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VPN Download Mac Free - Best Free VPN for Mac

If you want to access blocked websites, games, or streaming platforms safely and securely, here is the VPN download Mac free that is the best for you.

Being the products of Apple, Macs is known as devices that are secure, protected, and private. Even though they are the most resistant to third-party threats, they too need another layer of security and a VPN for Mac makes that possible. 

Best VPN Download Mac Free

If you opt for a free download VPN for Mac, not only will you be able to mask your identity but you will also be able to unblock websites and streaming services that are blocked in your area. The advantages of a Mac VPN are not only limited to that. This article will comprehensively brief you about free VPN download Mac and how you can use it to get the most out of it.

When it comes to the best VPN download Mac free, iTop VPN is on the top of the list. It has a strong network coverage and its servers are spread throughout more than 100 locations in the world. The VPN supports up to 5 devices at any given time. So, it doesn’t matter which country you are in, you can download iTop VPN for Mac free.


Not only that, further usage of its services and tools doesn’t cost you a penny. Although it has free servers and VIP servers, you can get the VIP treatment for free on some operating systems. All you have to do is watch an ad for a few seconds and you will have access to VIP servers. Moreover, iTop VPN categorizes its server for different purposes. We will reflect more on that later in the article. For now, if you want to assure that your privacy and security are protected at all times, VPN download Mac free is the way to go. 

Next, we will discuss how you can use iTop VPN for your Mac device and use its services.

Follow the steps given below to use the free VPN appropriately for your Mac device.

Step 1: download iTop VPN for mac

The first step requires you to VPN download Mac by clicking the button below. You can also visit its official website www.itopvpn.com and download it directly from there. After downloading, install it on your Mac device and before that, make sure that enough space is available on your Mac. 

Step 2: choose servers from iTop VPN

Launch the application on your Mac and from the main screen, you will see a list of servers divided into different categories. Just pick a server that is the most suitable in terms of speed and location and click the Connect button on the right. 

Servers of iTop VPN Download Mac FreeStep 3: connect to iTop VPN

You’ll be directed to the main screen with a “Connect” button in the middle, which means you’ve connected to a server successfully. Now you can start surfing the internet without having to worry about anything.

Connect To iTop VPN Download Mac Free

If you decide to use iTop VPN as your VPN download Mac free, you will be offered the following features and advantages in terms of security and privacy.

Strong Encryption

iTop VPN puts security and privacy above anything else. With military-grade encryption, it makes that possible. By masking your identity, location, and IP, it makes sure that your activities are not exposed to the government, third parties, or hackers. Once you are connected, you can also use the privacy protection tool to further strengthen your stand.

No-log Policy

A VPN that logs your data is as bad as having to hand over your browsing history to your internet services provider. Logging data means your history is stored and if need be, it can be sold. The safe VPN, iTop VPN takes the no-logs policy seriously and it has proved that. It doesn’t store any of your data to provide you with peace of mind.


When it comes to protecting your Mac from virus attacks from any source, iTop VPN, functioned as an anti-virus VPN, has that covered for you too. Virus and malware can be detected, scanned, and removed. More security issues can be fixed as well. So, if you are browsing, downloading, gaming, streaming, or torrenting, you will always be secure from viruses of every kind.

Scan and Clear Private Info and Data

While using the internet on your Mac, you may have to use banking applications and others where you provide sensitive information like your passwords, pins, account numbers, or any other. These information, if fallen into wrong hands, can harm you financially. iTop VPN as a VPN download Mac free keeps you secure on that front too. First of all, it doesn’t store any data, so while you are using it, you are in safe hands. If you have private information stored in your browsing, you can use iTop VPN to scan for that private data. After that, you can clear all the information that may be used to harm you in any way.

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With iTop VPN, you have access to any website in the world no matter if it is available or blocked in your country. With its servers located all over the world, you can enjoy the best and fastest surfing speeds for any website. Here are the different features of iTop VPN in this genre.

Free to Download and Use on Mac

As has been mentioned already, iTop VPN is totally free to install and use on your Mac. It has 1800+ servers which is more than most alternative VPN provides. These servers are spread over 100+ locations in different countries. So, accessing blocked or restricted websites from anywhere is possible with the best free VPN for Mac. You can use iTop VPN on up to 5 devices simultaneously. Moreover, it provides unlimited bandwidth so that you don’t run out of data while surfing.

Free Mac VPN No Registration

Most of the VPN services available require you to register first to use their resources. That’s not true in the case of the iTop VPN. As soon as you install and launch iTop VPN, you are taken to a page where you can directly select a server and connect to a VPN. No registration is required for you to use it. Also, the performance of the VPN is not affected by the fact that you have not registered. You can register with iTop VPN but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. 

Dedicated Servers for Streaming, Gaming and Social

iTop VPN has different categories of servers: streaming, gaming, social. Every category has servers that provide the best performance for that specific purpose. This feature makes it easy for you to select appropriate and best-performing servers for different activities. 

3 VPN protocols

iTop VPN uses three different protocols named as: UDP, TCP, and HTTPS. If you want to unblock websites or bypass geo-restrictions, HTTPS is the best option for you. The UDP protocol provides you with the fastest speeds and it is the most appropriate for gaming and streaming. The TCP protocol is aimed more toward your security and privacy. If you use TCP protocol, you will get the best protection against outside threats but it may slow down the speed of your internet.


So, if you have a Mac, you need use it for surfing the internet, gaming, streaming, and other purposes. While surfing, if you come across a website that is blocked in your region, you will need a Mac VPN to unblock it. iTop VPN is the best VPN download Mac free as it bypasses every restriction that you might be facing. The same is true with iTop VPN if you want to access streaming services or games that are not available in your region. iTop VPN does all that while keeping you safe and your information private. So, download iTop VPN for your Mac now and install it to enjoy unrestricted surfing, gaming, and streaming.



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