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How to Unblock SoundCloud at School/Work with VPN Free [Safe & Anonymous]

Get the best free VPN to unblock SoundCloud at school, work etc. Stream and download SoundClound music anywhere safely and anonymously.

SoundCloud, one of the largest audio streaming platform on the earth, has ushered in a new era of music enjoyment. It creates giant opportunity for musicians to grow the career - the successful examples, Billie Eilish, Juice Wrld, Post Malone - and drives music enthusiasts to discover favorite music, from pop to independent. SoundCloud welcomes everyone to stream, share stream music and communicate with all music lovers actively on the platform. However, not everyone are free to access SoundCloud.

Unblock SoundCloud

As matter of fact, SoundCloud is commonly included in the blocklist at school/workplace for studying and productivity. Geo-blocking is another trouble. Some songs may be not unavailable to listen in your country or you can’t release a track from somewhere due to licensing rights. How to unblock SoundCloud from everywhere? How to freely stream, download SoundCloud songs or upload music at school, work, travelling without restrictions? You need a free VPN.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is actually the perfect tool for unblocking URLs and websites - SoundCloud included of course - and also brings better things.

Access to SoundCloud Securely: VPN provider can encrypt online data that is transmitted between your device and internet. In other words, the software builds a secret but safer network connection to prevent you from being attacked by harmful programs or hackers.

Mask Your Identity: The moment VPN service works, your IP is hided with a new one. It erases all the possibility to reveal your ID/profile online. So, you can unblock SoundCloud anonymously at school or work without being tracked by administers.

The market exhibits thousands of VPN services. Which one is worthy choosing? iTop VPN is the best suggestion, which is a free VPN that shows its big concerns on online security and restriction blocking.

iTop VPN makes full use of the most advanced encryption to gather your data and online activities into the classified tunnel. All attacks are kept out. Everytime, everywhere, you are in secure online with iTop VPN. Furthermore, it automatically enables Kill Switch to stop internet connection immediately if VPN stops working unexpectedly. Your privacy will never be exposed.

On the other hand, it employs high-quality servers around the world. Once connecting one server, your original IP will be replaced with a new one. It helps bypass geographical restrictions to access SoundCloud no matter where you are (travelling aboard or outside available locations) and empowers you to unblock SoundCloud privately and anonymously in despite of censorship.

It delivers great users experience as well. It offers fast connection speed to stream or download HiFi audios (for example 320kpbs MP3, FLAC songs) without stuttering. Also, it is pretty beginner friendly with a straightforward design. Unlike some free VPN clients that needs complicated manual setup, it realizes the connections in a few of clicks.

iTop VPN features high compatibility. It is a VPN for Windows (11/10/8/7), for macOS (Big Sur or lower), and for iOS/Android. Supporting simultaneous connection on 5 devices, you can use it to unblock SoundCloud on computers (laptops/Chromebook) and mobiles at the same time.

Well, it’s time to get how to unblock SoundCloud using iTop VPN.

Step 1. Download and install iTop VPN on your computer or device.

Step 2. Launch iTop VPN.

If you just try to unblock SoundCloud at school or work, simply click the big Connect button in the center. It will automatically connect to the most stable and fastest server for accessing SoundCloud successfully.

How to Unblock SoundCloud at School/Work

If you find SoundCloud songs are not available in the region where you are at currently, you’d better manually connect to a specific server. Click All Servers > select a server in an available location (for example USA, Los Angeles) > Connect. After Connected is shown, visit SoundCloud.

How to Unblock SoundCloud Bypassing Geo-blocking

Is SoundCloud Free?

Everyone can listen to SoundCloud music online for free even though without login. But an account is necessary for an artist to upload tracks (limited up to 3 hours of work) or a music fan to leave comments.

SoundCloud launches paid subscriptions as well. SoundCloud Go+ drives listeners to get ad-free and offline listening of music while SoundCloud Pro Unlimited allows artists to get unlimited upload time.

What Format Does SoundCloud Support?

SoundCloud supports a bunch of audio codecs from mainstream to lossless HD formats. Here’s the full list of SoundCloud supported file formats.

  • Lossless: WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC

  • Others: MP3, AAC, Ogg/Vorbis, MP4, Mp2, M4A, 3GP, 3G2, MJ1, AMR, WMA

How to Download SoundCloud Music Free?

To download songs from SoundCloud for free, you can do likes this:

Sign in your SoundCloud account > select a song > click ...More beneath the waveform > Download file.

Not all SoundCloud tracks are downloadable. It depends on the uploader who can enable and disable downloads. If you can’t find the “Download file” button, it means that the uploader hasn’t given a permission for listeners to have a copy of original file. Yes, you can get online SoundCloud music downloader to download songs/tracks from SoundCloud to MP3 for free, but you are probably involved in copyright infringement.

How to Upload a Track to SoundCloud?

Step 1. Sign in your account. Go to upload page: https://soundcloud.com/upload

Step 2. Drag and drop your tracks to the upload box or choose files from your computer.

Step 3. Then, edit your tracks. There are some information you need to add.

  • Basic Info - image, track title and url, description, tags, privacy settings, sharing

  • Metadata - buy link and title, release data, license

  • Permissions - downloads, embed codes, app playback, quiet mode

Soon, the track will be automatically uploaded and transcoded to 128kbps MP3 for streaming playback.

You encounter the trouble to browse SoundCloud for it is blocked at school/workplace or unavailable in the region your live or travel. Don’t need to worry. iTop VPN offers the simplest way to unblock SoundCloud from anywhere. This best free VPN for Windows PC, Mac, and mobiles can encrypt your data and mask your ID driving you to stream and download SoundCloud songs securely and privately.

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