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Can I Be Tracked with a VPN? - 5 Facts You May Not Know

There have been instances when even VPNs have failed to secure your data. Here, we have presented how and when can VPN be tracked to save you from such mishaps.

Using a VPN provides extensive security by changing your IP address and encrypting your network traffic. The sole purpose of this tool is to keep your data private and safe from snoopers on the internet. However, like every other activity on the internet, the users are still wondering that can VPN be also traced?

The concern is valid because of the increasing cases of VPN failure. But don’t worry, the following article can answer your queries regarding can VPN be tracked.

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Tracking means keeping a check on one's activities. Similarly, Internet Tracking means collecting information about one's activities on the internet. Browsers carry out this standard practice to study your behavior and analyze your preferences to display relevant content. This is usually done to improve the user experience. 

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However, internet tracking can also be used for nefarious purposes, so one must ensure that his data is not being tracked by using VPNs or proxy. For VPN users, this can again raise the question of can VPN be tracked, and for that, you can find the answer in this article.

Now that you're familiar with the term Internet Tracking, let's move on to the next part of the context, how and when these websites can track you while surfing the internet. The following part of the article briefs some famous web tracking methods.

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  • IP Address

Your IP address is always visible to the websites that you visit. Websites use IP address tracking to identify the location, the number of visits, and behavior to determine your preferences. However, if you hide your IP address using a VPN, this practice cannot be carried out.

  • Web Beacon

A web beacon is a practice carried out by websites or emails to track your activities by steering through a series of pages. The web beacons are discreet to monitor your interactions with other websites secretly.

  • Malware

Some of the content you download online contains malware that can track your activities and steal your data for malicious purposes. The malware gains unauthorized access to your device and can cause extensive damage to your system.

  • Browser Fingerprinting

Browser fingerprinting is another tracking technique to use your device settings, search engine proclivities, browser activities, screen resolution to form your digital identity.

  • Cookies

Cookies are small files stored in your browser that help the website recognize you whenever you visit by assembling all the information it collects about you, including your login credentials, most viewed content, etc.

Internet tracking might seem very convenient, but this method can also be used for nefarious purposes. Therefore, you should take security measures to prevent online thefts, and for that, VPN is your ultimate savior.

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VPN provides you secure internet freedom by boosting your privacy. It encrypts your data completely to make it eligible for hackers, but some professional trackers can know that you're using a VPN by using special technologies. But the question of can VPN be tracked remains unanswered. So let's take a closer look at does VPN prevent tracking?

Can a VPN Be Tracked by Government?

Government can easily determine if you're using a VPN by using the "Deep Packet Inspection" method, which manages network traffic to recognize and block VPNs.  The Chinese ISPs mainly use this method to block the connections containing a sensitive keyword.

But you need not fret over this as iTop VPN has introduced its "no-log policy" that does not let the network provider gather your transmitted information. The government or surveillance agencies cannot access your data through this feature as even the network provider will have no influence on the user traffic. So, if you're concerned can VPN be tracked by government, then iTop VPN is the perfect solution for you.

Can a VPN Be Tracked by ISP

So the next thing you must be wondering is, does VPN stop ISP tracking? By all means, there is a strong possibility that ISPs can know if you're connected to a VPN. They won't be able to access your identity, your location, or IP address while you're using VPN for Windows but can see your encrypted data traveling to a remote server through which they can track your VPN. To get around this, one must use a good VPN and avoid free VPNs, as there is a good possibility that free VPNs do not prevent VPN tracking.

iTop VPN values its user's privacy by providing military-grade protection. It encrypts your data in such a way that even if an ISP tries to track your VPN to gain access, the strong encryption will make the information illegible. So iTop VPN is your ultimate solution if you’re anxious over can VPN be tracked by ISP.

Can a Free VPN Prevent Tracking?

Using a VPN free can be very risky because it does not have a proper security system since they are poorly configured. These VPNs can be easily subjected to DNS leaks and reveal your IP address. Moreover, they can be very deceitful as they're likely to sell your confidential data to a third force. 

This ruins the purpose of a VPN. But again, iTop VPN has taken the lead through its exemplary security system. It redirects your data to a configured remote server instead of the ISP server. So, if you're worried that can I be tracked with VPN, then switch to iTop VPN to leave no room for such possibilities.

Can I be Tracked if a VPN Disconnects?

If your next concern is can VPN be tracked if it suddenly disconnects, then we have the perfect solution for you. Disconnecting your device from VPN can expose your IP address as your data is no longer encrypted. The ISP will easily track your activities, and hence you will come on the verge of risk again.

Yet again, iTop VPN didn't disappoint its users in this matter. The amazing "Kill Switch" feature offered by this VPN blocks all the internet traffic until the VPN is connected to the device again. This will save you from any risk and hassle if your VPN disconnects.

Jumping on to your next concern of who can know you're using a VPN and how can VPN be tracked? Well, it is pretty easy to know if someone's using a VPN by simply observing the network traffic and looking for an encrypted connection. Similarly, for someone who has access to the access point of a public Wi-Fi, it is easy to look out for a VPN for WIFI if there is a single IP address.

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But having stable Wi-Fi and clear access to Wi-Fi access points or the router is necessary to know if a user is using a VPN. Therefore, these points should also be kept in mind when contemplating can VPN be tracked. 

On to the last part, in which we will guide you on how to use a VPN in such a way that leaves no room for the query, can VPN be tracked? iTop VPN is one incredible VPN that truly secures your data with its military-grade protection and advanced security features. Besides, it is entitled to the best free VPN for Windows. So let's dive into the guide, specifically for android/iOS but note that iTop VPN is also easily available for windows.

Step 1: Install iTop VPN

The first step is to download and install iTop VPN from your App Store/Play Store. Then open the app, and you will be met by a long list of terms and conditions. Accept those to continue.

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Step 2: Connect iTop VPN with your Device.

Tap "Connect," and the app will ask for your permission to add a VPN configuration. Select "Allow" to proceed. 

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Step 3: Enjoy using iTop VPN.

Now, iTop VPN is enabled on your device, and you can easily access the geo-restricted and blocked content with no trouble. 

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Wrapping Up

Can VPN be tracked is a rising concern of many VPN users because of certain VPN-related mishaps. But to avoid such setbacks, one must do his research on the do's and don'ts when choosing a VPN. Thus, we prefer our readers to choose the VPN with perfect functionality and incredible features, none other than iTop VPN. Give iTop VPN a try, and you'll surely thank us later. 

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