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Which VPN is the Best No Logs VPN? How to Use Free VPN No Logs to Protect Your Privacy

How does a No Logs VPN protect internet privacy for you and why a VPN No Logs is important. Download the best free VPN No Logs & use it freely.

We all know what VPN is, aren’t we? VPN refers to Virtual Private Networks. It’s an Internet service that is base on data encryption technic. A VPN service will encrypt your outward data with certain encryption algorithms like OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP…etc.


After your data is encrypted, your sending data will reroute to the VPN service provider’s server, instead of sending through your local ISP or any of those public networks. The VPN for Windows will also be responsible for encrypting your receiving data, then send back to your end through the private tunnel. So, your privacy & data security will be shield during the whole data transmission process. It sounds promising, but with a shadow behind it, all these promises can only be guaranteed by using a No Log VPN.

Everything looks fine for protecting your privacy & personal information when a VPN service is adapted, but there is a deadly weakness that could ruin the entire trust chain of a VPN. And that was the reason why the idea of VPN no-log have initiated.

Why No-log policy was initiated

Since your data will be sent to the server owned by the VPN company, if there is anything will be intercepted & recorded, it will happen on their side.

Unqualified VPN without No log Policy – Information Leak 

The rising concern of personal information leaking is the truth: according to the posts on major IT websites, it is believed that there are over 21 million free VPN users’ data were exposed in March 2021. "According to the credentials, more than 21 million mobile VPN app users’ information was swiped and advertised for sale online last week. " (Things could be different if a strict no log VPN adopted)


Organized by a group of cyber thieves, who allegedly stole user data collected by the VPN apps, & stored it on the VPN provider servers, this kind of privacy threat is seriously affecting our life. Those privacy data include email addresses, password strings, payment information & addresses, and device IDs & MACs belonging to users of three VPN apps—SuperVPN, GeckoVPN, and ChatVPN. Considerably, those VPN service providers aren’t following the VPN no log rules and gave the chance to cause an information leak to cybercriminals.

Too Big to Control – Management & Government Interfere 

Even the leading enterprises in the VPN business (which we considered better following the SOPs & rules) are troubled by the data storing problems. One of the giants, ExpressVPN, was involved in a controversial event. During the investigation of the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov. Consider that if Andrei was using a no log VPN, how do things will go?

You are not safe just because you've used a VPN

According to the unclassified source, Turkish investigators seized an ExpressVPN server which they say was used to store & operate relevant information from the assassin’s Gmail and Facebook accounts. That could be the most strict accusation to a VPN service provider since it has completely betrayed the original purpose of how the VPN was designed.  To bypass the monitoring and to give private access to the internet.

broken_security_lock _NordVPN

Another VPN service giant, NordVPN has struggled in the information leaking scandal too. In 2018, NordVPN admitted that the company’s server has breached due to using an expired internal private key. That potentially allowed the hackers to breach into NordVPN’s server & caused the leak of user’s personal information. Though NordVPN has claimed, “We don’t track, collect, or share your private data”. But the breach is likely to cause alarm that hackers may have been in a position to access some user data. A VPN No log policy is initial in the matter of the case.

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Many VPN service providers claim their VPN no log policy, here we would offer our suitable choice of a real VPN free to use with a No log policy, the iTop VPN

No log Promise

Almost all VPN service providers you can come across will claim that they are obeying the no log rules. And all of the VPN providers will say they will follow suit strictly as regarded. But in fact, quite a large part of them is still recording the user information. Including but not limited to logs of websites that make user portraits, bandwidth data to count user activities, additional data kept supporting a business model. The iTop VPN will track none of these data, neither iTop will collect & store any user record & personal information on the iTop server when you access to iTop VPN service when connected to the internet as they promised. It is a true VPN with no log.

VPN no log

Additional Tools

For users who concern about their private info not been traced and exposed, iTop VPN offers a pack of security tools to protect your anonymity. The Browser cleaner could clean up the browsing history, temporary files, and local cookies to prevent possible exposure to personal activity. The Security Reinforce can fix your system problems to ensure there is no chance your privacy & personal information could be easily dug out by analyzing the clustered temp files stored in your browser. You can also disguise your IP address to prevent potential online threats by using the IP Checker feature.

privacy and security

Free-to-use Policy 

iTop VPN might be the easiest & best VPN no log that free to use you could ever find as a best free VPN for Windows. Just download & install it. After you execute the software, just click the “connect” button and then you can access the iTop VPN service. The iTop VPN offers 700 megabytes of traffic per day and resets every day.

connected to free service

Part of the advanced features will need to upgrade to a premium VIP account to unlock, but you can still use the free unlimited VPN to get the same level of privacy protection.


The iTop VPN has already released its Android & iOS version so that you can hide your IP address by using the mobile version of iTop VPN. It also gives the protection on your mobile end.


No log VPN policy is considered the general rule that a VPN provider should be obeyed unconditionally, but there are still many VPN service providers who are not qualified to protect their user’s personal information well. If you are seeking a no log free VPN, the iTop VPN could be your best choice.  

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