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Best Free VPNs for ITV Hub to Watch ITV Abroad

An ITV Hub VPN enables you to watch ITVX content outside the UK. Check out the best VPNs for ITV Hub so that you can watch ITV abroad without blocking.

ITV is an incredibly popular family of UK television stations that airs numerous original British television programs and films, as well as sports shows. It also has launched a video streaming platform called ITVX (formerly ITV Hub). If you live, work or travel abroad, you'll find ITV Hub is not accessible anymoreAs a fact, most ITV content including ITV hub is restricted to IP addresses within the United Kingdom. It is unlikely that you would have access to ITV over a standard internet connection when you’re abroad. The good thing is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will help you work it out easily. The following are the best VPNs for ITV Hub with high-quality UK servers that you can use to watch ITV online free.

Top 3 VPN for ITV

The first VPN for ITV Hub is iTop VPN. iTop VPN is most well-known as a free VPN service and compared to some of its rivals, it offers a rather generous service. iTop VPN provides more than one hundred virtual locations in the UK, the USA, Russia, Brazil, Japan, India, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, etc., and is available on Mac, Windows, and iOS. The monthly fee of this ITV VPN is $11.99 per month. Paying six months in advance reduces the monthly cost to $6.99 per month while the annual plan costs $2.31 per month.

● Free to Use VPN ITV Hub

iTop VPN has free and paid plans. The free plan offers a selection of 16 locations (including the United States and the United Kingdom), far surpassing the competitors. Meanwhile, a paid one grants access to more than 100 locations and more than 1,800 servers, including streaming and gaming-optimized servers.

● Special Servers for ITV

The specialty of iTop VPN is that it's one of the best VPNs for ITV and BBC iPlayer. You can use the ITV-optimized server to watch ITV Hub content and free use the UK servers to visit any content only available in this region like Love Island. Those nodes ensure fast streaming and are good enough for you to watch ITV in HD and Full HD quality. Besides that, iTop VPN also has secure AES-256 bit encryption. Your private information stays safe while you are watching ITV Hub.

iTop VPN Dedicated Server for ITV

● Dedicated IP in UK to Watch ITVX

Want to access more UK streaming services like Sky Go, BBC iPlayer, BritBox, NOW? iTop VPN provides dedicated IP in the UK, US, Germany, and Canada. Buying dedicated IP in UK, you can get a unique IP address in the UK and stream UK movies, shows, and realities. With the dedicated UK IP, you’ll not be detected to be using a VPN.

The second VPN for ITV that we like to introduce is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN services, with more than 3 million subscribers globally. ExpressVPN offers servers in more than 90 countries, making it an excellent VPN for ITV Hub streaming.

ExpressVPN is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and routers (custom apps). The monthly cost is $12.95, with discounts available for advance payments of six or twelve months ($9.99 and $6.67, respectively).

ExpressVPN to Watch ITV

● Fast Connection for ITV Streaming

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs mostly because of its unique Lightway protocol. Lightway is open-source and offers higher bandwidth, fast switching between wireless and mobile networks, and robust security. The Lightway protocol encrypts communication with AES-256-GCM and ChaCha20/Poly1305 ciphers and employs D/TLS 1.2 for server authentication. With this fast and secure ITV VPN, you will get a good experience accessing ITV.

● No Logs Policy to Watch ITV Anonymously

ExpressVPN is an excellent option if you want a VPN that does not store logs. It is an authenticated VPN service with no logs. It has passed both independent audits and verification testing in the real world, thus making it a private and safe VPN for ITV.

● Change IP to UK Easily for ITV 

ExpressVPN has 105+ locations distributed around the world, including UK. With UK servers in Docklands, East London, London, Midlands, Wembley, you can use the best VPN to change location to UK and watch ITV at any time.

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN does not provide a free trial to use its service. So you will have to subscribe to their membership plan to use this ITV VPN.

Here comes another good VPN to watch ITVX without region blocks. Hotspot Shield features easy operation and offers servers in over 55 countries, covering ITV VPNs. With this choice, you can unblock the majority of streaming services, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV, and more. It can be accessed through Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Hotspot Shield has undergone constant development over the past few years and is now available on routers, Linux, and smart televisions. It is also recognized for its patented service, Catapult Hydra Protocol, which provides high speed.

HotSpot Shield VPN for ITV

● Fast Connection to Watch ITV

This is one of Hotspot Shield's most fascinating and unique features. Powered by Catapult Hydra security, the VPN offers ultimate security and speed.

● Split Tunneling for ITV

Want to keep using normal internet traffic while connecting to the ITV VPN? Toggle on split tunneling and enable ITV Hub traffic to go through the VPN tunnel only. You can enjoy fast speed when streaming ITV and using local internet for other online activities.

While, CSIRO research found that Hotspot Shield employs tracking codes to collect information about its users, which it subsequently sells to advertising companies. They also discovered that Hotspot Shield routinely redirected user traffic through one of its partner networks in order to profit from purchases made by VPN users.

Your ISP and the owner of the websites you visit will be able to view your personal information if your VPN connection suddenly drops during your browsing session. In order to prevent this, some VPNs have a kill switch that immediately disconnects you from the internet when the VPN connection breaks and reconnects you when the VPN server of your choosing becomes operational again. Unfortunately, Hotspot Shield only has this feature on Windows.

After walking through the top ITV VPNs, you must wonder how to watch ITV abroad with them. Here are the detailed steps by taking an example of iTop VPN.

Step 1. Download the best free ITV VPN and install it on your devices.

Step 2. Run the program. Go to For Streaming >  ITV. Click the Connect button to establish a fast connection.

Connect to ITV with Best Free VPN

Step 3. After connecting the ITV server successfully, open ITV Hub to start watch your favorite content.

Watch ITV Hub with iTop VPN Free

Last, to conclude all the content above, a comparison table among these 3 ITV VPNs is also made for you to choose the best one! Overall, iTop VPN is the best ITV VPN for it has ITV dedicated servers to unblock ITV, it has shared IP and dedicated IP in UK to stream all UK movies and shows without effort. Free version of iTop VPN allows you to use the ITV VPN without registration.

ExpressVPN iTop VPN Hotspot Shield
Free Plan No Unlimited Yes
Fast Connection Yes Yes Yes
No Logs Policy Yes Yes Questionable
Special Server for ITV No
Yes No

Can you watch ITV Hub abroad?

Yes. As long as you choose the right VPN that works with ITV,  you can gain access to ITV Hub abroad.

How to watch ITV Hub in France?

To watch ITV Hub in France, you need to choose a VPN first. Here we recommend iTop VPN as it offers free VPN trial all the time. Then just take a few actions to watch ITV Hub in France no restrictions.

  • Download and install iTop VPN on your device.

  • Find and connect ITV dedicated server under the For Streaming tab.

  • Open ITV Hub and you can watch ITV Hub freely.

Can I Watch ITV in USA without VPN?

No. ITV is a UK-only channel, which means you can watch ITV in the UK without VPN. To watch ITV in the USA, a VPN for ITV is necessary to change IP address to the UK and watch ITV successfully. Some may doubt they have another way to change IP, using a proxy, which doesn’t work in most situations as it can be detected by ITV that you’re using a tool easily. What’s more, not all VPNs work to unblock ITV. That’s why we write the article to help you choose an effective ITV VPN in a short time.

ITV Hub not working with ExpressVPN?

In most situations, ExpressVPN works to watch ITV. But it has cases when people fail to watch ITV Hub content after connecting to ExpressVPN. Try the following methods to fix ITV Hub not working with ExpressVPN.

  • Clear cookies. You’re advised to clear cookies and restart your browser after connecting to ExpressVPN UK servers to watch ITV.

  • Change to another UK server. It may happen when you choose a UK server that has been connected by many other users and detected by ITV. So choose another UK server to have a try.

  • Replace ExpressVPN. If you have no idea or feel exhausted about ITV Hub not working with ExpressVPN, the fastest way is to use another VPN, such as iTop VPN, Hotspot Shield to unblock ITV Hub.


How to watch content on ITV Hub and television networks? You can connect to any of the three ITV VPNs to achieve it. iTop VPN is the most recommended VPN on the list for its servers for ITV and free version. You can also use ExpressVPN to watch ITV if you have enough budget. Hotspot Shield VPN is excellent with its Catapult Hydra Protocol, which provides high speed. Try one of them based on your demands!

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