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Free Download the Best VPN Software for Mac 2022 l Fast & Secure

Want to get a VPN to better protect your online security on Mac? Check out this article to find the best VPN software for Mac.

If you think Apple computers can effectively protect you from security issues, think twice. Surprisingly, it is believed that Macs, by default, share tremendous data unencrypted to Apple, according to security researchers. 

Apple’s Gatekeeper system is meant to ensure safe software only on your Mac. Yet it seems the Internet-standard protocols it used have left the data unencrypted. What’s worse, the system might intentionally bypass VPN even if you have worked fairly hard to hide your online activity.

Protect Online Security with the Best VPN Software for Mac 2022

Privacy leaks can cause subsequent security issues that could be dangerous. So here’s when the best VPN software for Mac comes into play. Just keep reading to see how to better protect online privacy and security with the best VPN for Mac.

The internet is never deemed as a safe place, that’s why you want to use a VPN to protect your privacy and security. VPN software for Mac is like any other VPN, it can successfully hide your online activity by spoofing your IP address with servers. Your network will be redirected via a configured remote VPN server and it becomes the source of your traffic and data. 

Technically speaking, VPN creates a safe tunnel to process your data, which means the traffic between your computer and the server is fully encrypted. In this case, even your Internet Service provider(ISP) can not see your online activity because your traffic and data have been transformed into something random, all unreadable and uninterpretable. 

When you choose VPN software for Mac, you might want to figure out what you’ll be using the VPN for. Are you looking for a VPN to unblock streaming sites? Or a powerful VPN for serious gaming? Whatever your needs are, it’s better to get the best VPN that has all-around performance on Mac. Now let’s take a look at the main features that make the best VPN software for Mac

Hide Your IP

The best VPN software for Mac should be able to spoof your IP successfully by encrypting your network data. So your identity and online activity won’t be monitored and controlled by cyber-criminals. Today not all VPNs are legit and able to hide your IP successfully. Some shoddy VPNs might be fakes and scams that could even cause data leaks.

No-log Protocol

The best VPN software for Mac should be featuring no log protocol. Here logs are data snippets that store your digital identity, including browsing history, accessed content, etc. A VPN with a strict no-logs protocol never collects, stores, or shares your information. No log protocol shields users’ privacy and ensures 100% anonymity.

Advanced Protection

The best VPN software for Mac should be the most secure VPN that offers advanced protection other than data encryption. Features like anti-virus, kill switch, Ad-block, etc., can effectively protect your Mac from potential risks by offering the highest level of security.

High-quality Servers

High-quality servers are the must-have feature for the best VPN software of Mac. Most premium VPNs are equipped with a slew of global servers, allowing users to choose the nearest one to optimize the connection. These global servers can also effectively help you bypass location-based IP blocking and access restricted content.

Reasonable Pricing

Today the best VPN software for Mac is not cheap. Most prices are more than $10/month. Express VPN, one of the top VPNs, costs $12.95/month, and even the 12-months contract costs $8.32/month, which is a bit expensive for most people. 

With growing concerns about surveillance and cybercrime, the driving demand for VPN is huge. Today you can find a slew of leading providers but not all of them suit you the best. Want to find one that allows you to get the most for the least? Check out iTop VPN, the best VPN software for Mac.

You may have a look at the main features that make it the best performing VPN on Mac.

High-quality VPN

iTop is a high-quality VPN offering premium services that can rival the leading providers. Equipped with military-grade encryption, the highest level of security often used by intelligence agencies for encrypting sensitive information, iTop can protect your online privacy and security successfully. Want to get the best Telegram VPN for Mac to bypass the restriction and keep the conversation undercover? iTop is your first choice.

No log Policy

iTop strictly follows the no-log policy, which means you can have 100% anonymity when you stay online. With iTop, your browser history and personal information will be automatically cleaned up. It’s the best untraceable VPN on Mac that offers a no-log network. The no-logging feature is especially useful when people want to protect their privacy when connecting to a public network.

Free & Premium Plans  

iTop offers free and premium plans that suit needs of all sorts. While most VPNs provide you with limited free plans, iTop VPN is the truly free VPN for Mac. With iTop VPN, you can have 700MB of data and there’s no speed limit. The daily traffic reset every day, amounting to 21GB per month. That’s quite a lot given when VPN is not cheap these days. Besides, iTop VPN offers paid plans with affordable pricing, ranging from just $1.66/$2.31/$3.99 per month for 12/24/36 months! Compared to the leading providers, this could be the most reasonable pricing for premium service.

Kill Switch

There are limitations to how anonymous you can be when using a VPN. This is when the iTop Kill Switch VPN comes into play. As a means of advanced security protection, Kill Switch monitors your internet connection all time. It cuts all data flow and terminates the connection once your network dropped accidentally. iTop’s Kill Switch gives you the ultimate protection, your personal information is always secure and there’s 0 chance that hackers can crack down your security. 

Big Catalog of Servers Worldwide 

With 1,800+ servers in 100 locations worldwide, iTop offers the most stable network with the fastest connection. The VPN will automatically pick the best VPN server location for you, with maximum download speed and lowest latency. Regardless of your location, iTop’s global server coverage allows you to break geo-restrictions and access any content. Got VPN Netflix blocked? Just beat the ban with iTop’s dedicated global streaming servers.

How to Use the Best VPN Software for Mac

With its full-fledged features, there is no doubt that iTop VPN is the best VPN software for Mac. Now let’s see how to surf the internet with iTop VPN on Mac.

Step 1. Free download iTop VPN from the official website.

Step 2. Install iTop VPN on your Mac. 

Best VPN Software for Mac iTop VPN Install

Step 3. Click the “Connect” on the main panel. No need to sign up or log in.

Best VPN Software for Mac iTop VPN Connected

iTop VPN also has a dedicated version for Windows computers. Check and know about the best VPN for windows 10

Apple is the leading company that has put tremendous time and effort into the prevention of malware, yet the quandary is that a certain level of control over security has impacted customers' privacy. Your online security is not as safe as you imagined with Mac, so you might want to use the best VPN software for Mac to fix it. Just try iTop VPN, the most professional free VPN that can help you stay safe on Mac. With its ultimate protection, you can surely explore the internet and access all content securely with blazing fast speed!

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