prevent your ISP from website tracking your online activities and personal information. What VPN can do is to encrypt your internet traffic and re-route your traffic via a VPN secured server, encrypts it, and changes your real IP address making your browsing activity private & stealthy. When using a VPN connection, your ISP knows that you’re using it, but they can’t see what you’re doing.

Website Tracking

If you have not yet determined which VPN service you want to use, Not like other VPN services which require you to subscribe & pay like ExpressVPN & NordVPN, the iTop VPN is a free-to-use VPN service and you can try it and see if the software is suitable for you without any cost, this is also the reason why the iTop VPN is considered the best free VPN for Windows.

How to Use iTop VPN to Avoid Website Tracking

Step 1. To use iTop VPN isn’t rocket science, just download the iTop VPN from the official website and install it.

Website Tracking

Step 2. Then execute the iTop VPN, it will take you to its main UI. You can connect to the private network to avoid website tracking by clicking the round “Connect” button.

Website Tracking

Step 3. To see if you have successfully deceived website tracking, try connecting to a physically distant iTop VPN server (for instance, USA - Japan). And see if Ads are still customized according to your normal browsing habit. After setting up everything on iTop VPN, you should be no problem of internet tracking now.

Use DuckDuckGo to Avoid Google Supervise

It isn’t a secret that Google search engines are collecting data and try website tracking. For users who don’t want their personal information been compromised, using the DuckDuckGo search can help you keep this concern away.

Website Tracking

DuckDuckGo will not try to collect your data or record your preference as Google doing, for more details, also read this post: >> Is DuckDuckGo Safe to Use? <<

Website tracking is a real threat to your personal information and privacy. This post has introduced how to stop websites from tracking by using different methods. Using the best secure VPN could be good enforcement to your internet security. 

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