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How to Unblock URL With or Without Website Unblocker [6 Ways]

Do you need a URL unblocker or website unblocker to unblock URL/link? Here are 6 ways that help access blocked URLs at school, work with no hassle.

It happens! Unavailable connection warning message pops when typing a URL in the browser. The first thing comes to your mind is that network is broken. But in some cases, it is prone to be a blocked URL that restricts you to access website online. Some people seek for alternatives that give similar information with restricted content, but more people hope to unblock URL or unblock website/link for obtaining unique stuffs.

Unblock URL

Why are some URLs blocked? How to unblock URL? Do you need a website unblocker or link unblocker? Read on and you can get answers and all working ways to unblock website URL with ease.

It is common that you find a URL or website get blocked while accessing. The URL restriction can be applied by government, the network administrator at school, workplace or the online service provider. A working URL or website unblocker can help you easily beat restriction. Well, why do you need a URL unblocker and what can it do for you? Check reasons.

Bypass Geo-blocking

Geo-blocking is widely used by video streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus, and so on, for copyright protection. It is a technical scheme to restrict access to the website based on geographic location. It confirms visitors’ regions by checking IP addresses and then allows or denies someone’s visit. If you live in an area that is included in the geo-blocking list, you should unblock website for watching desired movies/TV shows or other content freely.

Break Restrictions at School and Workplace

Schools and business offices usually block distracting websites. Schools are responsible for protecting students. Therefore, they utilize internet filters to ban porn URLs or other inappropriate content, e.g. URLs related to violence, gamble and more. On the other hand, employers restrict workers from accessing SNS, online shopping malls, video streaming services, or other entertaining URLs for keeping high productivity and reducing bandwidth consumption.

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Circumvent Government Censorship

Some countries, like United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Turkey, North Korea, and China, apply censorship to lots of URLs for political reasons. If you live in or travel to those countries, you probably can’t use almost all social networking services, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc., as well as some news websites.

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Protect Security

Browsers, website administrators, and antivirus programs make a blacklist to stop netizens from accessing unauthorized URLs. Those URLs are commonly recognized as showing unsafe content or even leading malicious things to a computer or online privacy.

URL unblocker indeed points out the easiest way to unblock links. Also, there are some other working ways that help unblock URLs online. In the following, we will not only introduce the best website unblocker for you but list all possible ways to browse blocked websites at school, workplace or anywhere.

Way 1. Unblock URL with a VPN

VPN is the best website unblocker for you to access restricted URLs. It can easily hide IP address to bypass controls empowered by online services, schools/companies, governments, ISPs or other organizations. Well, iTop VPN is a highly-recommended free URL unblocker at school, work and home.

It offers thousands of servers in hundreds of locations so that you can enjoy worldwide internet to ignore various restrictions hassle-free. It delivers the easiest way to unblock a URL. You just need to connect to an available VPN server, the new IP address can replace the blocked old one. Now, you’re free online.

In addition, iTop VPN excels in security. It implements the strongest data encryption to make all your online activities and information classified. You will not be tracked by hackers or other online evils while getting far ways from threats. Kill Switch is another feature that can further protect security. It can cut the internet connection the moment the free URL unblocker stops working. It also declares and performs VPN no-log policy. You don’t worry about privacy exposure online.

Moreover, the high compatibility makes iTop VPN more than a VPN for Windows, but a URL website unblocker for macOS, iOS.

Then, let’s learn how to unblock URL with iTop VPN.

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN on your device.

Step 2. Launch it. Click the big Connect button to automatically connect the server which features the highest performance. Otherwise, you can choose a specific server from All Servers list according to your requirements. For example, connect to US servers for watching on Netflix US. When Connected appears, you can unblock website URL with the new IP.

How to Unblock Website URL with VPN

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Way 2. Unblock URL Using Proxy Services

Besides VPN, proxy services are also commonly used to unblock URL websites. They are convenient to use and tiny enough without occupying storage. There are two types of optional proxy services.

1. Web Proxy/Proxy Site

There are many free sites that enable visitors to browse blocked websites. After searching for a reliable link unblocker, for example, ProxySite, you can simply enter the URL, select a server, and Go to unblock the URL.

2. Proxy Extension

Proxy extension is another kind of proxy service that is convenient for you to unblock websites and URLs. Open your browser. Download and install an available proxy extension from the plug-in store. Then, you can connect to a server for accessing restricted sites. What should be mentioned that some proxy extensions are VPN extensions which allow you quickly build a connection in one click while some need manual settings requiring knowledge about proxy or a detailed guide.

If you are stopped downloading a VPN at school or work, proxy services can be the best alternative choice. However, you probably come across the issues like unstable to unblock URL, slow speed, privacy not being protected, and annoying ads.

Way 3. Unblock URL from Restricted Sites List on Browser

To unblock a website on Chrome or other browsers, you need to remove the site URL from the restricted list in Internet Options on Windows.

1. Go to Control Panel and click Internet Options.

2. Tap on Security tab and select Restricted Sites. Now, click on Sites button.

3. Now, you can get the list of restricted websites. Select the URL you want to unblock, and click Remove. Later, restart the browser can check if the URL is unblocked.

How to Unblock URL on Browser

Way 4. Unblock Website URLs by Editing Host File

Some network administrators put the restricted URL in the host file instead of the Restricted Sites list. If so, you should reset or edit the host file to unblock URL on Windows.

1. Open File Explorer and input C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

2. Find hosts.txt and open it with Notepad.

3. Search for a line starting with followed by a URL. Now, delete the line.

How to Unblock URL by Editing Hosts File

Way 5. Unblock URL with Bypassing Warning Message

Sometimes, one URL is blocked not for intentional restriction from an organization but browsers think the URL is not secure and show a warning message when you enter the URL. If you want to unblock the URL or find a link unblocker, you need to bypass the message.

For Chrome

Chrome usually gives the message “Your connection is not private” when discovering the entered URL is insecure. If you get the message, click Advanced > Proceed to.

For Firefox

The warning message on Firefox is “Your connection is not secure”. When it appears, click Advanced > Add Exception > Confirm Security Exception.

For Safari

If you find a “Your connection is not private” message on Safari, please click Show Details > visit this website. Then, a message box pops up. Click Visit Website to unblock the URL and get access to the website.

Otherwise, you can choose to temporarily close the firewall or antivirus software for access. However, both ways – bypass warning messages or turning off security software, probably involve you in danger.

Way 6. Unblock URL with URL Shortener - Link Unblocker

In order to deliver a better user experience, social networking services and online communities may block URLs that are recognized as harmful, insecure, or offensive. If you’re trying to share a URL to Facebook, Reddit, or other sites but fail, you can use a URL shortener to unblock link for posting again. Bitly is a popular URL shortener. Simply enter the blocked URL and click Shorten. Then, your link/URL is unblocked.

Unblocking URL is not a hard task through easy fixes here. iTop VPN is proved to be the best choice, which can be treated as the best URL Website Unblocker, to unblock a URL or a website. With it, you can easily and quickly break the restrictions while guaranteeing high security for your data and privacy. No matter what you want, a URL unblocker for accessing global video streaming services or website unblocker for school or work, this fast VPN free can absolutely satisfy you.

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