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What’s the Best Untraceable VPN Free: Browse Web Anonymously

You can stay safe & anonymous online as long as with the untraceable VPN. Check out this article to find the best untraceable VPN. 100% Safe, untraceable.

The internet is not as safe as you imagine. Your personal data has nowhere to hide. If you don’t use an untraceable VPN, your Internet Service Provider(ISP) knows everything you do online because they process all your traffic. Your privacy could be at risk as they might share your data with government surveillance agencies.

Besides that, cybercrime is prevalent as you are surfing online; hackers and scammers are lying in wait to hack into your device; websites, social media platforms, and search engines want to collect your data to feed you ads. If you want to better protect your online privacy, it’s necessary to encrypt your internet traffic with an untraceable VPN.

Protect Online Privacy with Untraceable VPN

You might be wondering: does VPN make you untraceable? The answer is positive, as long as you go with the best one. This article will introduce the most private VPN with no logs - iTop VPN, and how it works to keep your information safe. Just keep reading.

The internet has never been deemed a safe place. There are tons of snoopers who are prying into your privacy and trying to discover your online activity, from your Internet Service Provider to government surveillance to cybercriminals. That’s why you might want to have complete anonymity to stay safe online. This is when the untraceable VPN comes in, a security service that is dedicated to protecting you from potential cyber threats.

How does VPN untraceable work to cover your trace? Generally speaking, A VPN can successfully hide your IP address because your network would be redirected via a configured remote server. When you surf online, the VPN becomes and processes the source of your data. In this case, your Internet Service Provider(ISP) can no longer see what you do online as the VPN turns all your traffic and data into something random and gibberish.

How does Untraceable VPN Work

Technically speaking, VPN creates a secure tunnel to process your data, so all the traffic between your computer and the server of the VPN is well encoded and encrypted. This makes your data uncrackable even if it falls into someone’s hands. Hackers and government can’t read or interpret your data as well. This is especially useful if you want to protect your online privacy when connecting to a public network.

Besides that, an untraceable VPN offers online anonymity by the encryption of protocols. The most secure VPN can prevent you from leaving traces, for instance, your internet history, search history, cookies, etc. This is particularly important because cookies store confidential information like personal data and financial information. The encryption will stop third parties from gaining access to your sensitive data.

Does VPN make you untraceable for sure? How do you know that a VPN doesn’t collect your data and sell it to third parties as well? Unfortunately, some VPNs are likely to do that. So you might consider getting a trustworthy VPN that follows a strict no-logs policy, a feature that is committed to keeping your information private and safe. Here comes the iTop VPN, the best VPN untraceable. This could be the best free anonymous VPN on the block. Want to learn more? Just read on.

iTop VPN is the best and truly free untraceable VPN you can find. These days, most VPNs claim to be free, but they are not as good as they seem. These free or low-cost VPNs could be fakes or scams that either provide you with low-speed service or cause data leaks. Moreover, some untraceable VPNs allow you to have free trials for very limited data. Yet with iTop VPN, you can truly enjoy absolute anonymity online, for FREE.

Why iTop VPN?
iTop is the best free VPN with unlimited data. This is the most private VPN that offers a unlimited free trial for real. You can have up to 700Mb data every day, and most importantly, no speed limit! In other words, you can have up to 21 Gb of data every month for full speed, just as with the paid service. Packed with industry-leading technology, iTop VPN is the best untraceable VPN that can protect your online security and privacy.
With that being said, just take a look at the features that can keep your information as private as possible.

No-log Records

Logs are those data snippets that might store your digital identity. They are the traces of browsing history, accessed content, session duration of websites, etc. iTop VPN is the best free VPN for Windows and follows a strict no-logs policy. This untraceable VPN never collects, stores, or shares your information because it simply doesn’t have it, not even the extensive connection logs. Your browser history will be cleaned up automatically when you surf with iTop VPN, so you can have total anonymity and a 100% private online experience.

Secure Encryption

With 1,800+ global servers, iTop can hide your IP with the nearest servers available and build optimized connections. This is particularly useful when you want to visit websites that are restricted in your area by spoofing your IP. You can stay anonymous and enjoy ultimate protection with iTop’s military-grade encryption, which is a high level of security standard that is often used by intelligence agencies to encrypt sensitive information. If you want to keep your Telegram conversation undercover, then iTop is the best Telegram VPN you need.

Scan Potential Risks

iTop is the best antivirus VPN on the block. With the Security Reinforce feature, iTop will automatically scan the potential risks, for instance, turn off remote access, detect and remove the malicious apps when you surf the web. It can successfully improve network settings and fix the system’s weakness, effectively preventing your computer from being hacked. Besides, the Adblock feature can help you prevent harmful ads from being displayed, so you can avoid the danger of identity theft and scams by lowering the chance of visiting suspicious websites. Moreover, the DNS protection feature can prevent your DNS from being hijacked by malware or hackers so you can stay away from online spam and phishing.

Ultimate Protection

While iTop can spoof your IP with global servers and military-grade encryption, it has more to offer. As a VPN with the Kill Switch feature, iTop provides unmatched and ultimate protection for your online activity. Kill Switch is the advanced security protection that monitors all your internet connections. It will block all the internet traffic when your VPN stops working and keep data private until the network gets back to work. So you can stay anonymous completely and your data is always safe.

iTop is the best free VPN for Windows that can help you stay anonymous with its full-fledged features. It’s also the most reliable and untraceable VPN for people who are concerned about online privacy and security.

How to Use Untraceable VPN to View Anonymously?

Step 1. Free download iTop VPN. Install it on your devices(iOS, Android, and PC).

Step 2. Open iTop VPN. Click on the “All Servers” and choose a server based on your needs.

Untraceable VPN iTop All Servers

Step 3.  Click on the “Privacy & Security.” Here you can turn on the protection like Browser Privacy, Ad-Block, and Security Reinforce to help you surf anonymously.

Untraceable VPN iTop Privacy and Security SettingsStep 4. Go to the main screen and click the “Connect” button to connect to the server.

Untraceable VPN iTop Connected

End up

What we talk about when we talk about an untraceable VPN? It’s not only the must-have no logs policy but also other powerful features that can give your full precaution to stay anonymous online. With iTop VPN, you can enjoy all-around protection with its industry-leading features, for instance, Security Reinforce, Browser Privacy, Adblock, and many more. iTop VPN simply does all it can to provide fast and reliable service for your online privacy and security. Plus the truly awesome free trials, iTop VPN has already shown to be the best free VPN for Windows. Want to enjoy absolute anonymity online? Try iTop VPN free and see it yourself!

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