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Best 5 Thailand VPN in 2024 - Free Thai VPN to Bypass Geo-Blocking

Blocked from Thai web content? There are 5 best Thailand VPN to help Thai people get a new IP and unlock region bans. Enjoy Thai content now with a free VPN!

Thailand server VPN could be a very helpful tool in unlocking blocked content world-widely. For non-Thai residents, a Thailand VPN can make it possible to stream popular Thai TV series on MCOT, ThaiRath TV, and BBTV Channel 7, just to name a few. It’s also a solution to viewing sites and services that are only offered to Thai locals, including some sensitive activities such as payment transactions. 

For Thai inhabitants, A free Thai VPN is a great approach to bypass geo-restrictions and access foreign websites like Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, etc. Meanwhile, it represents to be an effective method of hiding the Thai IP and thus protecting the user’s online security and privacy. This passage will satisfy both groups of readers, introducing an all-in-one VPN that offers a dedicated Thai server as well as the options to access any website in the world.

Free VPN Thailand - Cover

If you are fascinated about Thailand and want to dig more into local Thai sites, a VPN Thailand is able to bypass Thai Geo-restriction with a virtual IP address of the Thailand server and makes all blocked content and service available. Below are a few things that a Thailand VPN server is capable to accomplish.

  • What You Can Do with Thailand VPN Server? 

Whether you use a free Thai VPN for entertainment, say, TV series or Steam gaming, or for enhanced online security and privacy, a Thai IP can take care of all. 

1. TV Channels. 

The dramatic plotting and complicated character relations of Thai TV series definitely catch the eye of the audience. A Thailand VPN server allows you to freely access and stream as many TV channels as possible. 

2. Change Steam Region. 

With a Thai IP, you can switch the store country and go for geo-restricted games, discounts, and better deals. Click to see: How to Change Steam Region

3. Simply Mask Your IP & Protect Your Data. 

With the cover of a Thailand VPN server, the possibility of personal data exposure is effectively reduced.

4. Bypass ISP Throttling and Speed up Your Network. 

ISP Throttling restricts your internet bandwidth but a Thailand server circumvents it and offers a higher traffic speed.

  • How to Connect to A Dedicated VPN Thailand Server?

Among all VPN providers in the market, iTop VPN’s Thailand server is one of the best for you to stably unblock and visit Thai websites without hassle. 

Step 1: Free download, install and launch iTop VPN.

Step 2: Click the All Servers option on the left side bar. Then find and connect to the Thailand VPN server.

VPN Thailand Connected to Thai Servers

Step 3: Double-check your IP address in Home page. Then open your browser and enjoy Thailand web content.

Connect to iTop VPN for Thailand Server

For local Thai people, it’s inevitable to face regional bans when visiting foreign websites. For instance, major streaming platforms like HBO, Netflix, and Hulu, all block access from Thailand. Fortunately, with the help of iTop VPN - the free VPN that offers stable servers, Thai residents are permitted to bypass geo-blocking with no restrictions. 

Free Unlimited VPN Thailand That Helps Thai People Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Unblocking region bans can be quite easy with the free and unlimited VPN provider, iTop VPN. Here’s how.

Step 1: Free download, install and run iTop VPN. VPN for Android or iOS is also available. 

Step 2: Click the Connect button in the middle.

Thailand VPN Main Interface

Step 3: You can choose servers based on different needs, for gaming, steaming, and social. Or you can select the server based on a specific geography. 

iTop VPN Streaming Services for Thailand

iTop VPN makes sure that every Thailand user can enjoy the best VPN service from the numerous servers listed.

Virtues of iTop VPN Thailand

As the best VPN in Thailand, iTop VPN is given high credits due to the many advantages it owns. Stable performance and fast speed, with no exaggeration, that this VPN is the best free VPN for Windows 10.

1. Best encryption of data

Be it a Mac model, a Windows PC, an Android phone, or an iPhone, iTop VPN gets along with all devices pretty well. This safe VPN promises the most secure transfer of data. 

2. 700MB data per day. 

This free Thai VPN caters to users with 700MB of free data every day, monthly 21 GB in total, which certainly ticks all the boxes. 

3. Numerous servers are offered. 

From more than 1800 servers, users can reach almost every corner of the world with one click.

4. Unlimited bandwidth. 

iTop VPN Thailand makes it possible to mitigate the impact of ISP Throttling and greatly accelerate data speed.

5. Significant boost of network speed. 

With iTop VPN connected, the network speed even surpasses the original speed and is proven to handle large file downloads.  

Besides iTop VPN, there are other free Thailand VPNs, each equipped with unique features. If you prefer more options to choose from, read on to see how they perform in terms of the quality of Thailand servers, the free service they provide, and other aspects you might be interested to know. You may also want to see: Best Free VPN in UAE.

#1. ProtonVPN - Free VPN, Low Speed

Starting with email secure services in 2014, ProtonVPN later introduced a free VPN service to the public. Due to the strict privacy regulations in its base, Switzerland, ProtonVPN is trusted and relied on by users around the world.


  • Free VPN plans are available. The free plan comes with three baselines, USA, UK, Netherlands, and Japan, which can meet the basic demand.

  • Multiple Thailand servers within a paid plan. If you’d like to invest some money, ProtonVPN offers 8 servers in Thailand, much more than other VPN providers.


  • No free Thailand server. Though ProtonVPN offers a free plan, unfortunately, the server does not include Thailand. 

  • Limited speed. Compared with other free VPN services, the speed of ProtonVPN is relatively slower.

#2. TunnelBear VPN - 500MB Free Data Per Month

Cute user interface with a bear, simple and quick operation, and independent audits performed, TunnelBear VPN is really welcomed by users for good reasons. 


  • Free data up to 500MB per month. TunnelBear VPN present 500MB of browsing data every month for free. 

  • No logs were saved. TunnelBear promises that they won’t keep the log of users’ online activities and endeavors to maintain user privacy.


  • No servers in Thailand. It’s disappointing but TunnelBear doesn’t support any Thailand servers yet. 

  • Fewer servers compared with other free VPN services. It might be a good idea to work on exploring more tunnels for TunnelBear. 

#3. ExpressVPN - 30 Days Money Back Policy

As the undoubtedly leading VPN provider, ExpressVPN is well known for its fast speeds and advanced security. But how does it perform in Thailand?


  • 30 days risk-free money-back guarantee. This refund policy can be considered as a 30-day free trial with no limits.

  • Massive servers to choose from. ExpressVPN manages to connect to 160 servers from more than 90 locations, including VPN Thailand.


  • Slightly pricy. The lowest monthly cost can reach $6.67 after the 30-day free trial, which is definitely more expensive than its rivals.  

#4. HotSpot Shield VPN - 500MB Free Data Per Day

HotSpot Shield VPN was verified as the world’s fastest VPN 2020 with the speed reaching a maximum of 1 Gbps. 


  • Free 7-day trial. The free plan comes with 500MB of free data per day. The speed maintains up to 2 Mbps.


  • The free plan doesn’t cover Thailand servers. The trial version only supports one virtual location and unfortunately, it’s not Thailand.


There are multiple Thailand VPNs - some show excellent performance in server options, some represent lightning-fast speed, and some bring you premier security, in the meantime, each has its flaws. If there’s one product that caters to both Thai people and foreigners, that must be iTop VPN, your ultimate solution to unblock foreign websites and visit local Thai websites with a dedicated Thai server, excellent data speed, and military-grade protection to the traffic.

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