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How to Get iTop VPN Free & Fast

iTop VPN free is a reliable, safe and fast free VPN service. More than a good free VPN, it is the best free VPN networks ever that makes your digital life risk-free. You can browse, shop, watch movies with full privacy as well as access restricted content hassle-free. It is completely free, not only no charge, but no data collection, no bundle-ware and no logs.

Get Started with the Best Free VPN

Step 1

Download & Install
iTop VPN Free

Step 2

Connect to Server

Should I Use a Free VPN

Yes. A good free VPN can keep you stay safe and anonymous online with no cost. Unlike some other VPN free providers who generate revenue from customers through data collection and sales to cover the investment on servers and turn a profit, iTop VPN, free VPN no sign up, is a trustworthy provider. It establishes the most secure online environment without compromising users' interests.

iTop VPN Free vs. Other VPNs Free

Instead of various limitations and poor performance on most low-rated free VPNs, iTop VPN, the best free VPN, can bring you the fastest and safest online experience.

Free VPN Server List of iTop VPN

Check the list of 100% VPN free servers, connect a free VPN server in seconds. Not enough? Explore more VPN servers right now!

What Makes iTop VPN the Best and Free VPN

iTop VPN free is a superior application that works excellent in any aspect, even being competitive with some paid services. With iTop VPN free, you can get top-notch security, super-fast network speed and full internet freedom.

Top-Class Encryption on Data

Each VPN provider reroutes a classified tunnel to transmit data safely and privately. iTop VPN free utilizes military-grade encryption for the tunnel making it impossible for anyone to fetch or track your data.

Kill Switch and advanced protocols further reinforce the security. Kill Switch is automatically turned on to block any traffic if iTop VPN free unexpectedly stops working. HTTPS protocol doubles the encryption to protect personal and important information.

Free VPN with Top-Class Encryption

High-Quality Free VPN Servers

iTop VPN free has over 100 free servers in 6 countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and Japan. All free VPN servers can provide stable and high-speed connection. You will not suffer from buffering or sudden drop when surfing online.

Smart Location feature can help automatically select and connect to the most stable and fastest server for your location.

Free VPN with High-quality Servers

Unblock Any Content Anywhere

iTop VPN free can hide your IP address and change your location to break internet censorship and geo-restriction. You are free to unblock websites/URLs at school, workplace. You can watch Netflix US, access Snapchat, stream Crunchyroll anime seamlessly.

With the best free VPN, you can access almost all content online, from streaming services, social media to region-locked games.

Free VPN to Unblock Any Website

Lightning Speed, No Bandwidth Throttling

High-speed free VPN is greatly in demand because most free providers in the market are evaluated with slow connection. iTop VPN free stands out to supply steady network and fast speed. Plus UDP protocol, you can enjoy the lightning-fast connection.

Moreover, iTop VPN free can stop ISP throttling that enables you to use full bandwidth for streaming, gaming, downloading with no lag, no stuttering.

Fast Free VPN

Why We Offer a Free Virtual Private Network

Privacy leakage, the major cyber threat, is getting worse on the internet. Everyone should be responsible to protect online privacy. Now, we take the mission aiming to safeguard internet security and privacy for you. We launch iTop VPN, a free VPN for PC and Mobile, that invokes an advanced scheme to protect your online activities and sensitive data, including IP, ID, password, bank accounts etc. Moreover, it creates freedom for you to access global network for more entertainment. No leak, no track, no attack.

We also devote to giving you kindly service to enjoy free VPN benefits on various devices.

Free VPN for Windows

Your free VPN for PC without login. iTop VPN is your one-click solution for Windows PC and laptops to privately access restricted contents with best-in-class security and high speed.

Available for: Windows 11/10/8/7

Free VPN for Mac

Get free VPN for MacBook (Pro/Air), Mac Mini, iMac (Pro) and more to reinforce internet security and unblock websites/apps/games with ease.

Available for: macOS 10.15 or later

Free VPN for iOS

Free VPN download for iPhone, iPad to stay safe on public Wi-Fi. Unblock region locked games, social pass with super-fast internet connection.

Available for: iOS 12.2 or later

FAQs About Free VPNs Online

Is It Legal to Use a Free VPN?

Yes. It is acceptable to use a free VPN in most countries around the world. As a matter of fact, VPN is commonly used by individuals and companies nowadays. It offers secure and private network to protect information and privacy.

However, we don’t encourage illegal activities while using a free VPN, for example, downloading copyrighted content.

How Do I Choose a Free VPN No Login?

The first thing to consider when choosing a free VPN is security. A reliable VPN free service consistently commits to internet privacy and freedom. And, it will never store your data. Secondly, you'd better choose a free VPN that provides solid performance so that you can surf online without interruption at any time.

iTop VPN free is the best free VPN that can not only provide world-class online security and freedom, but delivers stable and fast connection. You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth for life-time free using it.

Is It Difficult to Set up a Free VPN?

It depends which VPN you use. Some free VPNs require complex manual configuration while some others are beginner-friendly.

iTop VPN free is pretty easy to use. As a VPN free download for PC without registration, you can skip the login step to reach its straightforward interface directly. You only need to hit the Connect button. Once it says "Connected", the setup is finished. You can surf the internet safely and privately.

Free VPN vs. Free Proxy, Which One is Better?

Both free VPN and free proxy can replace your IP address to protect identity and unblock region lock. However, proxy servers offer poor performance on security and stability. On one hand, it can't encrypt your data. On the other hand, you probably suffer sudden drop many times. Therefore, a free VPN is the better choice.

Will a Free VPN Slow Download Internet?

VPN latency is the major reason to slow down internet. Some free VPNs can’t take a good measure to solve the problem. However, iTop VPN free employs high-quality servers that can greatly reduce VPN latency and offer stable, fast connection. So, you can watch movies, play games without worrying about buffering or lags when using iTop VPN free.

Upgrade iTop VPN Free to VIP for More Features

To unblock more powerful features, upgrade to iTop VPN VIP, enjoying no-restriction online surfing via a free VPN without registration.