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A Complete Guide on Where to Watch Breaking Bad All Seasons in 2024

Where to watch Breaking Bad? How to fix Netflix VPN ban? Don’t worry, this article will tell you how to watch the show easily with the best streaming VPN.

With compelling narratives and strong characters, the five seasons TV series Breaking Bad simply dominated everything and everywhere. Critically acclaimed by many critics and general audiences, Breaking Bad is one of the greatest television series of all time.
So where to watch Breaking Bad? Whether you are going to binge-watch it for the first or the tenth time, this is the first thing you will Google. Don’t worry, we’ll cover that later.

Where To Watch Breaking Bad With VPN

Following how Walter White, a high-school chemistry teacher, a mild-mannered good person, transforms into a mass-murdering drug lord. Breaking Bad is a modern saga turning Mr.Chips into Scarface.
Want to enjoy the most compulsively watchable television ever aired? Here’s a complete guide on where to watch Breaking Bad all seasons in 2024.

People have been Googling “where can watch Breaking Bad” since the release of the TV series, if you are having the same inquires, here’s how to watch Breaking Bad with different streaming services.

1. Netflix

The streaming platform now has five seasons, all 62 episodes of Breaking Bad available.

Netflix costs $8.99 per month for the Basic plan(1 device only). There are Standard($ 13.99 /2 devices)and Premium plans($17.99/4 devices) if you prefer HD and UHD video quality.

Where To Watch Breaking Bad Netflix

Netflix also offers free trials for a month, if you can manage to finish all the episodes in one month, Netflix is where to watch Breaking Bad and Kim's Convenience Season 5 for free.
Netflix is currently available in most countries but not China, Crimea, North Korea, or Syria. You can watch Netflix via browser or apps on mobile and smart devices.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is where to watch Breaking Bad episodes with reasonable pricing. You can either purchase by episode ($2.99) or pay by season starting from $13.99.

Where To Watch Breaking Bad Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video can be accessed worldwide, except for countries like China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria, which means you will need a VPN to bypass the country restriction.
Similarly, Amazon Prime Video offers a free trial that is up to 30 days and has apps compatible with Android and iPhone.

3. Apple iTunes

iTunes offers full seasons of Breaking Bad for digital purchases. You can pay by episode($2.99) or season($14.99), or $99.99 for full series.

Where To Watch Breaking Bad iTunes

Apple iTunes can be accessed in most countries in the world, but shows, music, books, and movies vary from country to country.
Apple offers free trials for Apple music but not other media, so you will need to purchase based on the pricing above for Breaking Bad.

4. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is where to watch Breaking Bad full seasons via subscriptions. With $64.99 per month, YouTube TV allows you to enjoy 85+ live channels including local cable networks and many more.

Where To Watch Breaking Bad YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers limitless storage space for DVR and you can have 3 devices streaming at once. YouTube is compatible with most smart devices and you can simply watch it via browser.
YouTube TV now has a free trial for 30 days and is only available in the US. Countries outside of the US will require a VPN to get around the restriction.

5. Google Play Store

Google Play Store is where to watch Breaking Bad via digital purchase for the whole series. You can pay $1.99 for each episode or go with each season at $9.99.

Where To Watch Breaking Bad Google Play Store

TV shows on Google Play Store can be accessed in countries like Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States. Google Play Store is where to watch Breaking Bad in Australia easily.
There is no free trial but a one-off purchase. Digital content on Google Play can be streamed on PC, mobile, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, etc.

6. Vudu

Vudu, the American digital video store that offers full seasons of Breaking Bad at $1.99 per episode and $14.99 per season.

Where To Watch Breaking Bad Vudu

Vudu has apps compatible with mobile devices and you can also stream on Chromecast or any other Smart TVs. However, Vudu can be accessed in the US only. You will need to use VPN or Smart DNS to bypass the restriction.

7. Other sources

So any services where can watch Breaking Bad? You can find the full series on FandangoNow($1.99 /episode, $10.99/season), Fetch TV, Microsoft($2.99/episode, $13.99/season), Fetch TV, Redbox(($1.99/episode, $9.99/season), Telstra TV Box Office, AMC, Xbox, and many more!

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Breaking Bad’s hit continues to trend worldwide while more spin-off series are releasing afterward. The spin-off Better Call Saul (2015) and the sequel El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie(2019) have received positive reviews. If you don’t seem to have enough of the Breaking Bad series, there you go.
Set as the prequel to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul (2015) follows the criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill in the time before he set up his law office. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie(2019) centers on Jesse Pinkman’s past and how he runs from his captors and law.
So where to watch Breaking Bad sequels? Premiered as a Netflix original, you can certainly find El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie(2019) on Netflix. Better Call Saul (2015) is on Netflix, too. You can either subscribe to Netflix or simply go with a free trial to access the movies.

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When people search for “where to watch Breaking Bad for free Reddit,” they are looking for tricks to stream Breaking Bad for free or without regional restrictions in some countries. For instance, Netflix is not available in North Korea while Google Play Store TV shows are not accessible for Australia and the UK.
So where to watch Breaking Bad in countries like Australia, UK, North Korea that want to bypass geo-restrictions? The answer is to use Netflix VPN to get around the obstacle. Here comes iTop VPN, the most powerful streaming VPN on the block. With iTop you can successfully crack Netflix’s VPN ban, and enjoy Breaking Bad with ease!

Anyone who has ever used a VPN to unblock Netflix knows that Netflix has a powerful VPN detection system, which is probably the best in the business. That’s why the Netflix VPN blocked and proxy errors often occurred. In another word, only a few best VPNs can work it out and immune to the detection, and iTop VPN is surely the one can save you from the annoying Netflix VPN ban!
iTop can not only the best free VPN for Windows to protect your online privacy and security but also the best tool to help you hide your IP address with 1800+ servers dotted globally. With iTtop, watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, Google Play Store or iTunes is not a problem at all. Just check out iTop’s benefits below for video streaming! For users using MacOS as their desktop, there are also Mac version of iTop VPN for them!
Fast connection
With iTOP VPN, you can stream Breaking Bad with an ultra-fast connection, thanks to iTop’s advanced UDP protocol that allows faster speed connection. No more Netflix buffering and you can enjoy streaming with iTop’s fastest global server!
Stable network
With more than 1800+ global servers coverage, iTop will connect you with the nearest server possible. Whether you are from North Korea or Russia, iTop can help you access any streaming service with the most stable connection.
Special node for streaming
iTop offers the best streaming VPN service, which allows you to access different streaming platforms more quickly and easily. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+... you name it! With optimized servers, you can binge-watch Breaking Bad nonstop! 
Unlimited bandwidth
Streaming often requires a super network because of a lot of data transferring. With iTop, there is no cap for bandwidth, which means you can enjoy your favorite Breaking Bad without worrying about the data exceed the limit.

How to Watch Breaking Bad with the iTop VPN?

Step 1. Launch iTop VPN, and select “For Streaming” in the menu.

Step 2. Choose “Netflix” server on the next screen, or you can select “All Servers” to find more streaming VPNs.

Where To Watch Breaking Bad With Netflix VPN

Step 3. Go back to the main screen and click the Connect button to connect to the Netflix server.

Where To Watch Breaking Bad With Netflix VPN Connected

That's it! As easy as breathing! Now you can enjoy Breaking Bad with the fastest connection!  And there is also VPN  for iOS and VPN for Mac.

Final Thoughts

It's not hard to stream Breaking Bad online, as long as you know where to watch Breaking Bad and find the best VPN to get around the region restriction and Netflix VPN ban. With this article, you get both! Now you know where to watch Breaking Bad with the cheapest pricing and how to watch it with the best VPN. What are you waiting for? Get the best free VPN - iTop now and have a stellar weekend with Breaking Bad!

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