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Top 5 Mac Free VPN Clients to Secure Your Internet in 2024

Searching for a free VPN client for Mac is made easy now. 2023 best 5 free Mac VPN clients to safeguard your internet and bypass geo-blocking are introduced.

Apple designs an advanced software and hardware ecosystem to put the products, like Macs, into a safer environment to prevent attacks from malware. However, online treats still happen although you are using a secure Mac. Your activity or privacy is probably exposed to the internet when the connection is on. Therefore, VPN client Mac appears to enhance the security and eliminates online treats for Mac users.

VPN Mac Client

Well, you need to make a decision when batches of VPN clients for Mac are exhibited in the market. Do you want a free VPN for Mac? Which one is the best Mac VPN client? Here, 2023 top 5 VPN clients Mac will be listed for your reference.

Lots of VPN programs are endowed with the compatibility with the macOS, including the latest macOS 12 Monterey. Depending on tests and reviews from real customers, the blow 5 programs of free VPN for Mac is recognized as the best choices.

iTop VPN

iTop VPN is an innovative multi-platform VPN client with perfect support for macOS 10.15 Catalina and later. It mainly focuses on safeguarding your internet by using the military-grade encryption to protect the traffic. All your online data can be hidden from being tracked or hacked. For further protection, this VPN client Mac provides kill switch feature in case you lose your connection and will not lose your identity.

In addition, it can change your original IP to a new static IP for streaming or downloading restriction contents from anywhere despite of geo-blocking. Therefore, you can willfully get access to Netflix, Hulu, BBC or other video streaming services as well as use Snapchat/TikTok, play PUBG without trouble.

iTop VPN devotes to offering the best online experience. It utilizes high-quality servers to help you get the most stable and the fastest connection. Even though you’re streaming a 4K video or downloading a feature movie, no buffering or sudden interruption will happen.

Besides a VPN for Mac, it is also picked as the best free VPN for Windows, iOS and macOS. It is very easy-to-use. Follow the guide below to learn how to use iTop VPN on Mac.

Step 1: Download and install this VPN client on Mac.

Step 2: Launch the client and click the big Connect button at the center of the interface. When Connect turns to be Connected, your internet is safeguarded now.

Best Free VPN Client Mac - iTop VPN

Generally, iTop VPN will automatically connect to the fastest server. But if you want to manually connect to a special server, please click All Server > Select one and click Connect.


  • The highest level of security;

  • Fast and stable connection;

  • Available for browsing, streaming, downloading and chatting anywhere;

  • Enjoy global network.


  • Connect to up to 5 devices at the same time.


OpenVPN is based on a client-server model. It establishes a secure link between the VPN and servers, allowing users to use the browser safely. It is an open-source VPN that provides more popularity to its protocol.

Best VPN Client Mac - OpenVPN


  • It supports Perfect Forward Secrecy. This encryption method makes the decoding of data very difficult for hackers.

  • The biggest benefit is that this Mac VPN client is free of cost with a reasonably compatible speed with all other paid VPNs.


  • It requires an additional software client. It is not built on a platform and thus needs a system program to send data through OpenVPN encryption tunnels.

Tunnelblick VPN

It is an open link VPN service that uses OpenVPN to link you to the server. Tunnelblick stays updated on the security standards and protocols of OpenVPN. It is bloat-free and stable, making it a secure VPN for work or entertainment.

Best VPN Client Mac - Tunnelblick


  • Tunnelblick provides DNS protection with a kill switch for safe usage of the browser.

  • It is Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) leakproof with translation to up to 35 languages.


  • When you connect to this free VPN client Mac, OpenVPN connects you to the server, but the surfing cannot be done due to technical issues faced by OpenVPN. VPN VPN provides both paid subscriptions and free variants for the customers. Its advanced security features encryption across your internet service, allowing you to bypass all kinds of censorship and have a limitless experience across the internet. It is also a IPv6 VPN with a good support of this trending internet protocol.

Best VPN Client Mac -


  • It provides a "No Log" policy. The user does not have to log in to their ID and can use it without personal data.

  • A built-In internet kill switch is introduced that due to connectivity issues your information and data remains hidden.


  • The speeds provided for downloading and uploading are slow, along with a limited free plan.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost is a Mac VPN client that protects your digital information. You can stay untraceable and anonymous while using the VPN. The VPN encryption and protocol standards keep the user safe from hackers and snoopers even when using unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Best VPN Client Mac - CyberGhost


  • It has unique security features with strong choices of protocol and encryption.

  • Has multi-platform support with the Operating Systems.


  • Provides fewer options for payments and provides dodgy data.

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1. What Is a VPN Client Mac?

VPN client Mac is a software-based technology that allows you the connection between a user and a VPN server.  The technology uses cutting-edge cryptography and keeps you safe by deploying a tiny codebase to prevent any attacks. A VPN client establishes a clean and easy way to fetch data from the internet without any harm and loss of identity.

2. Why Do You Need a VPN Client Mac at Home or Work?

Free VPN client Mac allows you to browse the web safely and sometimes gives you unavailable access in the region. It is recommended to use VPN when using a public network the safeguard the data. A VPN can easily be used at home and in homes to access hidden content on the internet.

VPN is often used at offices to provide safe date transfer, and encrypted channels provide a safe passage. Confidential data or important files of any company's data to be accessed for what a VPN is needed, so a person's identity is not released.

3. Is It Legal and Safe to Use a VPN Client for Mac?

It is completely legal to access the internet through a VPN service. A VPN service redirects the internet activity and keeps the data from a third party. Some countries have restrictions on some VPNs; if traveling, that is to be kept in mind. Note that the VPN services do not make any illegal activity legal in any activity.

4. Can VPN Hack Your Phone?

No one knows how safe the internet connection is; it is often a leap in the deep. For security reasons, VPN is needed. VPN is all about providing encrypted tunnels to browse and look for data. It is almost impossible to hack the data while using a VPN service.

5. Are There Any Disadvantages of a VPN?

Some websites have blocked VPN users from access. Some countries are there that restrict the use of VPN and have made them Illegal. There are no possible ways that tell you how a VPN service provider encrypts the data tunnels and allows you to browse the internet safely.

The best way to safeguard internet on Mac is to make use of a reliable VPN client for Mac. 2023 top 5 free Mac VPN clients recommended here can drive you to enjoy better security and global network bypassing geo-blocking. iTop VPN, featuring solid protection, is picked as the best one. Compared with other free VPN for macOS, it is much easier to use without complicated setup on Mac. What’s more, it delivers stable and fast connection to help you enjoy the internet at liberty.

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