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How to Watch Love Island UK 2023 in the US and Anywhere Abroad for Free

Where to watch Love Island UK, the hot reality TV in 2023? Check this article now and you’ll find out how to watch Love Island UK in the US or anywhere else easily!

Love Island UK, as one of the highest rated love reality series in the UK, premiered on ITV in 2005 and has been lasting for 7 seasons. Recently, the newest season 8 of Love Island 2023 has been a striking topic for youngsters everywhere who are pursuing romantic love stories. Although numerous fans feel attached to watch Love Island UK, some groups of people can’t access the TV program successfully outside the UK for multiple reasons, such as when they are on business trips, going on holidays, or living in another city, etc.  

Where and How to Watch Love Island UK, US and Anywhere Free

Therefore, many people wonder where to watch Love Island and how they can watch Love Island 2023 in the UK or outside the UK for free. Don’t worry, this post will show you how to watch Love Island UK hassle-freely in anyplace besides the UK. Let’s drop into it now!

Why is Love Island UK 2023 so attractive to the audiences? As a hot reality program series, Love Island keeps providing creative and fresh content to its audiences. In the newest season, there are some new special elements as follows:

  • New Villa for Participants: Due to the old property being unavailable this year, all participants of Love Island will live in a new villa, where they can chat with each other and find love in, enjoying nearby craggy coastline and crystal clear shallows.

Watch Love Island UK - New Villa for Participants

  • Brand New Gym: Besides daily entertainment, Love Islanders can go to the newly-built gym with partners for exercising and keep healthy in 2023.

  • Stronger Publicity on Social Media: Love Island programmer rebranded its account name as “The OGs of love” on Twitter. And to attract more audiences, this account has been teasing fans with masses of interesting animated videos.

Since Love Island UK 2023 offers so many bonuses for fans, you must be curious about “Where can I watch Love Island?” No worries. Let’s continue reading to figure it out.

When you’re in the UK now and want to watch Love Island UK, then it’s quite simple. Just remember its air time and TV channels: Love Island aired on June 6 on ITV, with new episodes airing constantly every night, apart from Saturdays.

Where to Watch Love Island UK 2022 in the UK

You can watch the love reality show live on ITV2 at 9pm, GMT/4pm. ET from Sundays to Fridays, not available for Saturdays. In addition, if you miss the live show, don't worry, you can also watch it via ITV Hub and Hulu streaming, which is also available on iTop VPN:

  • Watch Love Island in the UK on ITV2 or ITV Hub.

  • Watch  Love Island in the US on Hulu from June 21.

  • Episodes of Love Island UK are also available to stream on BritBox for audiences the morning after they air.

However, these streaming platforms don't serve all users, when you’re not in the UK, how can you watch Love Island UK in the US, or other areas? To eliminate your anxiety, you can rely on the iTop VPN, a powerful and secure VPN which can help youbreak geo-restriction and access to Love Island fast easily wherever you are for free. More fansinatingly, it offers ITV and Hulu servers to you to watch Love Island directly.

To enjoy Love Island UK anywhere freely, iTop VPN, one of the best Free VPN, can be a wonderful tool for you. With this professional VPN, you’re allowed to watch Love Island in the US without restrictionfreely. As a VPN for Windows/Mac/iOS/Android, it offers 1800+ VPN servers in 100+ locations to users and supports 5-devices connection at the same time. With this powerful tool, you'll have a fantastic experience with highly fast and secureVPN for Love Island streaming!

Why Does iTop VPN Stand out? 

  • Free Access to Watch Love Island UK Without Geo-restriction

    It will help you break geo-restriction of the blocked streaming TV in the UK and get free access to watch Love Island UK in the US or from anywhere, to anywhere. Also, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth for streaming for free.

  • Lightning Speed to Watch Love Island UK Smoothly 

    It will ensure a highly fast and stable network with lightning speed servers across 100+ locations worldwide. You can enjoy high-quality and smooth Love Island episodes without lagging. And to get a higher speed, you can also update to VIP Max speed.

  • VPN for Streaming on ITV and Hulu Directly

    The biggest bonus of iTop VPN is that it offers ITV and Hulu VPN servers for streaming directly. So via iTop VPN, you're allowed to watch Love Island UK anywhere on ITV or Hulu without changing the internect connections, which is very convenient and highly efficient to the audience.

  • Highly Secure to Watch Love Island UK Anywhere

    It will protect your online privacy by hiding all your real IP and online activities, including watching Love Island from your ISPs. Besides, you can get enhanced privacy protection, like ads & malicious links block, browser traces clean, and so on.

Offering so many valuable services, there’s no doubt that iTop VPN is surely the best tool for you. Then how to watch Love Island UK in the US or anywhere with iTop VPN? Keep reading to know more details about watching Love Island with iTop VPN.

As a pupolar reality love show, Love Island UK also attracts so many fans in the US for its funny plots, famous participants all around the world, and the beautiful sceneries of sunny Balearic Island in Majorca. So for people who wonder where can I watch Love Island USA, how to watch Love Island UK with iTop VPN? Get answers below!

Steps to Watch Love Island UK in the US via iTop VPN 

Next, let’s see how to watch Love Island in USA using the iTop VPN in detail.

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN safely on your Windows or other devices.

Step 2. Launch iTop VPN, and click All Servers to find United Kingdom Free London networks in the list.

Watch Love Island UK in the US via iTop VPN - Step 2

Tips: If you need to connect to the UAE VPN, just search the United Arab Emirates VPN in the bar and you can get the UAE network.

Step 3. Click the Connect button to set up the secure VPN.

Watch Love Island UK in the US via iTop VPN - Step 3

Step 4. Go to ITV and search Love Island to start to watch Love Island at once.

Watch Love Island UK in the US via iTop VPN - Step 4


There are many other TV platforms in the UK, like BBC iPlayer, if you want to know how to watch IPL in any other areas outside the UK, just take the same operations as the above.

It’s rather simple, right? Within just one click, you can access the UK network for free and enjoy your favorite Love Island series without a hitch in the US with fast-speed VPN. Download it to enjoy your Love Island in the US now!

Steps to Watch Love Island UK Anywhere via iTop VPN 

Apart from watching Love Island UK in the US, how to watch Love Island free from anywhere abroad? Actually, the answer is extremely simple. iTop VPN is not only the best free VPN for PC to watch Love Island UK in the US, but also supports TV streaming from everywhere once you connect to the proper UK VPN.

Here’s how to do it after downloading iTop VPN:

Step 1. Launch the software and click All Servers similarly. Then input the United Kingdom Free VPN you need in the search bar.

How to Watch Love Island UK from Anywhere Abroad

Step 2. Click “Connect” to watch Love Island UK from anywhere outside of the UK.

In addition to UK VPN, iTop VPN offers 1800+ servers, such as USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Ireland, etc., For instance, you can select Japan Free VPN and click Connect to watch other programs in Japan.

How to Watch Love Island UK - Connect Japan VPN

No matter where you are, once you have connected to the UK internet with iTop VPN, there’s no trouble for you to watch the Love Island season 8 UK easily and fast without payment. What are you waiting for? Download it right now!

The Bottom Line

All in all, when you want to watch Love Island UK anytime, no matter if you're in the UK or US, or anywhere in the world, just connect to the iTop VPN and you’re free to enjoy the amazing TV program smoothly without restrictions. Download it to have fun now!

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