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6 Best Antivirus VPN to Protect Your Devices

Looking for antivirus with VPN included software on your PC? This page tells 6 best antivirus VPNs for secure internet connection.

The internet is a double-edged sword as it enriches our daily life on the one hand while on the other hand, it brings a variety of threats to us, including viruses. Viruses here are not a biological concept but some malware that lurk in the documents you receive, the links you click, or the applications you download. And once your device gets infected by viruses, not only will your computer break down but also your private files, password, and personal information could be leaked all over the internet.

Best VPN Antivirus

VPN has been widely used for its security and privacy. Even though, antivirus software is necessary to protect your device from malware. So there are many antivirus providers that include VPN with antivirus services as part of security suites. In case you get dazzled by numerous VPN antivirus software in the market, this post walks you through the 6 best VPNs with antivirus software in 2023. Continue reading and select the best antivirus with VPN for yourself!

You probably are wondering "How should I choose between an 'Antivirus with VPN' and a 'VPN with Antivirus feature'?" The truth is, choosing a VPN with antivirus software is a promise of double protection from attacks of spies, viruses, hackers, and scammers. It's acknowledged that antivirus software and VPN tool are responsible for different security issues. To be specific, an antivirus program is good at detecting, identifying, and removing offline viruses, adware, and other malware which could lead to invading and attacking your devices, while a VPN tool prevents your privacy and online activities from monitoring and tracking.

Therefore, it's necessary to choose a VPN with antivirus features, instead of an antivirus with VPN, to protect your privacy from online and offline attacks because they are designed to work together rather than compete with each other. One works at the device level and the other at the network level.

Obviously, it's not about choosing between antivirus and VPN software since they are complementary. On the contrary, your point should focus on finding the best VPN antivirus application for your Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android phone, etc.

Then, which is the best VPN antivirus? In this part, 6 high-quality VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android with antivirus functions are collected, reviewed, and compared from aspects of features, functions, pricing, user experience, and so on. Let's check them one by one before you can select the best from the list.

1. Norton Secure VPN

The first reviewed VPN antivirus software is Norton. This professional antivirus provider develops its own VPN tool, called Norton Secure VPN. It is freely integrated into all Norton 360 antivirus products with unlimited bandwidth, making it an antivirus with VPN. Norton Secure VPN enables virus protection for up to 10 devices, supporting Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, meanwhile offering VPN service by working with Netflix servers from 28 regions.

VPN with Antivirus - Norton Secure VPN

Though Norton Secure VPN antivirus comes with affordable and flexible pricing and 60-days money-back guarantee, it has a clunky client, lacks extra features, and supports fewer VPN server locations compared with other VPN antivirus tools.

Important features of Norton Secure VPN:

  • Kill switch

  • Split tunneling

  • no-log policy

  • Unblock websites

  • Anonymous Browsing

2.  AVG Secure VPN

The VPN antivirus coming after Norton is AVG Secure VPN, which encrypts your network connection and keeps you anonymous online by routing your IP address through 50 servers. A combination of AVG Secure VPN and its Internet Security package protects your device from viruses, malware, suspicious emails, and online activity tracking. AVG Secure VPN with antivirus features supports up to 10 devices and is compatible with all major platforms, including Mac, PC, Android, iPad, and iPhone. This VPN antivirus offers a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

VPN with Antivirus - AVG Secure VPN

However, you should know that AVG is a part of Avast, whose secure VPN software doesn't offer any no-logs policy. Therefore, this VPN antivirus software may not be the best antivirus VPN for you if speed and privacy are the main concern for you.

Important features of AVG Secure VPN:

  • Military-grade encryption

  • Over 50 locations to choose

  • Works in up to 10 devices simultaneously

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Secure Wi-Fi connection

3.  Bitdefender Premium VPN

Bitdefender Antivirus is another prominent antivirus VPN available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS users. It encrypts all incoming and outgoing traffic from your device to protect your online privacy. Bitdefender offers lightning-fast and free antivirus that can predict, identify, detect and eliminate all kinds of cyber-threats, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, zero-day exploits, rootkits, and spyware. A bundled purchase of Bitdefender Premium VPN and Bitdefender Antivirus allows full-scale online protection and anonymity as well as VPN protection for up to 10 devices by connecting with 1300+ servers in over 45 countries.

VPN with Antivirus - Bitdefender Premium VPN

Nevertheless, the free Bitdefender VPN antivirus limits protection of 200 MB daily traffic per device, making it less attractive among the other VPNs with antivirus programs.

Important features of Bitdefender VPN:

  • No traffic logs policy

  • Block unwanted ads

  • More than 50+ countries

  • AES-256 encryption

  • 10-device simultaneous connections

  • unlimited traffic

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4.  iTop VPN

The next recommended VPN with antivirus is iTop VPN. The transmission control protocol (TCP) in iTop VPN provides you military-grade protection, making it one of the best VPNs choices to protect your identity and online history from exposure and tracking of data theft, hackers, authorities, and advertisers while you are online shopping, banking, meeting, streaming, and downloading. Besides, based on DNS protection and Kill Switch, iTop VPN can automatically prevent virus attacks when your device is disconnected from the VPN service for some reason. It outperforms the rest 5 by over 1800 VPN servers in 100+ locations.

With a user-friendly interface and wallet-friendly price, iTop VPN is a VPN with antivirus known for virus and malware removal from macOS devices and comprehensive privacy and security on PC and other devices.

Important features of iTop VPN:

  • ASE-256 encryption

  • No-log policy

  • Block ads 

  • Split tunneling

  • Unlimited traffic and bandwidth

  • Dedicated servers for streaming, gaming and social media

5. BullGuard VPN

BullGuard VPN is more expensive than other VPN virus software, especially for VPN service providers who are new to the VPN competition. The 30-day refund policy is only included in yearly subscriptions. Anyhow, it provides a relatively satisfying VPN speed from 2000+ servers across 16 countries and can unblock main streaming websites.

VPN with Antivirus - BullGuard VPNTo be strict, it's not a complete VPN antivirus since BullGuard VPN is separate from its free antivirus package, meaning you need to buy and download two different products. If you can tolerate this to get a VPN and antivirus combination, your privacy will be under protection by receiving a warning before you enter a website known for stealing sensitive data and blocking connection requests from uninvited devices. Unfortunately, BullGuard VPN is not working on iOS devices. Now BullGuard products have transitioned to Norton as they belong to one company.

6. Avast SecureLine VPN

Avast SecureLine VPN is one of four flagship products of Avast company, and other the three are Free Antivirus, Cleanup Premium, and Passwords Premium software. Avast SecureLine VPN is able to hide your online activity from hackers, employers, ISPs, and more. It sets up servers in 55 locations in 34 countries with fast speed. However, to make Avast SecureLine VPN become an antivirus VPN, you need to additionally download and install Avast Antivirus for a high-security level to protect your device from viruses, ransomware, zero-day threats, and Wi-Fi vulnerabilities.

VPN with Antivirus - Avast SecureLine VPNAvast antivirus VPN software can simultaneously protect 10 devices without bandwidth limits. But its price is a little bit higher than iTop VPN, though it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Important features of Avast SecureLine VPN:

  • Protect public Wi-Fi connection

  • unblock your favorite content

  • 700 servers in 34 countries

  • access Android TV

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In a hurry? Simply check this intuitive comparison table of the 6 best VPN antivirus apps. As you can tell, iTop VPN is the best VPN free with antivirus as it costs the least but provides the most comprehensive features both in internet protection and local device protection.

VPNs  Pricing VPN Servers Free Trial Operating System

Norton Secure VPN

$44.67/Year 3000 in 20 countries 7 days Windows, Android, macOS

AVG Secure VPN

$44.67/Year 50 7 days Windows, Android, macOS

Bitdefender Premium VPN

$36.86/Year 1300+ 7 days Windows, Android, macOS, iOS

iTop VPN

$27.72/Year 1800+ in 100 countries Permanently free Windows, iOS, macOS

BullGuard VPN

/ / / /

Avast Ultimate

$79.99/Year 55 locations in 34 countries 7 days Windows, Android, macOS, iOS

Conclusion of Antivirus with VPN

To sum up, both VPN antivirus and antivirus VPN are necessary for protecting your privacy. The only difference between them is VPN software hides your online activities so that hackers and data theft are unable to track your private information, while antivirus is going to protect your device especially you get trapped by suspicious links, malware, emails, and documents that contain viruses.

The best solution is to install an antivirus VPN on your device. But be sure to choose a reliable service provider like iTop VPN - best free VPN for Windows and other devices that provides the best products at the most wallet-friendly price.

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