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5 Best Paid VPN for Mac Devices in 2022

Looking for the best paid VPN for Mac devices? The article gathers the top 5 best VPN clients for Mac users. Keep reading and find a cost-effective VPN to improve your privacy status.

It is generally acknowledged that Macs are more secure than Windows personal computers. Apple has not only included its proprietary antivirus software XProtect on all Mac devices but also patches macOS vulnerabilities regularly to protect your Mac from cybercriminals. Meanwhile, Apple has a series of powerful built-in security features like on-the-fly encryption, Touch ID, hardware-verified secure boot, and Gatekeeper to boost security.

Best Paid VPN for Mac

However, people still face having their data and online privacy compromised, even with high-level protection. Therefore, utilizing a Mac VPN is necessary to anonymize the internet traffic and protect online privacy. This article has gathered the five best paid VPN for Mac devices. Choose one that suits you most and get the best VPN client for MacBook or iMac.

VPNs have plenty of benefits, including traffic encryption, anonymous browsing, IP disguising, etc. How to pick up a VPN for Mac best out of hundreds of products on the market? Consider the following criteria when choosing the best paid VPN for Mac.

Criteria Help Decide the Best Paid VPN for Mac Users

Powerful Privacy

The privacy should be the top factor on your list. Can the Mac VPN guarantee a safe internet connection? Does it have security enhancement tools such as Kill Switch, Adblock, No Log Policy, and Browser Traces Clearing function?

Know Your Use

In addition, figuring out what you need a VPN for is helpful to make the right decision. Do you need it for torrenting, streaming, or gaming? Do you want a VPN for the entire household or just for personal use?

Data Cap Limit

Some VPNs set a data cap, so people will no longer enjoy the service any more when reaching the limit. If the case is your concern, it is better to choose a VPN offering unlimited bandwidth to get around throttling.

Bandwidth Speed

While ensuring privacy and security online, speed is another paramount evaluation for the best paid VPN for Mac. In fact, all VPNs decrease bandwidth speed to some degree, yet the ability to customize different configurations based on purposes will make a difference to improve speed. It is also one of the deciding factors when choosing a VPN for Mac.

Number and Location of Servers

An excellent Mac VPN must have sufficient server lines covering most of the needed locations so that people can get connected and surf the internet with protection.

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The iTop VPN has free and paid subscriptions that can satisfy the needs of different people. Its native app is compatible with the macOS 10.15 or later operating systems, including macOS Big Sur, Monterey, Catalina, etc. Apart from high compatibility, iTop VPN also provides 1800+ premium servers in more than 100 locations, making people access any site freely, and unblock global content easily.

The main features of the best paid VPN for Mac include:

  • Military encryption

  • No log policy

  • IP configure

  • Split tunneling

  • Kill switch

  • Simultaneous connections up to five devices

  • Block ads

  • Quick Access to Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Facebook, Tiktok, and WhatsApp.

Here is the tutorial on how to use iTop VPN on Mac.

Step 1: Installation.

Download iTop VPN from the official website and follow the wizard to install it on your Mac computer.

Step 2: Select a server.

Expand the Home Tab, and click the All Server to choose a line you wish to connect. 

How to Use the Best VPN Client for Mac Step 2

Step 3: Connect.

Hit the red Connect button. When the red circle turns into blue, it indicates a successful connection.

How to Use the Best VPN Client for Mac Step 3

2. Atlas VPN

Making digital privacy and security accessible to everyone, Atlas VPN is one of the best paid VPN for Mac users. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has quickly developed and made a great stride in subscriber number. Until now, Atlas VPN has owned more than six million loyal customers worldwide. In 2021, Atlas VPN became a part of Nord Security, the leader in the cybersecurity market, and the action has further solidified Atlas VPN’s brand portfolio of providing advanced cybersecurity.

The followings are the highlights of the best paid VPN for Mac: Atlas VPN

  • Solid no-logs policy

  • 750+ premium servers, including ultra-secure Privacy Pro & streaming servers.

  • 4 K fast streaming

  • Unlimited devices for connection

  • Network Kill Switch

  • Data Breach Monitor

  • SaferSwap to further bolster digital anonymity

  • WireGuard® protocol for a more secure browsing experience

  • Split tunneling

Best Paid VPN for Mac Devices Atlas VPN

3. TunnelBear

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, TunnelBear is an award-winning VPN, having lightning-fast servers in more than 49 countries. Thanks to its strong AES 256-bit encryption, TunnelBear can protect online activities from hackers, third-parties trackers, and malware. What's more, TunnelBear is the only VPN in the world that publishes an independent security audit annually. For that reason, the TunnelBear network is more reliable in keeping private data safe and sound. 

Below is a feature list of the best paid VPN for Mac: TunnelBear

  • Intuitive interface that is incredibly simple to use

  • Vigilant mode to block unsecured traffic when it is disconnected. 

  • Launch at startup and always stay connected.

  • A strict privacy policy that never monitors, logs, or sells your information.

  • Up to five connections at one paid account.

  • GhostBear makes your encrypted data less detectable.

Best Paid VPN for Mac Devices TunnelBear

4. Urban VPN

Founded in 2018, Urban VPN belongs to Urban Cyber Security Inc, a company known for advanced cyber security. Having no assorted functions like auto-connect, kill switch or DNS protection, Urban VPN only provides all the basics you need. Therefore, it is a good option for beginners looking for extreme simplicity and caring less about privacy.

  • Have 80+ servers covering major cities worldwide.

  • No registration is required.

  • Defeat ISP throttling.

  • Unlimited bandwidth.

  • Unblock global content and get complete access to any website.

  • Support unlimited device connections at a fast speed.

  • Quickly change IPs according to the desired location.

VPN for Mac Best Urban VPN

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5. Psiphon VPN

Psiphon VPN is an open-source application that employs a variety of blocking-resilient protocols and provides a secure network solution for its user. People can enjoy optimized connections and access to the uncensored internet with boosted speeds.

Let's take a look at the features of the best paid VPN for mac and stay anonymous with Psiphon VPN!

  • Constantly changing servers for a more secure network.

  • Use SSH (Secure Shell) to protect your traffic.

  • Severs locating in 20 countries.

  • No registration is needed.

  • Bypass firewalls that other VPNs can't break.

  • No bandwidth limits.

Best Paid VPN for Mac Devices Psiphon VPN

Best VPN for Mac iTop VPN Atlas VPN TunnelBear Urban VPN Psiphon VPN
Supported Operation Systems macOS
Windows Windows Windows Windows
Android macOS macOS macOS Mac M1
iOS Android Android Android Android
Windows iOS iOS iOS iOS

Android TV

Amazon Fire TV

Cheapest prices(Long-term) $1.66/mo $1.99/mo $3.33/mo free $8.33/mo
Free VPN version Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free trial (premium) 3 Day 7 Day No Free No
Simultaneous connections 5 Unlimited devices 5 Unlimited devices 1
Security level High High High Low High
No-logging policy Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speed Fast Fast Fast Medium Fast

In conclusion, the article introduces the five best paid VPN for Mac and they are respectively iTop VPN, Atlas VPN, TunnelBear VPN, Urban VPN, and Psiphon VPN. From the view of cost-effectiveness, iTop VPN is the most affordable and safe VPN for Mac best. We strongly recommend downloading it and using iTop to improve your digital privacy.

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