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Best 5 VPN for USA that Have Fast US Servers 2024

This post gathers the 5 best VPNs for USA free to help worldwide users to access US sites, and enjoy the best quality US servers. Let’s see how to download and use these free VPNs.

Still don’t have a handy VPN to help you access the great American sites? Want to get a forever free USA VPN but worry about the speed and unstable connection? This article introduces 6 qualified best VPN for USA to help you free access to any sites in the world, with IP hidden and data encrypted. 

Best VPN for USA - Cover

The best VPN for USA should have a good performance on protecting your private data, say, safely connecting to public Wifi, hiding your IP, and blocking ads on websites. 

Another demands that users find necessary of a good VPN USA is that they need to be fast, stable, and free. So that they can be a good assistant in helping users access all kinds of splendid websites - Netflix, Disney+. HBO, BBC iPlayer, etc. 

  • Best Stable and Smooth United States Servers

The quality of US servers of each VPN can vary a lot. Do make sure that the VPN you choose is smooth and stable given that very rare VPN providers are ill afforded the price to buy the best servers from Amazon.

  • Successful Access to Netflix, HBO, Disney+, etc.

The most obvious factor that distinguishes normal VPNs from powerful VPNs is whether they can allow users to gain successful access to the major streaming sites. It is not a big secret that Netflix is strict on its audience, with ordinary VPNs banned. 

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  • Fast Speed

Free VPNs are usually slow in speed. No buffering in streaming, no choppy videos, no sudden disconnections, everything should be promised in utter smoothness and fast velocity.

  • Free to Use

There are free VPN services in the market, but mostly they are disappointing to users. In another word, finding a qualified and safe free VPN is a tough job. 

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iTop VPN is one of the most influential VPNs in this market. As a matter of fact, it is a premium VPN that offers free services for all users. 700 MB of free data every day can help you effortlessly visit any website in the USA or any other place.

This free VPN unlocks its premium USA server to all its users, without charging a single dime. The exclusive server is stable, fast, secretly encrypted, and packed up with many other useful features including Ads block, safe browsing, ISP throttling break, Internet speed up, etc. 

  • How to Get the best free VPN for USA to unblock the blocked sites?

Step 1. Download iTop VPN and finish the steps of installation. 

Step 2. Browse the free server list and find the quality USA server. Select it as the one and hit ‘Connect’ when you find it. 

iTop VPN Provides Best USA Server

Step 3. Now you can feel free to visit any sites you used to be blocked away. You are now gaining every access to the Internet. 

#1. iTop VPN - Strongest VPN with 700 MB of free data every day

Connect to USA Server with iTop VPN

Working on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook, this VPN boasts of its premium quality of USA servers. It bought the servers from Amazon, whose server is the strongest of all time, stable, lightning-fast, ultra-secure, and has no leak of private info. This best free VPN for Windows promises to offer users the smoothest experience in surfing the Internet. 

iTop VPN could be used to protect your Wifi, shield your hotspot, prevent you from email attacks, and avoid the leak of private info. And the features it opens to its users are just helpful: split tunneling, premium protocols, IPv6, DNS leak protection, etc. 


  1. Data encryption

  2. Ads block

  3. Kill switch

  4. Website unblocker

  5. Remove ISP throttling


  1. Quality USA server, free to use

  2. Ultra-fast speed in loading the websites

  3. Stable connection, no sudden cut-off

  4. One-click solution for accessing the blocked area

  5. Free data every day

  6. No log policy


  • Need to buy a license to unlock the unlimited bandwidth

License for Premium Version:

$55.44 for a 2-year license

#2. Proton VPN - free VPN with many options

Connect to USA Server with Proton VPN

Working on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chromebook, Proton VPN is also a good choice for connecting to US servers. This VPN is registered in Switzerland, and so far is able to offer the freest servers this market has ever seen. This VPN is created with all the significant features that belong to a qualified VPN - split tunneling, kill switch, IPv6, etc. 


  1. Free servers to use

  2. All platform supported

  3. Multiple settings to manually configure


  1. Plenty of free servers to use

  2. Intuitive interfaces

  3. No lag VPN

  4. 30-day money back policy

  5. No-log policy


  1. Expensive license

  2. Free servers’ speed is slow

  3. Free servers’ speed is unstable

License for Premium Version:

$96.00 for a one-year license

#3. Pure VPN - secure protocols and seamless streaming

Connect to USA Server with Pure VPN

PureVPN is a safe and secure VPN, with free services for USA servers. The best part of this Application that distinguishes it from other competitors is that it is super suited for online streaming. It can help users to gain access to Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and DAZN. Since the video vendors impose the strictest rules on IP and DNS, if you can visit them effortlessly, it will be no problem to visit other sites in USA, be they casino, gambling, or some secret sites. 


  1. DNS leak protection

  2. Port forwarding

  3. Split tunning

  4. Dynamic IP address

  5. Ad blocker

  6. Kill switch


  1. Good for torrenting

  2. Good for streaming

  3. 31-day money back policy

  4. Possess the best servers in the market

  5. Fast upload speed 


  1. The download speed is a great letdown

License for Premium Version:

$53.95 for a 2-year license

#4. SurfShark VPN - Newcomer yet powerful VPN for USA

Connect to USA Server with Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN offers its users up to 10Gbit servers, with the best USA server included. This best VPN for USA doesn’t share a long history in the industry of VPN, but the performance it manages to deliver is impressive. First of all, it is actually very powerful VPN with secure data protection and fast speed in streaming, downloading, and uploading, meanwhile it offers users 7 days free trial to experience its premium services. 


  1. Static IP address

  2. Secure data encryption

  3. Kill switch

  4. DNS protection

  5. Secure protocols


  1. Blazing-fast speed

  2. Family can share a license

  3. Visit browsers privately

  4. 30-day money back policy


  1. Fewer servers compared with other magnate VPN providers

  2. Lower speed compared with other magnate VPN providers

License for Premium Version:

$59.76 for a 2-year license

#5. TunnelBear VPN - free US VPN chrome 

Connect to USA Server with TunnelBear VPN

As the lightweight and instant solution to use a USA server in this passage, TunnelBear VPN is selected as the best VPN for USA. This VPN is most frequently in service on Chromebook. No download, no installation, build TunnelBear VPN to your browser and activate it with a simple click. However, compared with desktop software, the chrome extension may disappoint you in that it does not provide extraordinary performance in region unblock or Ip change. The best part of this best VPN for USA is that it is easily obtained and free to use. 


  1. Data masking

  2. Kill switch

  3. Split tunneling

  4. IKEv2 Protocol/AES-256 Protocol

  5. Prevent DNS leaks


  1. 500MB free data per month

  2. Break ISP throttling

  3. Change IP

  4. Easily visit government blocked sites

  5. Suitable for most mainstream browsers


  1. Fewer servers

  2. Slower speed

License for Premium Version:

$207.00 for a one-year license.


This article is a guide for those who seek the solution of the best VPN for USA. For both groups of people, no matter those who want to see the exotic world outside of the USA and those who want to gain safe access to USA websites, a VPN is always a good choice. iTop VPN is one of the most reliable VPN for Windwos as well as optimum choices for you to freely use a USA server. Please don’t hesitate and feel free to download it.

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