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A New Way to Save Your Money for a Cheap Rental Car Without Credit Card!

Want a cheap rental car without credit card? Simple, here is an affordable alternative for you by renting a car without credit card.

Looking for a refreshing trip to relieve your exhausted body? Already have plans but are stuck on a budget? Don't worry. This article could enlighten and offer you a saving solution - a cheap rental car without credit card.
Many people have the misconception that car rental is not affordable and that all websites show the same amount of car rental. You need to pay a large amount for the convenience and comfort it offers. However, this article could refresh your perceptions, get you out of your misunderstanding and save you more money on your travel plans.
Save Money for Cheap Rental Car without Credit CardSimilar to airline tickets and hotels, car rental prices vary based on the company and location. To acquire a more economical option by renting a car without credit card, you need to know how the rental car companies regulate their prices. Come and see it right now!

If you are a frequent traveler to various countries, you should have noticed that when reserving a car online, some car rental companies and price comparison websites will vary the price of a rental car depending on your geographical location. For instance, if you book a vehicle from the UK, Canada or Indonesia, the prices shown will be different, also called "price discrimination". It is the practice of maximizing revenue by offering different prices to customers from other countries.

All travel agencies and car rental services collect a massive amount of information about tourists, which is used to offer different prices or even different services. Moreover, one of the key factors in price positioning is geographical location. So you can understand that the amount you save on car rental when traveling is not limited to the car and the rental period, your location will also be a potential impression factor, and the amount is not trivial.

Car rentals by Location and ProviderThe chart above shows the range in price differences for each provider. An enormous difference reached $1,102.66 (with a minimum price of $752.15 and a maximum price of $1,854.81), which means 85% of the difference between the two.

Since it is known that car rental websites will use your IP address tracking, cookie tracking, etc., to pinpoint your specific location and offer prices accordingly, all you need to do is to use a VPN to change your IP address to access prices in other areas.

How Does a VPN Change Location?

The process can be described quite simply even if you are not familiar with how VPN works. VPN enables your data to transfer from your home (or phone) to another web server or even another country server through an encrypted connection, which allows you to choose your own country of origin. To briefly explain, as you connect to a VPN server, it hides your real IP and provides the new IP of the country connected. Then your virtual location changes in this way. Besides, it also prevents your history from being collected, viewed, and sold.
How Does a VPN Change LocationAs mentioned above, it is technically possible to obtain a cheap rental car without credit card by hiding or changing your location with a VPN. For example, if you connect to a VPN with Indian server, it will assign an Indian IP. When you visit a random car rental website, it will ignore your actual address and assume that you are searching for a vehicle within India, offering Indian car rental rates. So here, iTop VPN is highly recommended for you to select the cheapest price.

A Cheap Alternative to Rental Car - Using iTop VPN  

Now, you need to hide your original IP address. By choosing a server from a third party, you can browse car rental websites and compare prices in different countries to get cheap car rentals no credit card needed. Then how do you get a better price? Easy. Download iTop VPN, a free VPN that will serve your purpose at a minimal cost.
1. Download and install iTop VPN.

2. Select a server.
A Cheap Alternative to Rental Car - 23. Connect.
A Cheap Alternative to Rental Car - 3Now that your real IP address is hidden, go find a cheap car rental service by switching among different server addresses! Besides, be more cautious about taxes and insurance, as some sites quote different rates for each country. (PS: Remember to delete your cookies each time you change VPN servers, and check your new IP address before searching as well to make sure the new location is recognized).

If you want more server options, you can also upgrade to a paid subscriber. By choosing one of the 1,800 VPN servers iTop VPN offers in 100 countries worldwide, you will soon find the discrepancies in prices among countries and save impressive money on car rentals! Furthermore, iTop VPN allows you to surf anonymously and protect your privacy when connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi. Its paid version excels in encryption type and encryption strength, which are strong indicators of a high level of security.

For those who without a credit line, this may prevent them from using car rental as a tangible travel option. How to acquire car rentals that don't need credit card? Can travelers only pay for their rental vehicle with a credit card? The answer is simple; you can get a cheap car rental with debit card. Many approved car rental providers accept debit card payments, such as AVIS, Hertz, Sixt, etc. In addition, a higher age limit usually applies to renting with a debit card.

Advantages of Cheap Car Rental with Debit Card

So what are the benefits of choosing a debit card instead of a credit card?

  • Don't worry about interest. Renting a car with a debit card means you won't run up interest charges like you would with a credit card.

  • No added post-paid debt. Paying with a debit card means you won't incur debt. However, paying with a credit card means transferring the debt burden to the next month.

  • Not showing up on your credit report. If you're worried about your credit rating, then debit card use won't show up on your credit report and won't negatively impact your credit.

Final Words

Using a simple VPN trick, you can save a potentially significant portion of the cost of renting a car without credit card. The fantastic thing is that it will also help you save money on hotels and airline tickets!

If you need the services of a safe VPN provider to save money on a cheap rental car without credit card, this article highly recommends iTop VPN, your cost-effective choice! Try it out!

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