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How to Watch IPL Outside UK with 5 Best VPN Services for Unlocked Content Free

How to watch IPL in USA/UAE and other areas? Read this post to get 5 best VPNs and unblock any content on BBC iPlayer abroad easily. Check these best VPNs for BBC iPlayer now!

Are you encountering this issue while watching BBC iPlayer, like “This content is not available in your location”? How to watch IPL if your VPN for BBC iPlayer is not working? As a popular international media platform, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) iPlayer provides numerous remarkable TV programs and shows only for UK residents, and it will detect certain improper VPNs. So for noun-UK users, you can’t access the blocked content on BBC iPlayer without an anti-detect  VPN .

How to Watch IPL with 5 Best VPNs

Under this annoying situation, it’s advisable for you to choose a professional and anti-detect VPN for BBC iPlayer to unblock any content abroad you want easily. This post will display 5 best VPNs for BBC iPlayer options for you.

Before we start, you need to figure out what kind of VPN you should choose for BBC iPlayer. Here are some standards to help you find the best VPN service for BBC iPlayer as reference.

  • Ability to bypass VPN blocks and unblock any content you want on BBC iPlayer.

  • Hide your IP to protect your VPN from being detected.

  • Offer reliable connection speeds so that you can stream videos smoothly with no lagging.

  • Unlimited data and bandwidth for surfing BBC iPlayer without restriction.

  • Vast server coverage in the UK, which will give you a better streaming experience.

All these standards can assist you to choose the best VPN for watching BBC iPlayer. You can take them if you need. Based on these standards, you’re recommended 5 best options of BBC iPlayer VPN IN the following content. Check them now! 

According to the free VPN for BBC iplayer reddit and masses of professional tests, there are 5 fantastic VPN services that can help you unblock any content on BBC iPlayer. Here is an overall comparison of all 5 VPN services below, which will do good for you to have some previous knowledge.

Overall Comparison of 5 VPN for BBC iPlayer  

Overall Comparison of 5 VPN for BBC iPlayer

Obviously, each VPN service for BBC iPiayer has its special features on providing a network abroad and watching IPL outside the UK. Next, let’s continue to learn more about them in detail one by one.

1. iTop VPN 

The first favorable VPN that can be used for BBC iPlayer is iTop VPN. You can privately access the global Internet, including the UK area at high speeds, and unblock what you want on BBC iPlayer without detection. This free VPN is adaptable for Windows 11/10/8/7, Mac, iOS and Android. With a clear and fashionable interface, it provides unlimited  free and highly secure VPN for users in one-click. Besides BBC iPlayer, it can block various videos, music, social media, and games, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc.


  • Easy to use to connect the VPN

  • Unblock BBC iPlayer without detection

  • Lightning speed and unlimited bandwidth

  • 1800+ VPN servers in 100+ locations

  • High security with best-in-class encryption

  • 5 devices connection at the same time

  • Enhanced privacy protection, such as ads & malicious links block, browser traces clean, etc.


  • Streaming platforms are not so abundant.

Generally, iTop VPN is surely superior in unblocking masses of BBC iPlayer programs and videos as you like. Now, you must be curious about how to watch BBC iPlayer with iTop VPN.  Since there are a large number of demands on how to watch IPL in USA, here’s an example of how to watch IPL in the USA area with iTop VPN. 

How to Watch IPL in USA  with iTop VPN

Follow these 3 simple steps on how to watch BBC iPlayer with a VPN in USA  on iTop VPN right away. 

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN safely on your Windows.

Step 2. Launch iTop VPN, (no need to login), and click All Servers to find UK area networks.

How to Watch IPL with iTop VPN - Step 2

Step 3. Click the “Connect” button to start your free VPN for watching BBC iPlayer at once.

How to Watch IPL with iTop VPN - Step 3

Tips: If you’re wondering how to watch IPL in UAE with United Arab Emirates VPN or any other areas outside UK, just take the same steps as the above.

Extremely simple! Right? With such easy steps, you’re able to enjoy any content on BBC iPlayer now, no matter the fantastic TV shows on the BBC channel or latest BBC news and radios. Don’t hesitate to have a try!

2. ExpressVPN

Besides the iTop VPN, ExpressVPN can also be a free VPN for BBC iPlayer. It can unblock iPlayer around the globe with a series of excellent security features and high speeds. And it’s available for other smart devices like Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox besides Android and iOS. Nevertheless, you can only try it with a risk free trial with its 30-day money back guarantee. When the trial expires, you have to subscribe for the continuing service.

How to Watch IPL with a VPN - ExpressVPN


  • 160 locations in 94 countries

  • Fast speed without restriction

  • Unlimited bandwidth after paying

  • Maximum 5 devices simultaneously

  • Multiple adaptability


  • Expensive subscription plans 

  • Location servers are less than others

3. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN can also be listed as a great solution to VPN unlimited BBC iPlayer not working. With trustworthy encryption technology, ProtonVPN can unblock BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu in security on a maximum of 10 devices simultaneously. While the catch is that you need to pay for the unblocking capability. It suports  VPN for Windows, macOS and other mobile devices. But it deters most people due to its low speed network.

How to Watch IPL with a VPN - ProtonVPN


  • 1700+ servers across 60+ countries

  • Maximum 10 devices simultaneously

  • DNS leak prevention

  • Unlimited data & bandwidth


  • Not 100% free

  • Normal speed

  • Unavailable for Windows/Mac/Android/iOS

  • No 24/7 customer service

4. CyberGhost 

Unlike other VPNs, CyberGhost makes unblocking geo-locked content on BBC iPlayer easier. Instead of guessing at which server you should connect to, CyberGhost will help you choose a proper server based on the video site you want to unblock. The leak protection and a kill switch ensure none of your internet traffic is at risk. But you need to pay for the subscription with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

How to Watch IPL with a VPN - CyberGhost


  • 5,900 servers in 90 countries

  • Low-cost option for multiple plans

  • Easy to use

  • Highly adaptability


  • Not 100% free

  • Not so fast

  • Not available in UAE or China

5. PrivateVPN

The last service that can solve your problem of how to get VPN for BBC iPlayer is PrivateVPN. It boasts solid speeds, which is sufficient for streaming video on BBC iPlayer in high quality for free. You can connect the network on 6 devices at the same time for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. However, it’s not free forever. You can enjoy the free trial for only 2 months.

How to Watch IPL with a VPN - PrivateVPN


  • 10,000 servers in 78 countries

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Fast speed

  • No logs 

  • High-grade privacy and security  


  • Not free forever

  • Doesn't unblock Netflix

  • Not support Smart TVs, Xbox and so on

After learning all these 5 best BBC iPlayer VPNs, do you find the most suitable one now? It’s clear that each of them has its own advantages. While in general, if you are looking for the most cost-effective and powerful anti-detect VPN for accessing BBC iPlayer, the iTop VPN must be the best option for you.

Here are some common FAQs on VPN for BBC iPlayer, you can have a look if necessary.

VPNs Do Not Unblock BBC iPlayer

According to our test, the following VPN can’t unblock BBC iPlayer:

  • PureVPN, 

  • IPVanish

  • HideMyAss

  • Hide.me

  • Betternet

  • LeVPN

  • SuperVPN

  • VPNBook

  • VPNTunnel

  • AnonymousVPN

  • Perfect Privacy

  • Proxy.sh

  • Tunnelr

  • VPN4All

  • EarthVPN

  • GooseVPN

  • iPredator

  • Overplay

  • VPNJack

  • VPN Master

  • TorVPN

What If I Don't Have A UK TV License? 

Accessing to the BBC iPlayer platform now requires users to register a BBC account and input a valid UK postcode. But it will not verify whether or not the registrant actually lives in the postal code the user inputs, so as long as you have a UK IP address, it should be okay.

Can I Use A Free Proxy to Access BBC iPlayer?

No, you can’t. BBC iPlayer is difficult to access with most VPNs and proxies. It will likely detect that you’re using a proxy and prevent you from watching the show. So it’s highly recommended to use the powerful and reliable VPN services mentioned above to access BBC iPlayer from abroad.

The Bottom Line

All in all, how to watch IPL? You’re allowed to choose the best and most suitable VPN for BBC iPlayer from these 5 options based on your preference. Moreover, with iTop VPN, best free VPN for PC and mobile, you’re able to enjoy any fantastic movie, show, speech, etc., with free VPN on your device in just one click. Download and settle your annoying problem now!

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