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Real VPN Japan Free & Best VPN Japan Server Free for Netflix & Entertainment

Which VPNs are the best free VPN Japan? This post introduces VPN Japan free for 2023 & the best Japan server free & free Japan VPN for Netflix.

For Japanese culture lovers who do not live in Japan, one of the most annoying things is that there are too many Japanese exclusive websites & contents online. For people who need to access Japanese online resources, this could sometimes trouble them a lot. In case you’ll be facing a similar issue, to use VPN Japan free is a wise move to help you explore Japanese web content.

VPN Japan Free

The common complaint about Japanese websites blocking foreign IP is hideous. You can easily find tons of complaints about certain Japanese services provider that has blocked non-Japan access IP. To use a VPN for PC with Japanses server can solve these issues.

Game Regional Lock

As people debating in the above thread, many online games & mobile games are regionally blocked in Japan. For instance, the Nintendo E-shop has blocked foreign IP and you cannot get their limited-time free games for Nintendo members. Also, the Pokémon GO in Japan is also geo-blocked access from foreign IP.

VPN Japan Free

Many mobile games & browser games are also blocking non-Japan IP. Like Bandai Namco’s THE IDOLMASTER: Shiny Colors. If you are a Japanese idol fan you might not miss this.

These are not coincident cases. For many games only released in Japan, you will need to adopt a best free VPN Japan to bypass the IP blocking to play these Japanese exclusive games.

Streaming Geo-Restriction

VPN Japan Free

Streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, Crunchyroll, and others are also restricted in their content presentation. For instance, you will not be able to watch, like the famous show Midnight Dinner or the anime Hikaru no Go. You will need a free Japan VPN for Netflix to geo-spoofing your IP to Japan.

Adult Content Unblock

If you want to watch some hot Japanese porn or hentai anime on a Japanese website, then unfortunately you would very likely block and you cannot watch Japanese porn and hentai on some Japanese site.

VPN Japan Free

The easiest way to bypass the geo-restriction is to use a Japanese VPN for free. Most VPNs can help you across the cyber border very easily.

Hotspot Shield

Free VPN Japan

Hotspot Shield is one of the best free VPN for Windows if you are seeking a VPN Japan free. The good thing for Hotspot Shield is that the Hotspot Shield allocates you a Japanese IP. During the connection test, the Hotspot Shield successfully accessed the Japanese website.

you can use the Hotspot Shield VPN service freely. The only limit is the Hotspot Shield set up a 500MB per day traffic limit. The speed performance is OK, and the latency is minor. But there were experienced several connection droppings during the test, the stability of this free VPN Japan remains to be seen.

Operate & UI: Easy-to-use, Good

Daily Traffic: 500MB (reset every day)

Speed: Mediocre

Bandwidth Occupation: Mediocre

Latency: Good, but unstable

iTop VPN

VPN Japan Free

iTop VPN is considered one of the best free VPNs in Japan these days. As one of the best free unlimited VPN for Windows, iTop VPN offers thebest free VPN Japan to their customers. You can quite easily connect to Japan server with one single click in iTop VPN. It is also the best free Turkey VPN for you to connect to Japan IP and other places around the world. 

iTop VPN offers 700 Megabytes of data traffic per day. (the traffic limit rollover every day). There is a 200 Megabytes surplus compared to Hotspot Shield basic service. The speed performance of iTop VPN is pretty good, partly because there aren’t too many users occupying the bandwidth yet. The connectivity is also good as well. The major short of iTop free Japanese VPN service is iTop VPN provides only one free Japanese server for free users. If you want an excellent user experience with iTop VPN, you might want to upgrade to a VIP account.

Operate & UI: Mediocre

Daily Traffic: 700 MB (reset every day)

Speed: Decent

Bandwidth Occupation: Lesser occupation

Latency: Mediocre, no obvious lag


VPN Japan Free

If you are seeking a non-limit traffic VPN for Japan free, then you might like to try ProtonVPN. The ProtonVPN offers free unlimited traffic for every free user, no cost, no limitation.

Although it sounds tempting when someone tells you to have a free-to-use & unlimited traffic VPN server free to use. But we still need to look at the problems this free Japan VPN has: Though ProtonVPN does not limit your traffic (like Hotspot VPN’s 500 Megabyte limit) it limits your bandwidth & speed instead.

A number of factors could impact the speed performance as a best free VPN Japan: the network occupation, and serious lags when actually using.

Operate & UI: Mediocre

Daily Traffic: Unlimited

Speed: Extremely slow (due to too many users)

Bandwidth Occupation: Seriously bad (due to too many users)

Latency: Bad & unstable

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VPN Japan Free

TunneelBear is one of the new competent competitors among VPN services in Japan. The TunnelBear’s UI design is fun & interesting, plus easy to use. You can easily access to Japanese network with TunnelBear VPN.

The general experience of TunnelBear is smooth & full of pleasure, the connection speed of TunnelBear free Japanese server is overall good but there are two problems: The available servers of TunnelBear are mainly concentrated in Europe and there is only one Japanese server available for free users, plus the free traffic limit to 500MB per month, that limits the usage of TunnelBear as a VPN Japan free.

Operate & UI: Good & Engaging

Daily Traffic: About 60 MB per day

Speed: Pretty fast

Bandwidth Occupation: Limited

Latency: Good  

Hotspot Shield iTop VPN ProtonVPN TunnelBear
Operate & UI Good Mediocre Mediocre Good 
Daily Traffic 500 MB per day 700 MB per day Unlimited 60 MB per day
Speed Mediocre Good Bad Good
Bandwidth Occupation Good Good Bad Mediocre
Latency Good Good Bad Good

These listed VPNs are the most competent free VPN Japan for 2023. If you are troubled with visiting Japanese exclusive content online or watching Japanese adult videos which get regionally blocked, you should not miss these VPN Japan server free.

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