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Best Free VPN for South Africa to Connect to South Africa

Best VPN South Africa can help you unblock your favorite sites and protect IP. Check best free South Africa VPNs to watch live sports and wanted content.

Are you surfing while in South Africa or on your way there with some internet business in hand? You need a VPN South Africa that cannot tamper with to cover some of your activities. The same applies to those leaving the country who want to watch local content while away. The problem with surfing while in the country is that some platforms are restricted. It’s the effects of the country voting against the UN internet freedom bill. So, if you want to stream American Netflix or Hulu, there may be restrictions unless you have a VPN for South Africa

VPN South Africa

This piece covers the 5 best free South African VPNs you might consider while accessing such platforms. The VPNs we share here will also help you hide your IP as you surf using public Wi-Fi and other hotspots while in the country.

You need a South African VPN for the following reasons.

Stay Safe on a Public Wi-Fi

Despite being convenient, security is one of the significant concerns when using public Wi-Fi. Someone can easily track your online activity as you open your emails, browse the internet, or check your social media updates. In this condition, you can use South Africa VPN to hide IP address and protect your info while using other networks.

Access to Any Content

As we said in the introduction, you cannot stream or watch via specific platforms while in South Africa. To counter the restrictions, you need a VPN for South Africa that allows you to stream, watch and play anytime. All you need is a way to switch VPN servers. That way, you will get a new IP and location with nothing to do with the South African area.

Smart Savings

Suppose you intend to do some research. You'll learn that VPNs' ability to spoof locations can help you save a lot of money. Many businesses providing products and services charge different rates in various places. 

You can save money by changing your location to where they offer lower prices. Therefore, you need to use VPN South Africa to save money during your stay or vacation.

5 Best South African VPN to Choose

If you want to know the best VPN South Africa, we’ve listed some below.

iTop VPN is one of the best free VPNs to use in South Africa, whether to connect South Africa server or other servers around the globe. It has many outstanding features you can’t afford to miss. For instance, it has more than 1800 servers globally, making it highly reliable when hiding your IP. 

It also has military-grade encryption to keep you safe while letting you view any type of content on the web. iTop VPN also stands out by pointing you to dedicated servers for gaming and sports and streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

While it’s a free VPN, iTop VPN comes with many features to ensure you get value for your money. They include privacy protection and getting rid of trackers on your browsers. 

You can use the best free VPN for PC, Mac, Android and iOS to protect your every device. It’s vast, giving you more reasons to give it a shot while surfing in SA. 

What We Like 

  • Military-grade encryption

  • 1800+ servers across the globe

  • Dedicated servers for streaming and gaming

  • Guaranteed privacy protection

Proton VPN should be your number one choice if you need a safe VPN in South Africa compatible with many devices. The company is based in Switzerland and relies on powerful encryption technology.

Proton VPN South Africa

If you give it a shot, you’ll be amazed at the number of platforms Proton VPN can unblock. It does so without interfering with your device’s speed, which is a huge plus.

You’ll also enjoy a high streaming quality while using this VPN in South Africa. There are free and paid plans, depending on how you’d like to enjoy its features.

What We Like 

  • No-logs policy 

  • A well-designed and easy-to-use app

  • Can protect more than one device

Surfshark is one of the cheapest VPNs on the market. You can quickly get one for less than $3 per month. Due to its low rates, you may think it’s not a good one until you try it out.

Surfshark VPN South Africa

You’ll notice that Surfshark is exceptionally safe and compatible with many devices in South Africa. It also boasts robust security features, some of which you may not find when using other average VPNs.

Though Surfshark has a small server network, it can serve you well during your stay in South Africa. For example, it won’t disappoint when you want to open various streaming platforms, such as visit ITV to watch Love Island outside UK,which is one of the recent popular reality dating shows.

It also bypasses VPN blocks, and some servers allow P2P connections. If you have a favorite location, Surfshark will enable you to bookmark it. 

What We Like 

  • Small but stable network

  • Protects your privacy

  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

  • You can bookmark your favorite server locations

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ExpressVPN provides some of the best services, and you won’t break the bank to enjoy its excellent features. Apart from its fantastic privacy practices, ExpressVPN has a substantial global footprint. 

 ExpressVPN South Africa 

This VPN can help mask your device’s IP address and unlock many online platforms. It’s also effortless to use and doesn’t come with strict terms.

You can use this VPN for Windows to protect up to five devices, including your router. So, if you have configured it to cover your router, it will cover all the wirelessly connected devices.

What We Like

  • Ease of use

  • Massive global servers 

  • Realistic terms of use

Another VPN South Africa internet users recommend is ZenMate VPN. It works great and is one of the most affordable options. However, some users report it’s pretty slow compared to its competitors.

ZenMate VPN to South Africa

ZenMate VPN's simple design and ease of use will give you a good user experience as a beginner. It can hide your location and unlock many platforms, among other capabilities.

It comes with free and paid plans, but you should start with the former to see how the tool performs. Also, ZenMate is excellent for protecting data transfers. You can use it for streaming and torrenting. Allowing torrent use here is a massive plus since that’s another service restricted by the South African regulations. 

What We Like

  • Affordable subscription plans

  • High level of privacy and security 

  • 4,200 servers in 80 nations 

You have learned about the best VPN South African authorities cannot detect. If you would like to use one, then we recommend the iTop VPN option. It has more servers for you, and there is military-grade encryption to enjoy while surfing.

So, do you want to enjoy using dedicated streaming servers without any registration or billing information? Here are the steps you need to get started to use the South Africa VPN.

Step 1: Download the VPN for free trial no credit card, install and launch it to proceed.

Step 2: On the main interface, click the big button that says ‘Connect’ to get connected and hide your IP. 

Choose South Africa VPN Server

Step 3: Once connected, your IP is hidden and can access other features via the menu on the left if you need to stream or play games.

iTop VPN will also help you protect your device while surfing. You can visit the ‘Privacy Protection’ tab on the left menu to enhance browser privacy, block ads, and more.

For more VPN servers distributed in the world for various streaming sites, you may be interested in:


Up to this stage, you already know some of the best free VPN South Africa users recommend and use. However, you should understand that they come with different features. If you want guaranteed protection while surfing any content freely, try the iTop VPN. It will give you access to more servers to hide your IP as you stream via restricted platforms without worrying about geo-restriction.

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